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  1. Her angreal is a weak one, by her own admission. It's not going to be nearly enough to bridge the gap.
  2. Even assuming she does have a saidin blocking ter'angreal (which she doesn't; she has a ter'angreal that interferes with certain weaves of saidar, and there is no evidence that it does the same for men), the power differential is so large that it wouldn't matter. Rand could Lightning her, Blossom of Fire her, pick up a building and toss it at her, etc. There's simply no way she can match him strength for strength if it came down to it. He's one of the two most powerful channelers ever to exist; she's the most powerful of a few generations of Aes Sedai who are almost uniformly negligible on the Power scale. The ter'angreal wouldn't provide nearly enough help.
  3. While I think Aviendha certainly wouldn't be a pushover for anyone on this list, there's no way I would place her this high. For one thing, when I made the thread, I was talking about pure skill, not whether or not one combatant would be willing to kill another. If you go with that, don't you think Mat wouldn't be willing to kill Perrin, or Tam wouldn't be willing to kill Rand? Avi's femalehood shouldn't be a factor in this discussion, at least, IMO. And, of course, Rhuarc would have no problem killing her if she turned out to be a Darkfriend or something. I don't get the sense that he'd be stopped by any former feeling on his part, or even his wife's anger should he go through with it. BTW, FYI: Galad is now officially a blademaster, because he beat Eamon Valda in a duel. Valda was an acknowledged blademaster, having won it through a panel of judges; now Galad is as well.
  4. DaShain


    Min may want to conceive, but once she does there's no way that Rand is going to continue bringing her around the world with him. She's barely convinced him so far to let her stay with him, even when she's fully capable of taking care of herself; the things he does are simply too dangerous for him to even consider not keeping her someplace safe and away from him, once she's pregnant with his child. So, while she probably does want to have his babies when she can, she may have considered the probable consequence: her being separated from Rand. And she may have decided that, much as she wants his child, she wants to be with him more. Thus, she drinks the heartleaf tea regularly, or Rand practices some form of One Power contraceptive. I seriously doubt that Min will end up being infertile.
  5. I like WoT the best, simply because nearly every character is amazingly well fleshed out. Whereas, with LotR and the few Dune books I've read, the non-main characters are pretty stereotypical and uninteresting, and even the main characters seem to have a sense of detachment from the events going on around them. Maybe that's just me. Maybe I feel that way because I just dislike the Dune books' writing style; it's an awesome plotline, but it reads like Moby Dick to me (long and unfulfilling). EDIT: And here we see one of the more annoying facets of the "bad word replacement" feature of certain forums. Moby Cheney indeed.
  6. Thread resurrection after long absence FTW!! Rand did also beat Turak, a blademaster who had obviously earned his heron-mark, with very little training. I hadn't even considered Be'lal as a possible choice, when I made this thread. He did totally outclass Rand at that point in time, but there were extenuating circumstances. Rand was operating on maybe a few hours of sleep a night. He had just hiked clear across the continent to reach Tear, on foot, staying ahead of both the Shadow's minions (darkhounds, etc.) and Moiraine's party for most of the way. After that, he climbed hundreds of feet up a sheer rock wall; tell me he wasn't exhausted doing that. Be'lal, on the other hand, was well rested and totally prepared for the confrontation; the only factors he didn't count on were Mat and the Aiel's involvement (which didn't matter much to Be'lal's own fight) and, obviously, Moiraine escaping his trap. And trouncing Rand really did require some effort on his part, if not much, even at this point, when Rand should have been so off-balance and tired that he could be pushed right over. As for Be'lal having plans for the worst ... come on. Rand is still barely learning to channel at this point. In a pitched One Power-battle, lacking the Eye of the World or Callandor to draw on, there's not a chance in hell that Rand can stand up to one of the Forsaken, at least not during TDR. Worst-case scenario for Be'lal would not be "I'm sure I can beat him at swords"; worst-case scenario would be "I'll pummel him with the One Power until he's forced back into Callandor." I'd still contend that, considering Be'lal has almost certainly never truly had to survive on his bladework alone, Rand's battle-won skill would serve him much better. In TDR, had Rand been well-rested and prepared, I agree that Be'lal still probably would have won; however, by FoH or LoC, Rand is not only a badass blademaster, but also has learned the Aiel way of fighting. I'd say Rand would whoop Be'lal after that. And Mat would whoop Be'lal simply through virtue of the fireblade dissolving upon touching him :P
  7. I seem to remember comments being made, either verbally or in Nynaeve's internal monologue, specifically saying that she hadn't reached her potential yet around that point. However, I have no idea what the actual quote was, nor do I have the books with me, so I may just be making that up :?
  8. I agree with most of what you just said, except this one little part: Which simply can't be true. Nynaeve and Moghedion were evenly matched ... the first time they fought. Nynaeve hadn't even reached her full potential yet. So by this point, Nynaeve is definitely at least a little stronger, if not a lot. Sorry to nitpick, but that's how I remember it, at least.
  9. DaShain

