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  1. Try having my name. Most people can't even pronounce it they just say it like "sigmind" and I want to hit them. Sigmundr Æþelwulf Oelrich Úlfheðinn. (should mention that the þ and ð are both pronounced like a "th" its Old English/Norse but also used in Icelandic today
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I started reading this morning and am finding that I do start to remember things quickly, even at the mention of a name I remember then who they are and I connect them with other forgotten names and places, etc. So far it's not been hard, and I'm enjoying it again.
  3. I don't think I'd go as far as to reread all the books I've already finished.. But I'll probably just read Winter's Heart. Although I'm considering starting the Book of The New Sun series
  4. So the last time I ever read this was about 2 years ago. (possibly longer) I had things going on in my life that kept me from having time to just read nor did I really have the motivation. This year I've been reading a lot more and just realized I really would like to finish this. I left off in the beginning of Winter's Heart, but I'm a bit intimidated to start again as it's been so long, I might not remember what characters are who and what they do and look like, etc. Also I've heard Winter's Heart is really long and boring, which makes me tempted to just read a summary for it somewhere and
  5. Just got on winters heart,but hell school doesn't give much time for readin unless i skip doing the work for a class and juss read.
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