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  1. Recently been updating my WoT casts at the Casting Game. Anyone listed you think is the worst choice ever? Full list here, and just baddies here. Also available through my sig. Just recently added Monica Bellucci as the mature Lanfear. Movie insperations were Matrix Reloaded, The Passion, and Malena. Thoughts?
  2. I suggest wolves as white pawns, as their the natural enemies of darkhounds, and use darkhounds as the enemies pawns. So, Darkhounds / Wolves - Pawns Trollocs / Warders - Rooks Mydraal / Asha'man & Aes Sedai - Bishops, able to pass/travel through things easily. Damordred & Sammael / Matt & Perrin - Knights Lanfear /the Amyrlin - Queens Ishmael holding twisted Staff / Rand holding Callandor - Kings I think the Queens should be seated on thrones of equal size, hands extended. Maybe have the Amyrlin holding the flame of Tar Valon and Lanfear holding something else? OR using the darkhounsd and wolves for rooks. The do move kinda like a knight (hamstring and all) but on the battlefield they CHARGE! Trollocs/ Soldiers - Pawns Darkhounds/ Wolves - Rooks Mydraal / Asha'man & Aes Sedai - Bishops Damordred & Sammael / Matt & Perrin - Knights Lanfear /the Amyrlin - Queens Ishmael / Rand - Kings
  3. The only reason I wouldn't cast Katie as Lanfear is because she's already doing another period mythological tale in Merlin. Anakin Skywalker for Rand? I thought of this before, and i really like that he was trained by sword master of our age Bob Anderson (who I would pay a few fingers for if he'd join the WoT crew!). But, like Katie, has already played a propheted child to change the world.... I think there are just too many parallels with Anakin and Rand. Not that it wouldn't be awesome to see! Emma Watson, for me, just doesn't cut it as Elayne. But maybe that's just my HP fanbase talking. Emily Browning as Min is my second choice, headed firmly by Ellen Page. I feel Ellen Page could pull off the down to earth girl that Min is more ready and believably than Browning. And God, the sarcasm that comes out of her! I about choked to death watching Page on David Letterman! Don't know if it's been brought up yet (probably has) but what about Jeremy Sumpter as Rand Al'thor?
  4. Wow, this is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Graendals favourite!
  5. Purely from a casting standpoint, figuring out which race a person should be is a thorn in my foot. Jordan put all our cultures and races of the world in a big bag, shook it around, and pulled out each for WoT (figuratively I mean). I've not found a single definitive other than that the Aiel are mostly tall Irishmen of the desert, and that's from my own encyclopedia (my head). So casting for Cairhien and Shinaran peoples becomes a real pain when one description of a person from this place says he's Asian, and the other say's he's Indian. So I ask for your help. What countries seem to have the closest ethnicity to The Wheel of Time to you? Or point me to an article that everyone agrees with.
  6. Considering this thread is older? No. lol, my bad. While we're discussing specific actors, what do people think of Pierce Brosnan playing Tom Merrillin? He certainly has the acting chop. My issue with Nynaeve has always been the age at which to cast her. She's been said to be only a handful of years older than Rand and co. Yet as a role, the person has to be old enough to be compatible with Lan, as well as seen as old enough to have authority of a group of woman in Emonds Field. I cast Alice Braga as Nynaeve because she fit both requisites. And she's pretty (but not in a show stealing way, the way I imagine Lanfear to be).
  7. There is already a thread for this here. But you already knew that....
  8. Hello Zodd.

    Welcome to Dragonmount.

    You should come and join the Writers Guild.

    Peace favor your sword.

