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  1. Even though seanchan rule would not be so bad, the complete conquest and assimilation of all the kingdoms and organizations we have enjoyed reading about for 13000 pages is not a happy ending. If I wanted to read about relatively happy, prosperous, and obediant lower-middle-class society, I would not be reading fantasy genre novels. I would be reading the newspaper.
  2. Whats interesting is that if what Aviendha sees is irreversable, then Tarmon Gai'don is guarranteed to be won. I dont think a ter'angreal could know what prophecies cant even agree on. At the very end of ToM is something from the prophecy of the shadow. It conflicts with the prophecies of the dragon. Plus theres Seanchan fortellings, other fortellings, aiel car'a'carn stuff, min's viewings, etc. They cant all be true. I dont think the futur of aiel will be explicitly written about though. When aveindha thinks "Can I change it? If I cant, will that stop me from trying?" it kind of closes
  3. I think they are evil aiel. In the age of legends aiel served aes sedai, why wouldnt some of them have served aes sedai who would eventually become forsaken/dreadlords. If normal aiel went from pacifists to what they are now, theres no reason why others couldnt go from pacifists to cannibal darkfriends. Also, the pointed teeth presumably mean cannibalism, and that suggests they are related to aiel because its another thing about them that is directly opposite. In The Gaterhing Storm, Semirhage asks an aiel how much torture they would need to kill a blacksmith and eat his flesh. I belie
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