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  2. So I took a quick lookey to see if this had been brought up and did not find it. It's just something that has been bugging me for some time. At least once per book I believe it's cropped up. Some Aes Sedai will state that their weaves are acting 'strange' or 'resisting'. This started popping up (I believe) after the cleansing of the taint on saidin. I've often wondered if this was some kind of transference, the taint now falling on saidar? As I haven't seen any new developments in the books explaining it, I turn to you guys. Help me out. I think the last (and biggest) example is Semirhages impersonation of Tuon that failed. Her Illusion just disappeared and even she look surprised about it.
  3. Tam (shame we won't be getting his New Spring equivalent.) Kari. Seriously. We have more info on Rand's birth mother than the one who raised him. More of Thoms' POV would be MUCH appreciated. We've gotten pretty good at reading between the lines with him through Matt. Oliver's run off into Caemlyn would be much more heartfelt if we didn't see everything about him before from someone else's eyes. Lews Therin. I miss his voice in my head. FOR SHINOWA AND THE LIGHT!!!1! Rhuarc. Talking about ANYTHING. You bleak, wise bastard. i love you. A stones board. The Creator. He's been absent all but BOOK ONE (sfar as we know)
  4. With all the 'Matt travels the Halls of the White Tower looking for the Horn' interpretation of the prophecy at the end of ToM, I'd like to point out the fact that only two people are supposed to know where exactly the Horn is, and one of them is now dead. They are Verin and Siuan. I believe in one of the books, (Creator help me I can't remember which), when Fain takes back to dagger, he wished he had more time to look through the store room of angreal for it, but doesn't have time (due to Alviarin and the fact he set off a ward). I assume Siuan wouldn't leave one of the last hopes of the last battle in a semi-locked store room in a tower she assumes is filled with Black Ajah. I propose, then, for the sake of interesting story telling, that the Horn is in fact in .... Caemlyn! Things that *maybe* highlight this idea: Elaida's foretelling of Caemlyn royal line being at the center of winning the Last Battle. Just some thoughts.
  5. I had completely forgoten about the Semirhage/Mesaana/Demandred alliance. It got me wondering as to why three great powerhouses of the Shadow would join in alliance in the first place. Via Google: "An alliance is usually formed with companies that are not directly competing with each other and sell similar goods or services that are trying to sell to the same targeted audience." There is also this article on that helped me think about it. Similar goods would be people with power, position and armies. Target audience, Rand Al'thor and the world, and their destruction. Both Semirhage and Mesaana were set up in places that the One Power is in rule. Both have armies and influence. Both places are where Rand Al'thor must come in contact with their rulers. Semirhage in Seanchan had planned to use the Damane and Empire from it's head and Messaana the White Tower from behind the scenes. This leads me to believe that Demandred would also be in a place where the OP is the main interest, and where Rand must also come back to. There is only one other stop on that cruise. We know that the Black Tower is being used in some Forsaken scheme. We know the second DSpike Moridin had is being put to good use there, either by himself, or given to someone else. We're sure there are Lightsiders being 13x13'd there. We assume the BT is being directed or run by a Chosen. In the Prologue of LoC Demandred is the one who passes on the DO's order to the other living Chosen at the time: "Let the Lord of Choas Rule". This is when the Black Tower comes into it's power, Rand Al'thor appointing Taim to teach. We now consider Taim to be a DF at the very least. Taim later tell's the the broken Tower Aes Sedai of the story rhyme "Let the Lord of Chaos Rule". In amused voices. To the laughter of his Asha'man. From Winters Heart, the Asha'man darkfriend Kisman an co. in Far Madding, trying to kill Rand and get the Choden Kal This would suggest that Taim is under Demandred, but plot without his knowledge. OR That the DO order to Let the Lord of Chaos Rule applies even to it's followers. There is also this article from wotfaq which has an interesting last paragraph. Just some thoughts.
