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  1. Kivam, I'm going to put you in a cage with some starving monkeys, and give you a banana enema!
  2. Well, we could email him and ask... lol. Anyway, I don't like the Graendal thing, I don't see her MOTIVATION :P
  3. Wow a lot of input... that should take care of my reading for a while. Thanks everyone, even the drunken sod from Aussyland ;)
  4. Ah, well that explains it then. Which book is that in, and where? Anyone know?
  5. Woah, something just blew my mind. The BA breaks their members' link to the oath rod, so why don't they eventually look like Wise Women or the Kin, instead of Aes Sedai? Shouldn't they lose the ageless look, as well as the oaths?
  6. Thanks for the paragraph break advice, now I feel stupid though. :lol: And yeah, isn't much to do for me Caddy. It's finals week, and I do everything at the very last minute. So, I'm posting here instead of working!
  7. That's the second time you've done it too... and I just started posting again three hours ago. *shakes head*
  8. Wow, six votes... that's IT?! I expected this to be more discussed/voted on. Well, I'll open. I think the three oaths should definitely be removed. (Btw, if someone can tell me how to make a paragraph break, I'll be overjoyed). First of all, we know they did not have the three oaths in the age of legends. Secondly, we know for a fact it reduces the lifespan of Aes Sedai who take them, perhaps permanently. I realize it was SUGGESTED that this would go away if a sister had it removed during retirement, but I've not read any absolute confirmation of this. Thirdly... what good are they? In CoS, Egwene mentions that men don't trust Aes Sedai any more simply because they can't lie, in fact, they are less trusting. The three oaths are what caused Aes Sedai to have to dance words they way they do. Perhaps if they didn't have this constraint, they would be more straightforward. (Admittedly, unlikely) As far as the use of the power and making of weapons... weapons are needed against the shadow, and the tower can effectively regulate a sister's behavior without the need for an unbreakable oath. Anyway, that's my two cents. EDIT: I didnt open apparently, caddy posted while I was typing :P
  9. Oooooh... sounds fun ;). I'll check them out, thanks! Btw, anyone else has suggestions, please chime in. Previous mention about Shannara series, still in effect, especially people recommending I "read further"
  10. No actually, the name sounds familiar, but I don't recall from where. Who's the author? (By the way, could I buy the secret goodies? It'd be like a lottery ticket, I'll give you 50 bucks, and take the chance it's worth it!)
  11. See that's the unfortunate thing... I read those already, I own all of those books except Zodiac. Although, I'd say I liked Diamond Age better than Crypto, though Snowcrash is by far my fav. And WOW can I borrow your copy of SoS? I might enjoy reading it!
  12. Um... basically just looking for good books? Lol. If someone recommends the Shannara series, I can't guarantee I won't ruin five years of therapy... :P
  13. Well, I chose mine out of simple arrogance. I was thinking about it, a few years back, and came up with the incarnation of the male half of the creator. It sounded cool, so I've used it on AIM, gmail, and everything else. In short, I'm full of myself, and this lets everyone know that ;)
  14. 2002 sounds about right, I remember ezboards and the ajah boards specifically. I left right about when the ajah boards died, I think. Oh, and Will, yes I remember you :P *goes off to poke around DM*
  15. So um... yeah, hi! I'm new here! My name is Ryan and I am an alcoholic. Oops, sorry. Wrong forum. Starting again, my name is Ryan and I am currently 19 years old. I enjoy the books, having just read the last one recently. I used to post here AGES ago, and decided to see what's new since I've been gone. Responses welcome, criticism expected. ;)
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