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  1. Well I finally set aside a night to read the last third of the book (felt like homework!). So was CoT as bad as I was told it would be? Yes and no. It is without a doubt my least favorite WoT book. In fact at least half the book I didn't really *want* to read. The book really had no narrative structure. If there was a climax, I missed it. However, the Mat and Perrin chapters were still a joy to read. Perhaps my favorite parts were the Rand/Logain interactions. And while the ending left a lot to be desired, many plot lines looks as if they might collide (Rand & Tuon, Perrin & the Seanchan). Btw when was the last time the three Boys were together? The Stone of Tear? Anyway next up is New Spring, which I'm very excited for. Moiraine has been my favorite female character in the series (these days I guess its Nynaeve. Sadly I really don't enjoy many of the female characters...)
  2. I figured :) I actually rather liked PoD... Ha! She's been in less than half of what I've read so far (again probably 50-60% the way through) but yeah it really feels like 'her book.' Thats not a good thing! Yeah I don't think I'll reread book ten anytime soon :)
  3. It's been a busy week with the holiday coming up, so I'm not as far as I planned to be. Over half way though. A chapter or two into Egwene's story. A lot more energy in these chapters compared to Elayne. This. Nothing happened. Probably the most bored I've been in WoT since... Elayne's chapters in ACoS. Knowing whats not in it, going in, has really helped. It hasn't been bad. And I really enjoyed Mat's chapters so far. Perrin's were ok too. And I'm sure I'm missing quite a bit of foreshadowing and other little hints. Interesting. WH felt like the end of a 'trilogy' rather than the middle (ACoS, tPoD, WH). The developments and consequences of Rand's decision to create the Asha'men. CoT does feel right to be slower than WH, to 'ramp up' the next 'trilogy' (in five parts!). Probably too slow, however. Looking back I was also pretty frustrated with ACoS after that stellar ending to LoC. I'm quite excited for KoD and the rest of the books. They should be good. :)
  4. I'm sure TOR has a contract with Daryl K. Sweet for the whole series. His EoTW cover is my favorite. And the worst is without a doubt TSR. I've never got the impression that he actually reads the books. The ebooks are pretty sweet, though I don't like all of them. I would love hardcover copies of the UK editions by Orbit Books, with just the symbol of the wheel. Very classy. I have a few of them in paperback. It's interesting because my paperback copies use different fonts/typefaces. And the maps in at least one of my copies are different. Looking at my 2008 paperback The Great Hunt, the maps are drawn by Thomas Canty (The US editions are drawn by Ellisa Mitchell) and I find them pretty bland.
  5. Yeah I think its going to take me a while. My eyes kinda glaze over during these parts, I can't keep it straight. Mat's chapters have been the most fun so far. I hope he turns up some more. He's got a Gholam to kill (though I'm not holding my breath for this book lol). I'm just getting into Elayne's chapters. It hasn't been bad so far. Just not exciting. When reading it I've yet to be at the edge of my seat. Unlike all the previous books, I can put this book down. And I think thats the problem. Elayne's chapters are going to be the hardest for me I think. I've yet to enjoy one of her PoVs in the series yet. Also I haven't read any of ASoIaF yet. Another series I would like to be more confident of it finishing lol.
  6. LOL. I'm happy to entertain. lol I was shocked. And sad. Still sad. Mat and Tylin were so cute/funny together! Paused for now. Busy tonight so I probably wont read any more till tomorrow. I'm about to start the first Perrin chapter. Oh other thoughts: The prologue was freaking long... and random. I get all my random Aes Sedai confused, having to stop and look them up frequently. Gawyn! Its been what? 4 books? Wait isn't one of those Aes Sedai evil? (See previous point) Loial's back!!!! I've said what i needed to say about Mat's chapters. I hope there are more Mat chapters remaining in this book... Uh I feel like I should understand Seanchan culture more than I do at this point...