  6. I believe we should be looking at the Broken Wolf differently. Just as with the names of the other's mentioned, it is a play on what the Shadow believes they are. We should be looking for someone who 'would' be a broken by the shadow standard, not someone who IS broken. Why would the DFs consider someone Broken. Like Perrin, who gave up his forging hammer to for the hammer of leadership, making him the "fallen blacksmith'. I know this has probably been said hundred times, it's just that some of these comments are the ridiculous extreme. I still favor either Lan somewhat for this, just above Bashere. Lan, who was destroyed by the loss of Moiraine at the hand of the Shadow, failed in his oath to protect her, rejects his love of Nynaeve so he can spare her Death that he has KNOWN he will ride toward since he was old enough to understand such things. Lan is compared many, many times to a wolf throughout the series, by just about anyone who see's his eyes. He walks with a wolfs grace. The stalks like a wolf. He is now more of a lone wolf than ever before. Except he's no longer alone. He has his nation riding with him to die on his land; is no longer is the lone wolf because, as he said, he may be a king without a land, but he's still a king. He's become the Crane. He excepted Nynaeve's love and her bond. She is the reason he's no longer the Broken Wolf, she's Healed that with her love. And he goes to fall, to be consumed by the forces under the Chosen (the Midnight Towers). Graendal AND Moridin believed that to be a reference to themselves. They just got the wrong guy. Lan's fall would indeed shake the hearts and will of men. Rands especially. From the Borderlands to Meyene, what nation doesn't know of the last blood of Malkier? The Aiel even gave him a name, One Man That Is A People. But hell, I could still be very, very wrong. Jordan even said if the answer come easy, maybe you're asking the wrong question. But I don't think so. Just some thoughts.
  7. That's not entirely true. The apples they pick will keep, and those that weren't will rot away again after he leaves the area. And I don't really think that has anything to do with the sunshine in the areas. Anyways, it's impossible at this point to say for certain if that's the case because every time Rand is present the sunshine is. And every time the sunshine and Rand are present food suddenly is good when it wasn't before. And it stays good but the sunshine disappears with Rand. In Bandar Eban, Rand discovers that the open sacks of grain and food he'd sent had all turned out fallow, killing rats. Yet when he opens an unopened set, they're fresh. The food doesn't just become good, that is impossible. Rand's not the creator, he's ta'veren; he bends chance. The apples didn't just magically turn good, an improbable amount of growth happened. Now that the choice for the Last Battle is made (Rand atop Dragonmount) his presence no longer seems causes chaos as it once did. Now it all seems to be for the good. Unless somewhere else in the world all the food suddenly rots? I agree that Perrin and Mat are getting this benefit because of their own Ta'veren status. However, this was happening before Rand's Man on the Mountain sequence. For each of the ta'veren, I think it has to do more with their acceptance of their place as taveren in the Pattern. During the bubble of evil before Perrin's trial, his hammer did not attack him.
  8. As for Lanfear in Rands dreams, I think this is actually a ploy by Moridin. The explanation that Graendal gives Moridin fits what he feels would hurt Rand/LTT best, and comes up with a plan to bring up LTTs linger emotional connection to the woman Lanfear was before she joined the Shadow: Mierin Eronaile. We've seen through Nynaeve that Rand has a massive amount of taint-madness warded off from his brain somehow. One of the way's we know to get around a ward is to go beyond it's limits. We see Rand, in his dream, leave his sanctuary and venture outward. Perhaps the dark tunnel he travels through is really venturing into the taint realm on himself. (I might be stretching a bit here) and the DO is sending him this vision. Moridin has two (maybe three) woman in mindtraps; I assume the mindtrap has something to do with tying a soul to an object. They're made almost within the Maw, perhaps with the TP. Mierin say's she's being tortured and Healed repeatedly, crushing her spirit. The type of thing Moridin knows would hurt Rand most; a woman in need who he feels he could possibly save. I believe this is a setup for Callandor use at Shayol Ghul. We don't know all the pieces of the sealing of the DO, but maybe Mierin does, being one of the two who made the Bored. Moridin knows Lanfear still holds some love of LTT, and now that Rand has ascended (else why not allow the Chosen plot against him directly?) and has his memories of Ages past. I think this torture of Meirin is not fake, however: he's trying to crush her spirit so she'll decide to give up on the DO and join the light. I've stated before that I think Callandor is the literal key to Sealing the DO, perhaps even a new prison for him, sealing him permanently. Either way it needs two woman and Rand, the woman controlling the weaves. In a circle, only one person can control the weaving. I think Moiraine's return, Lanfear's redemption and her knowledge of the Bore will place her as that person. If all above things are correct, that is. And I think it's doomed to fail. Lanfear's a jealous bitch. The moment she see's Elayne carrying Rand's children, whose birth (I believe) is the 'his blood on the rocks' prophecy, she'll go 180 again and attempt to nuke the place.
