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  1. A somewhat noticeable difference between fox canines and filed teeth. Also between dark eyes and yellow/green ones. They're also unnaturally tall - even taller than Aiel, with bottle brush red hair. Possibly, although when you are staring death in the face and you see some one with pointy teeth, I think the natural description that would come to mind would be that they were filed. I think some of his descriptions were fitting what he understood of his reality, not as they really were. Kind of like how he mistook them for Fades and then for Aiel. I guess the eyes kind of throw it off though. I disagree with the Aiel channelers theory though. The guy said they were something else, almost inhuman.
  2. That's not true. The foxes are supposed to look human, with some fox like features. Mat even exclaims that they look extremely human at times, except for the hair, the broad shoulders, the teeth, the eyes, and the way they move. Every thing about these Aiel fit that except for the broad shoulders which would be extremely easy to overlook.
  3. Ok, I think there is one thing to consider. And I may be WAAYYY off, but seeing as no one brought it up ... well, why not. Could they not be the Foxes? Think about it, if they were going to travel disguised, the have red standing hair and sharp teeth with malicious smiles. Think about how they were dressed too. Black with leather. The spears throw it off, so maybe those were just thrown in for the disguise, but they killed him with a knife which is what the Foxes use. The snakes and foxes were said to be evil in a different way from the shadow, the books also say that questions of the shadow are very dangerous around them (this could possibly be why - a connection). It also might explain the fact that the snakes and foxes should have know that Mat would escape twice and that maybe mat didn't really win yet. Take a fox, slap on a veil and throw in a spear, and you have exactly what it describes. Especially the way that they crouch around. Just a thought.
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