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  1. I haven't read it just yet, but like you saw it and was quite intrigued. Managed to find the books 2nd hand for $1 each too. So shall start reading them soon and will let you know.
  2. Really? They look like they belong on a kids show. Do not do the characters justice at all. Quite disappointed with this. The only one I can bare the look of is Nynaeve, and to a lesser extent Lan
  3. All Goku needs to do is super speed it to Rands side and karate chop to the throat, all is over, it wouldn't even come to the one power or energy beams being used. Rand wouldn't have a chance, in terms of physical prowess he is not even remotely close to Gokus power. Goku is pretty much superman, and Rand is just a normal very skilled fighter with the one power, He hasn't got the speed nor strength to compete with Goku
  4. I third the Foundation series. - Troy trilogy by David Gemmell and absolutely everything else he's done, he does alot of stand alone books. Troy being his only true series. Although the others are all set in the same worlds, 5 - 100 years apart with recurring characters and worlds/nations. Incredibly character driven and vivid writing style. Cannot recommend him enough :p - "The Age of Misrule" trilogy by Mark Chadbourn. He followed this up with another 6 books(2 trilogy sets) whilst not as good as the first 3, still very good books. Set in present day, technology starts to fail and the old gods/ mythic creatures start to come out to reclaim the world again. Amazingly well written engaging characters, the kind you miss when it is all finished. - Anything by Michael Moorcock, namely the books in the "Eternal Champion" cycle. Pretty much a character that is called to many different dimentions and assumes different heroes for each world. Pretty bad explanation that doesn't do it justice, some really good books though. The guy coined the term "multiverse" :p - Stephen Donaldsons "Thomas Covenant" series, if you haven't heard of this one I'd be kinda confused. - "Riverworld" series by Phillip Jose Farmer. Really cool look at the after life, man dies and wakes up on an Island filled with lots of people and goes on a journey to figure out what is happening. Pretty sure the begining scene in this influenced the Matrix a little. - "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss, only one book so far, the next comes out in March. Very addictive, well paced and well written, this guy is gonna be the next big thing with his series I reckon. That's a few to keep you going for a while.
  5. Goku has instant Transmission, which means he can pretty much teleport anywhere instaneously. his Kamehameha might as well be Balefire :p he also once went into Lava and came out fine, I have a feeling nothign Rand could do would in anyway hurt Goku
  6. I need to read these mistborn books, I started the first one but got fairly bored 100 pages in, but a lot of people I respect the opinions of are saying they are good. I guess I'll give it another go.
  7. I'm pretty sure at the beginning of Way of Kings it says he has been working on the Stormlight series for several years now, it also seemed to allude to the fact that a lot of it was written and that he just needs to go back and fix it up add pieces and such. So it could be out a lot quicker than what a normal book of that size can take. Plus the man can smash books out like crazy :p
  8. Thank you. I haven't got any questions at the moment, but if I do I know where to go :) Yeah I've never come to the forums before, usually would go to the main page to find out info about upcoming books, Robert Jordans health and such.
  9. Hey everyone, just another new person signing up. A bit about myself, I'm a fantasy enthusiest. Roughly read a book a week, love science books as well. I've read all the wheel of time books and also the comics based on new spring and eye of the world. Read the first 8 books x3 9-11 x2 and the last 2 once each so far. so fairly into it. I've been coming to the site for about 3-4 years now but for some reason, not sure why, i havent signed up til now. In other aspects I'm a musician, I play guitar as well as sing. I play video games, own a xbox 360 I live in Australia. Can't really think of much else. Peace!
  10. I absolutely agree here, I've gotten 6 of my mates, 3 of which whom used to never read, reading these books and all of them. He has the Drenai series which are several books set out in the same world but not neccesarily linear. Set out at all different time periods. If you want more than just stand alone, his Troy trilogy is brilliant and so is the Jon Shannow Trilogy. I'm going to refrain from explainign books others already have, I'll jsut give pieces on ones that haven't been mentioned. I recommend The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss as many others have also stated. Great book and cannot wait for the next one in March. His writing style reminds me alot of Jordan but a little faster in his pacing which to me is a good thing. Also I can't believe no one has said Mark Chadbourn, he has a 9 book series that is amazing. Completely character driven amazing books, set in a present day world where technology starts failing and the old ways start to resurface. All the old gods/monsters/beings from numerous mythologies around the world come back to reclaim earth from mankind. Fairly gritty and mature series. Do yourself a favour and get into them! Magician and the following 2 books in the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist are Also quite good. George R. Martins A song of Fire and Ice series, another heavy series with far more gritty scenes than WoT Any books by Michael moorcock, his books are fairly small but dense. Theres a good anthology of his books called the Eternal Champion which is a great one to get into. Also have to agree on Terry Goodkind, I read the first 8 but simply could not do it anymore. Just became the same tired old shit over and over again. His characters have no flaws, or if they do they somehow overcome them in 2 pages and become 10 times more powerful. Richard is the most perfect Hero in everyway it gets frusturating as fuck. Also much has clearly been stolen from WoT. I'd say if you were going to read them only read the first book and treat it as a stand alone, I did actually enjoy that one even with the blatant rip offs of WoT and it was only in retrospect of reading the others that it lost its favour with me. happy reading good sir!
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