  9. What if the Seanchan were to get a hold of the a'dam Elayne made for controling Moghedien?
  10. The thing I feel Sanderson has taken the most liberty with is Elayne. Every appearance of her, save for Aludra's 'dragons' demonstration, seemed entirely too OC for her, even while pregnant. During the Succession and early rule I actually felt like she was a ruling Queen. In ToM I feel she's more like turkey stuffed in a dress and a tiara. All things political seemed deligated to Dylin. And Don't Get Me Started About the MOODSWINGS. they almost seemed like added verbage thrown into the mix to make sure you KNEW she was with child. I thought she was EXACTLY that of a puffed up child-Queen. Something she herself had dreaded she'd become. I'm not saying any of the actions are far out of character, they all seemed like something Elayne could/would do. This is RJ's story after all, just with a different director. But the description of those actions and her internal monologue don't seem to fit. Maybe it's just Sanderson's voice I'm not used to hearing. btw, mind if I use this in my sig?
  11. I believe it's said somewhere that time moves faster in the ToG, but not sure. Maybe I'm confusing it with how long Bridget spent and died in there. All that running around lol.
  12. Have we yet placed Mat's timeline at his exist of ToG? He has his vision when thinking of Rand, and it shows Rand eating with Min. Any ideas?
  13. Servent, n. a person working in the service of another. I was pointing out the irony of an fraternal organization answerable only unto itself calling itself Aes Sedai, regardless of the want of others. They justify their actions by saying they're for the greater good of the world. They've already sworn oath not to use the OP against anyone other than DF's, why else would they listen to them if not for the fact that they are bound by the three oaths? Yet they have repeated and readily flaunted these oaths, not breaking them, but using them as tools to achieve whatever end it wants. They imprison rulers of nations and kings bow to them. In AoL the Aes Sedai made the world go round; they were the forerunners of research in medical/technological/unameit. But it was all for the benefit of mankind. They cured madness, sung with Oger, made things fly, a time of wonder. They truly were the servants of the people. What things has the White Tower brought to the world in the last three thousand years since the Breaking? They claim all ter'angreal as their own. Try to thwart or else-wise use any organization in the world to their advantage, be they man or woman - of OP or not. How 'bout imprison and torture the Dragon Reborn. And Egwene still has ALL these propensities. Just less gumption. She become a rule for true be she seems to be loosing her heart in the war with the shadow. True, the definition of servant no longer fits, but it did once. And that is the problem.
  14. Ah, thank you for clearing that up. It was just a thought on my part. I tend to ramble on the many threads in my head. Concerning RJ's stories I tend to think of them as ALL connected in one way or another. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen two events that seem to fit the same prophecy. Yes, the WT is more whole than ever before, so you could say it is unstained, now. This leads me to think of my earlier statement about the WT forgeting it's the servants of the world, perhaps finally working together with the BT, perhaps to resolve what is happening there. btw, have we seen Rand and Bashere together?
  15. Just to point out something about Lan's survival, not sure if I had already, or if someone else did. I think it's fair to point out that all Min's Viewings are of the future, save for Mazrim Taim, which was only half about his past and obscure to boot. This is her viewing of Lan: We all thought we had it figured out until the discussion of whether or not he survives was opened, making us reexamine everything we know. Now we second guess. Seven Ruined Towers = The one-time capital of Malkier, laying ruined in the Blight. No arguments as to WHAT it is, now to the when. IF indeed Min's viewing is of the future, then this would suggest a return. He already did that once, on his trip to the Eye. Babe/Cradle + Sword = We know that Lan was sworn by his parents as Dai Shan while holding his sword in his crib. So far we've seen no toddlers wielding blades. IF this viewing is of the future and NOT of himself (which Min usually specifies) this would suggest child. I haven't seen any signs Nynaeve is preggers atm, but I haven't been looking for signs. Anyone seen mood-swings (more often than normal plz) or sickness? One Power failure in the text? Only possible notice is of Lan's last charge where he thinks the bond had changed. Maybe she found out she was with child? If she is NOT pregnet atm, this would suggjest that Lan survives. He IS the of the royal line of Malkier. No one else is gona be swearing that Oath besides his child. just some thoughts
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