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  1. oncala was still a maiden of the spear in that viewing so she hadnt been through the rings
  2. i dont think its anything other than the true source. he is just using saidin to its fullest potential. remember padra's pov saying only the children of the dragon fully understood the true source. so to rand saidin is a part of him now so he can instinctively use it better than any other male channeler. he isnt more powerful he's just using it better more elegant.
  3. the great white book never said who led the drilling and RJ's quote doesnt say either so its still a valid theory that the DO did something to enhance lanfears negative personality traits. the white book did mention that some sources claimed that lanfear led the drilling. not conclusive proof but hmmm makes ya think. i personally think cyndane will be redeemed and as is the common trait of all redeemed darkfriends die.
  4. if mat had opened verins letter he never woild of let to get MO so he had to choose between the two. 2 AS on a balance scale.
  5. Verins letter to Mat- this was the viewing of him choosing between 2 aes sedai. Verins letter to Galad- perhaps she knew that Tigraine survived til the blood snows, maybe even recognized the body and let him know that Rand was his brother. Verin knew alot and is rather sneaky. this might have been mentioned already.
  6. iirc eldrene only destroyed the dreadlords not the entire army
  7. the Finn theory is good, remember they are said to wear the skin of humans we just assume it means clothing. he had an ecstatic look as he killed barriga.
  8. a couple thoughts here. 1. when exactly did LTT leave Meirin pre/post bore? 2. if Meirin led the actual drilling then she might have touched the DO by accident. 3. i didnt read it so much as Meiren broke into Rands dream as he went to another dream. his link to morridon might account for this.
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