  9. My list from the Tv series thread. Also, a page for Lews Therin. Would like peoples opinion as to how old Lews Therin should look in the introduction.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQY03sXMORI This is traditional Mongolian music, on the Morin Khuur, also known as the horse-head fiddle. When visualizing the landscape of Shienar, this is about the type of music I'd place it with. Again, situation and atmosphere are priorities, but just thought I'd share this. Geographically/socially speaking, I believe Mongolia is closer to Tarabon but for some reason Shienar is stuck in my head.
  11. So I took a quick lookey to see if this had been brought up and did not find it. It's just something that has been bugging me for some time. At least once per book I believe it's cropped up. Some Aes Sedai will state that their weaves are acting 'strange' or 'resisting'. This started popping up (I believe) after the cleansing of the taint on saidin. I've often wondered if this was some kind of transference, the taint now falling on saidar? As I haven't seen any new developments in the books explaining it, I turn to you guys. Help me out. I think the last (and biggest) example is Semirhages impersonation of Tuon that failed. Her Illusion just disappeared and even she look surprised about it.
  12. I don't think the problem with channeling is the color scheme or the auras seen by Channelers. Those are concepts seen through just about every magic based television/movie/animation based production in history. What I presume the difficulty here lies in is in Weaving. The visualized weaving in the Wheel of Time is almost a unique aspect. While the idea of blending the elements to create magic is a common concept, this form of application is rather general. Weaving however is entirely visual. The idea that these strings of elements are tied together in patterns ranging from simple (say, the fireball) to the complex (Nynaeve's Healinng) is easy to grasp in a literature form. Representing this is the problem. Nynaeve's Healing is described by Elayne as as difficult as knitting a handful of rugs at the same time. Which is how I imagine the process to look. Highspeed knitting! Since we are dealing with a mythical story, the look of the weaves must also be mythical and symbolic. Celtic knots are the first that come to mind. Jordan used many Celtic symbols in his writing. If I'm not mistaken the ter'angreal used in the Accepted ritual is a large Celtic Triquetra. My visual representation of weaving consists of three parts. Show the elements forming the symbol/weaving pattern for the necessary task, show their them completed, show the end result. For example, the fireball. [For the sake of argument consider the fireball a simple weave, I have no way of knowing or proving if it is or not, lol] 1. I imagine the woman pointing her finger. At the tip of her finger, three different colored dots appear in a triangle. 2. These dots each stretch to form an arch that connect to another, forming the Celtic Trinity Symbol. 3. When they finish, they glow slightly brighter and the fireball erupts from it's center. The weave is gone. This would all take place in a matter of seconds. Here's a fantacy imageclose to the idea. You could substitute the symbol/weave with any other. Instead of the weave being at the end of her finger, say she throws the fire ball. Like a pitcher throwing a ball, the weave would start in her hand on the pull back and finish at the pitch. The variations are nearly infinite. It's up to the art director to make them fit the medium and do so in a fashion that appeases us fans and the new fan base that will be watching. The description is all there in the books. The weave for Warders looks like chains (Warders weaving using only spirit, which is Silver/White) being presed into the persons body (and presumably their soul). Nynaeve's Healing looks like a psychedelic tapestry being wolven from her and spreading into her patients, no hands required. Just herbs. Just some thoughts.
  13. If Willis was a younger man I'd cast him as Perrin. Willis doesn't strike me as a fatherly figure. I also imagine Tam to be more slight of build than Willis. More along the lines of Mark Harmon. I didn't add Harmon to my cast is because he's to immersed in NCIS. But he would be ideal. If I were to cast Willis in a guest star role, it would probably be as a villain. As Slayer. He has the wolfish quality when acting a villain. No doubts he would be able to bring the character alive. Added Adrien Brody to my list for Padan Fain. He's one of those actors who's always in the background of a movie. Not sure if I've ever seen him in a televised role however. Career wise he's had a remarkably varied character sheet. --- On a different note, does anyone know how to resize an image on this forum? The classic BBcode doesn't work... url[/img]
  14. Added Alexander Gould to my list as Matt. What do people think? Also added a visual aid at the Casting Game. However, the images they provide aren't as good as the ones IMDB. You can find the link in my signature.
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