    EotW voice

    The voice said "I WILL NOT", though, not "I CANNOT". The Dark One has been shown to admit when he simply can't do something ("EVEN I CANNOT REACH OUTSIDE OF TIME.") even to Demandred, so why would he be saying "I WILL NOT" instead of "I CANNOT" to the one person who is least likely to care that he can't do something? The Creator pops in for "a little chat" to A) Let Rand know that SOMETHING is there, even if he's not sure what, B) The something that is there is not going to be taking part, he has to do it on his own, and C) That killing the army amassed at Tarwin's Gap wasn't what he had to do right then. It's pretty absurd if it's the Dark One as well. Why would the Dark One be talking to Ishamael in third person? He talks to everyone else normally (well, normalish). Ishamael knows better than anyone that the Dark One can't directly help him, except by granting him access to the True Power, so there's no reason to say so. And why would this communication be intercepted by Rand? That part I just don't get. If the Dark One is talking directly to Rand and trying to impersonate the Creator, why phrase it like that? Why not go "NOW IS THE TIME TO FLEE" or something similar? Why let Rand know that he can find Ishy and kill him (or seriously hurt him, anyway)?
  10. Some of the characters' looks are a lot different from how I imagine them, but overall I think the covers are certainly fine pieces of work. I wouldn't say no to new ones, but I can't say they're burning my eyes :D
  11. Ishamael is, quite clearly, stated to have matched Lews Therin's power, in the companion book. I personally believe that if there was a fraction of difference between them, it went to Lews Therin, simply because he was the Creator's chosen one; but that's just my opinion. Lanfear was the strongest female, and it was rumored that she was the second strongest of the Forsaken after Ishamael, although to my knowledge never really tested. Demandred is also quite clearly stated to have been just a bit less powerful than Lews Therin, also in the companion book. That's why he's so envious, because he was just a bit less famous, a bit less intelligent, a bit less powerful. Heck, Demandred isn't even the second most powerful male Forsaken, Aginor is, and he is also stated to be behind both Ishamael and Lews Therin. As for Graendal, Mesaana and Semirhage ... they must be pretty damned powerful. I don't remember the passage from LoC that said that Mesaana and Semirhage were equal in power, but it doesn't surprise me. The important thing is that we really can't know what their power levels are, without either having it stated explicitly or seeing them go up against someone whose strength we know (like Nynaeve). Moggy has been stated to be the weakest of them, and considering how wide the gap is between Lanfear and Moggy (Moghedien is less powerful than Nynaeve, while Lanfear is around Alivia's level before her stay in Finnland, and Alivia is so powerful that Nynaeve is frightened of her even though she's a good guy), it stands to reason that at least two of those three will be a fair amount more powerful than Nynaeve, if not all of them. A lot of things are said, and much of it isn't true. And Mat has lived and won in his memories just as many times as he has died in them. He has thousands, if not millions, of them in his head, usually more than one from each person; obviously not all of the battle ones end with his death. And seeing what DOESN'T work and how it goes wrong is, for an intelligent person, quite easy to turn into something that'll go right. As for Ishamael, Ishy has A) gone insane and B) wasn't the commanding general in anything except the Trolloc Wars, and even then was most likely not responsible for much of the strategy. The bigger problems would likely be Demandred and Sammael (if he's still around, which is unlikely), as they were prolific generals. But even they would be at a disadvantage, because this kind of war is nearly completely different. Technology and the means to mass-produce it and distribute it across an army is essentially gone, as they know it; their knowledge from the Age of Legends used in this Age would be like sending Patton back to lead Agamemnon's assault on Troy. Would he be competent? Yes. But he is not experienced in the warfare of the time, and so would not be as good as a competent general who is totally familiar with all current weapons of war. So it would likely be with anyone but Ishy, and Ishy has gone bats*** loco.
  12. DaShain

    EotW voice

    Simplest explanation is that it's the Creator. Of course, considering what series we're talking about, simplest isn't always right. It makes the most sense, though. Especially if you think about it for a moment. I mean, if the Creator actually did make the world and then just leave it ... HOW do people know about him? Did the Dark One just let something slip to someone in the Age of Legends? No, it's most likely that, at one point or another, there have been people (most likely Dragons of other ages) who have also been spoken to by the Creator. The Dragon is essentially the Creator's chosen one; he's the only person singled out to be born only at certain times, to be the strongest (or one of) power user possible, to be the same height, etc ... if anyone is going to hear the Creator's voice, it's the Dragon. It's not as if what he said was particularly helpful, anyway. The Creator merely pointed out that Tarwin's Gap was obviously not the place the Dragon had to go. If this is all he allows his chosen one to know, it doesn't really seem like breaking the rules to me.
  13. I would disagree with that. Rand has certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the course of the books, as well as becoming more and more deadly outside of blademaster training. Be'lal learned the sword when it was still a game, and while it translates very well into actual combat, my guess would be that Be'lal's training prevents him from fighting dirty. It's the same thing that people used to say about Galad; he's too focused on rules, he's too much of a goody-two-shoes to fight to win instead of fighting the right way. Be'lal, while obviously not a goody-two-shoes, has never, EVER needed to actually survive on his physical skill in a fight; he learned the sword as a hobby, and both he and Lews Therin fought mostly with the One Power. So I would argue that Rand may still not be as good a blademaster, but would certainly give Be'lal a run for his money at this point. Especially if he wasn't half-crazed and exhausted from constant travel/climbing a virtually sheer rock face.
  14. DaShain

    Herid Fel

    Makes sense, given his earlier musings that, once the Age of Legends rolls around again, the DO's prison has to be completely remade. With the seals still there, it'd probably be impossible to fix the Bore like it had never been made. Only by opening it up completely and then sealing it over will it be strong enough, seems like Fel is saying.
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