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  1. Was it error that Pevara and Androl could still communicate via thoughts while they where in a stedding? Also, why did the evil channelers not immediately realize they were entering a stedding. I mean it was a super-cool scene, but somehow did not feel right.
  2. I am more curious what Graendel and Moggy will do. All 'Age of Legends' weaves should be available to the female Aes Sedai (and the Seanchan) very soon. Plus, Team Light knows Moggy is still around. I do not believe they will just sit back (knowing what Ishy could do...), but actively try to extinguish all Shadowspawn and Forsaken. I have an idea about healing 13x13 channelers: stilling and healing, and/or putting them into the DreamWorld, facing their 'soul' and deciding/wishing to being their old self again.
  3. Something I have now in my mind: Graendel and Moggi are still alive, both enslaved. Age of Legends weaves should be widely available to female channelers in the future! Something I did not get: Why chose Leilwin and Bayle Domon to be da'vocale to the White Tower? They felt so out of character (hot tempered like Nynaeve...) that I really really thought they were (1) compulsed, or (2) Black Ajay in disguise. By the way, what happened to Leilwin when Egwene died?
  4. Logain had his moment of glory in the view of the normal people when he rescued all the woman and children from being eaten by Trollocs. It was not heroic from our point of view, since he did not want to go, and he probably killed the Trollocs easily, - but for the people this one action by him was viewed as the most heroic of the Last Battle.
  5. All three survived, I think. All were very minor support characters.
  6. Sorry I disagree. We have the Black Tower series. We have Tolkiens Hobbit and LoTR series. We have Homers Battle of Troy. Again, I really liked WoT. It avoided many 'male dominance' traps, or characters that weren't believable. I just feel dissatisfied with the end. It was done hastily.
  7. @88 Let us just say Cadsuane got what she deserved and leave it at that.
  8. Sorry I disagree. Logains moment of awesome happened when he rescued all the women and children refuges. People revered him for it. He did not like to do it, wasn't a 'real' hero because he only killed Trollocs - but for the people whose children got eaten he was the REAL hero. What I really missed was any action by Moriane. She was giving a speech and watched Rand - Nynaeve atleast healed... We waited for so long for her to re-appear.. Thom had this fantastic moment of awesome, Moraine did not.
  9. Did my book miss a couple of pages or was the meeting between Hawking and the Empress (might she live forever) happening off-screen? I thought this meeting might give Mat so much credit, that he gets a better status with the Empress. Well, the Sharan channelers balanced out almost all the Aes Sedai, that is quite something. Especially since Demandreds Supercircus did not really participate, which removed probably some of the most skilled channelers. I thought Shara is slightly smaller than Seanchan, I had the impression that the Sharan army was bigger than the Seanchan army, so that would fit. But these are all minor issues. I had hopes that atleast one or two of the 400 (or more) channeleres might be joining the forces of Team Light, maybe at least after they get captured or something. I do not remember Nakomi being mentioned once in the book. Like Fain, they played no role at all to the story. The Wise Ones also did not play an on-screen role. I was also displeased that Perrin and his living wolfes played almost no role at all. At the very very end the wolfes in the dreamworld did, but before they did very very minor things (guarding against Luc) that could have been completely left out. Sorry to sound a bit negative. It is over, it was fun! Just somehow unsatisfying.
  10. @Isabel: She: "I am pregnant and can kill you now. " He: "Ok, do you like to play dice?" There are 100 better last words I could have imagined for Mat. Karede could have said what Tuon (the Empire is pregnant, I can kill you now) said and it would be funny. Tuon could have said "I am fond of you" as a romantic ending. Because of the fireworks and burial pyre they could do an Endor Star Wars reference citation. Whatever. The last sentence by Mat is just off. But this more belongs to a different topic.
  11. Where is Joline mentioned, must have overread it, could you give the page# or chapter/scene? I waited for a scene with her and Mat... I hope for the outrigger trilogy... I found it a bit sad that no single Sharan character worked for Team Light even when it became obvious (for them) that they served the Dark One.
  12. 'Crackbrain' was a word that threw me off... But let me first be unfair: I recently reread the Hobbit, and aMoL is not Tolkin. WOT had something Tolkin had not, with the unique characters and so on, but Tolkin had the end right. The end is important in all things. aMoL just finished. No closure. The book was good, great even, but on the last 20 or so pages you felt that the writing crew was exhausted. You felt that the writing crew was under timing pressure, that there was not time to put this project away for a year and then edit it again. If you don't hold a professorship you probably cannot spent 5 years working on a single book in order to survive - but you can feel the difference. It is the difference between a great work of fantasy (like Hobbit, LoTR, many WoT books), and a normal, entertaining read (which is still leagues away and better than anything Nicholls or Hohlbein have written). It should have finished for the main characters with a climactic scene, or a flowing-out scene... Rand and Mat had horrible last scenes. Birgitte had a good one, as did Cadsuane.
  13. Ok, what happened with Mat, there seems to be a scene missing in my book (1) he wins the last battle, (2) SG (3) meets the Seanchan 'Where have you been' fireworks (hated this scene...) End (3) sounded like there was something (a meeting with Tuon) between (2) and (3)
  14. We have, I think only one scene with a Thom POV, short, 1-2 pages, - but they are amazing. Thom only has his pipe and his knifes. I liked the book, but was displeased with the very last Mat scene (the last we will ever read about him). The whole Perrin storyline was not exciting: (1) he could not heal turned channelers (which would have been cool), (2) he overcame forsaken compulsion with 'love' (cheesy)
  15. 'whats wrong will be righted' in dire need Well, the last battle is coming, Seanchan is in civil war resembling Somalia or Afghanistan, your Empress, might she live forever, is legally married to Mat. Oh, and she is the last living member of the Royal Blood, and has the potential to channel. Dire need. Check. What is now the thing that is wrong with the Seanchan empire, that has something to do with 'The Towers of Midnight' and shame. Hmm. Towers and shame - Probably the betrayal conducted by the first Seanchan Emperor at exactly the same place. What could be wrong. Ah yes, the Suldam - Damane thingy, sth that really needs to be resolved one way or the other (no Saidin-Saidar anymore after the last battle?), if there ever should be peace between the Egwene and the Seanchan, or so that Tuon can remain empress and the Suldam un-collared. So, Probably. For whatever crazy reason (maybe to be accepted by Seanchan society), Mat and Tuon have to beam to these Towers of Midnight; face the Fins again, survive against 1 to 1000 chances, consume their marriage. and so on. What do you think? Plausible? Will it be part of the next back, or the epilogue?
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