  7. WHAT! Tylin is dead?!?! ... Well the book is good so far!
  8. I plan on starting it today actually. :) I've always liked Mat's sections. He and Toun in WH were very enjoyable. My guess is the waiting played a pretty large factor in many people's opinions. I personally don't think I could wait that long between books. I don't think I could stand the 4(?) year wait after Mat's cliffhanger in Crown of Sword. My friends actually tried to get me into WoT once in 2007 or so. But when I saw that RJ had passed away I declined. My OCD couldn't handle an epic like this without an ending. When I learned BS was going to finish it, I started reading then. Props to all of you that have been reading WoT since the beginning!
  9. No, it's not terrible. It is as well-written as any of the others. However, the timing of events and the way the plot is unfolded is definitely an artistic experiment. It's very different from the other books. I don't think I'll bother to read it again, but it's not terrible. You definitely shouldn't skip it. I think that when people say "the later books really suck," they are talking about CoT. I think that because Winter's Heart (definitely a "later book") is awesome. Knife of Dreams certainly doesn't suck, although I didn't like it as much as Winter's Heart. However, these people are also wrong if they say CoT sucks. None of the books "suck." I learned a long time ago just to not listen to other readers, I just so often disagree with them. Well I sure hope I do like it! I sure don't want to hate it. Though it sounds like there is a good chance I might be bored to tears by it. I'm sure the prose will be strong as ever. And yes, Winter's Heart is awesome. I haven't disliked a book yet. Thats interesting. I'm sure it will help that I can jump right into KoD after. Though I might read New Spring before KoD.
  10. Oh man, I already have trouble recognizing names. For example I have enough trouble remembering all the 'third string' Aes Sedai, let alone which ones I should know are Black Ajah. (I should have started a character map when I started reading!) Cheating? Well, if it were a trilogy, I'd feel the same way. But in a long series such as this, I don't think missing out on a few hundred pages would be all that bad. Then again, I must insist that you start the book and see how you like it. Because, aside from cheating, you never know what other people might like, right? I'm also interested in Rand's arc, mostly. And I also like Mat's chapters (except when he's with Tuon hahaha). As for Perrin...well, don't wanna spoil anything for you, but his thread will get much better. You'll see ;) Well it might not be cheating, but I am a completionist lol. I've read some pretty boring books in my day, so I feel pretty confident about being able to read CoT. If it goes to slow I'll look into the audio book or just read summaries. Glad to hear that about Perrin.
  11. I started reading TWoT only a couple of years ago and just finished TGS right in time for the release of TOM. So, I was faced with the same problem as you. And, what I did was start CoT, didn't like it, so I read an online recap. Then, I just jumped right ahead to KoD. Don't feel like I missed out on anything important and, 2 books later, I've had no problems enjoying ToM. So, that'd be my suggestion to you. Start the book and, if you don't like it, skim or find an online recap, so you can move on to the rest of the series. It's worth it, believe me. My friend recommended the same thing actually. Idk, that almost feels like cheating! But I suppose if I can't finish it, that would be a good alternative. I'm just hoping for at least some Mat chapters. I usually find Rand's chapters to be the most engaging, but Mat's the most enjoyable. Perrin has felt stale to me for quite a while. Seems his character arc ended in book 4 (i think?) when he saved Two Rivers.
  12. Interesting. To me WH felt like the 'end' of a trilogy (ACoS, TPoD, WH). Though the books really have started to 'merge' together. Yes I imagine the desire to read the newer books will force me to push through Crossroads if nothing else. I've heard nothing but good things about KoD, TGS, and ToM.
  13. I thought the beginning of WH was pretty slow. The Perrin/Faile chapters were alright, if not terribly exciting. I found Elayne's chapters to be really boring. Once Rand and Min show up (chapter 11 or so?), I enjoyed the rest of the book quite a bit.
  14. Hey all. This is my first post! I hope this is the right place to post this. So I'm on my first read though of the WoT, and I just finished Winter's Heart last week (Omg! What an awesome ending!). My friends who convinced me to start this series consistently tell me that Crossroads of Twilight is a terrible book. I hear Rand is barely in it so I'm preparing for that. What do you think? No spoilers please! :)
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