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    Herid Fel

    Here's the actual quote from the book.. "The major image on her piece of embroidery was finished, a man's hand clutching the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai. Cracks ran across the black-and-white disc, and there was no telling whether the hand was trying to hold it together or crush it. She knew what she intended, but time would tell what was truth." The Path of Daggers, New Alliances
  2. Well, maybe its not from an interview, but the way it is written I'm assuming it is. I saw this on the wotmania site in the FAQ that they have, based on most else about the site I'm assuming it has validity, hopefully i'm right ^^. Jordan: "Taim has slowed, but one thing I am not going to reveal it in the books, so I’ll tell you, men slow later than women do. And yes, he has slowed, and he is in his late twenties, yes his late twenties." http://www.wotmania.com/faqtopic.asp?ID=84 It's down at the bottom of that link^ if you want to see for yourself.
  3. Ruffio: Ya, men slow; if you think about it, it makes sense. Women slow from using the one power, so why wouldn't men? Anyways theres a quote somewhere from an interview with RJ saying men slow, I'll find it and post it.
  4. Luckers..see maybe i wasnt imagining things, it seems someone else remembers Rand getting sick without grabbing saidin. Well I'm going to go read Rands massivly long 1 chapter from CoT to see if it's in there.
  5. Oh, yeah i just thought of another one, in the prologue of KoD when Galina is talking to Perrin. "I think it's past time you showed proper respect. I'm Aes Sedai, not a servant." Yeah..just love the irony RJ puts in there, they name themselves servants of all, then act like they are bloody queens not getting their dues.
  6. shad

    Herid Fel

    Having to break the seals would also fit in with one of Egwene's dreams about Rand. Him walking toward a burning mountain, something crunching beneath his boots. She stirred and whimpered; the crunching things were the seals on the Dark One's prison, shattering with his every step. -Lord Of Chaos, A Pile of Sand Of course the dream doesn't neccessarily have to mean thats what he's supposed to do.. just what he is going to do.
  7. Luckers: Maybe I'm on crack and imagined that happening because I have no idea where I thought I saw that he was got sick without grabbing saidin.
  8. shad


    cwestervelt thx for the link ^^
  9. Luckers: How the heck do you think King Roedran is possibly Demandred? I just really dont see that as a possibility at all based on what we know of the forsaken and also what we know of Demandred. Lets see..first of we know Demandred always strives to stand in the forefront based on when we see a Forsaken meeting and he gets described as "trying to stand taller when Moridin comes in" because he cant stand being considered less than anyone else. So why under the Light would he run around as a ruler that has no power at all - to the point that he needs Talmenes and the Band to unite all the nobles of his country behind him? Second.. the whole goal of the forsaken is "Let the Lord of Chaos rule" still, so why would he be uniting a country instead of sowing discord and strife? Third.. King Roedran pays the Band a whole crap load of gold to use them to unite his nobles behind him, enough to pay like 15k+ soldiers for a year. I just really cant see a forsaken having to do that, we havent seen a single forsaken in the series have to pay for "services"..just compel Talmenes a little and he's got the Band. Forth.. I just really cant see Demandred being all retarded about the "Fog of War" book by Comadrin and making a gift out of it to Talmenes. So, once again, I just really don't get how you can see King Roedran as possibly being Demandred. Enlighten me?
  10. "and while we have all read through the series, waiting for that final book, once it comes around, we don't feel the same" ...Any series that is worth reading is like that, you want to get to the end but you dont want it to be over. That's why you buy all 12 of the books so you can reread it and enjoy the world and get to know the characters again once you get the urge to. And to me its not "like an old friend passing away" atleast with the books you can go and enjoy the WoT again whenever the urge hits ya.. like finding an old friend and getting reaquainted. Also, theres always a new reader, get friends to read it, hell part of the fun to me with books is finding one you really like and getting a friend to read it then you can get to experience their excitement over reading it for the first time and enjoy it with them. And I just have to say..I don't get why people are hatin on like books 7-10 and sometimes 11, they were essential books to the series, the plot would have been shoddy without them. Everyone just wants constant action and can't enjoy the books for the art of his writing and the complexity of the storylines and planning that went into the series. I also don't get why people think aMoL will be a bad book, think about it..if RJ has spent so many books that people think are bad just to set everything up for the last book in the series..how can you think it is going to be anticlimactic? Anyways thats my rant for the day..I need to start getting more sleep. Oh yeah, and if you want another series that still has that "new" feel, thats still in the proccess of being written and everyone is waiting for the next books in the cycle, I'd suggest the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. He's finished the first four books in the cycle and he is hoping that he can finish it all in seven books so it has the anticipation factor. The first books called "A Game of Thrones". So far it's been an excellent series. ~shad
  11. "There is no salvation without destruction, no hope this side of death"
  12. shad


    Y'all are forgeting something when your saying Gaidal was spun out of TAR to late, theres been many many times where the characters talk about how differently time works there, for all we know the hero doesn't necessarily have to be in that person from birth,I know that sounds wacky but hey thats me, and Gaidal gets spun out of TAR just around the same time that Mat finds Olver. Also, RJ just puts too much into his writing for him to include something about Gaidal being spun out and then not make any use of it later in the series, he doesn't put in details and actions just for the hell of it he always has a purpose. There's also a good bit about Olver that points towards him being Gaidal imo, he's learning the sword and military training, he's ugly, he likes leering at women(which we know Brigitte likes men to do to her). Also we know that he's been tied to Brigitte with him being younger than her or will be in the future from Min's viewing: "Strangly, some were connected to an ugly man who was older than she[brigitte], and others were connected to an ugly man who was much younger, yet somehow Min knew they were the same man." Winters Heart, A Lily in Winter ~shad
  13. Yeah luckers it may seem out there, but imo I think he has the same sickness Rand is having with saidin. If I remember right, Rand never had that sickness until after CoS when their balefire touches. Also, since that time Moridin and Rand seem to reflect each other in a way so would it not be possible that the sickness is reflecting in each of them? There is a very specific example in KoD where Rand seizes saidin and he "touches" Moridin and both get sick as he grabs the one power. "Yet with saidin came the inevitable violent nausea, the almost overwhelming desire to double over and empty himself of every meal he had ever eaten. His knees trembled with it. He fought that as hard as he fought the Power, and saidin had to be fought ever and always. A man forced saidin to his will, or it destroyed him. The face of the man from Shadar Logoth floated in his head for a moment. He looked furious, and near sicking up. Without any doubt he was aware of Rand in that moment, and Rand of him." Knife of Dreams, Ch. 21 Within the Stone And it has seemed that at times Rand has had the sickness come when he wasn't trying to grab the power if I remember correctly.. I'll look for a quote. But anyways yeah..thats that. ^^ ~shad
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