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  1. That comes under the 'Why doesn't ANYONE make barriers of Air (like at Dumai's Wells) and tying the fraking things off'? Rand could have done that at Maradon. Or when the manor was attacked in KOD made an Air barrier 10 feet tall to either completely block or at least funnel the Trollocs/Fades into killing zones. Indeed. The only argument I can come up with for not using Earth was that he was also planning for his forces to retake the overrun forts and didn't want to destroy their terrain advantage, or the forts themselves. It's a stretch but it's really the only reason I can think of beyond "personal preference" since Rand is strongest with fire.
  2. There's been talk that the way Galad sees the world when in the void during his fight with Valda that it was him subconsciously channelling. I believe during the fight his POV describes how he becomes hyper alert of the world which is similar to the descriptions of holding Saidin. That's mere speculation though since it could merely be hyper focus at killing the bastard who raped and murdered his mother. It's moot at this point anyways since there's no time for him to learn and because with saidin clean he's not going to go mad so even if he does hold saidin subconsciously and do things with it, nobody will know or really care. His followers will just attribute it to him being blessed by the Creator and so on too.
  3. Mat's pure Two Rivers stock and as has been repeatedly mentioned, the old blood runs thick in the Two Rivers, more strongly in Mat then many others because, as you have noted, prior to gaining the memories from the Finn Mat's been known to utter entire sentences in the Old Tongue when in duress. However, the mechanics of the Old Blood is.... vague at best, and downright unhelpful at worst. That said, Mat's ta'avaran long before he got those memories and ta'avaran are always people who change the world to some degree or another (not only through alteration of probability, chance, and reality, but also through great feats) so yeah, it stands to reason that the basic cloth which Mat is cut from is exceptional. The memories just make him more capable of pulling his natural talents out. The Finn don't adhere to logic and conventions as we know it. Also, if Mat's theory that the Finn are constantly watching through his eyes and hearing through his ears then it's also likely that they're "recording" all of those memories up until the person dies.
  4. Artur recognizes Rand, not Mat. As for Mat's memories, they can't be his soul's past memories because he recalls being somebody in one memory and then he recalls seeing the same person in different periods of their life from different memories. The implication is that the memories he has aren't linear in progression and that there's overlap. As for the door, why wouldn't they? So far as we saw there was no noticable price to be paid for the answers to any three questions you wanted answered (and I suspect the price was just a copy of your memories). Who wouldn't take that deal? We as the readers know that the Finn can't be trusted because they twist things but that knowledge we only have through Mat's experiences. Everybody else just has a half-remembered legend of a door that gives you the answer to three questions no matter what those questions are. Also, we don't know if the memories Mat has are all from prominent people. We get memories from the prominent because they tend to crop up only when Mat's in a situation which requires that knowledge, but for all we know, when Mat's out drinking, he also has memories of sketchy bums getting trashed. That said, consider where the door that led to the Alfinn was; hidden away in a storeroom of the Stone of Tear. It stands to reason that for however long Stone's had the door only nobles have gone through it and we don't know the circumstances of that door before it fell into Tear's hands however I'd wager that it was fairly tightly controlled which implies that only people of prominence would have had access to it in the first place.
  5. There's a difference actually. You can't heal yourself in the dream because the wounds you take show up on your waking body. You can't will those close. You however can make yourself "stronger" by willing, say, a brick wall to be only as strong as tissue. You can also will yourself to be stronger by willing somebody else to think they're weaker.
  6. I wouldn't agree to that. Tuon declared herself Empress and part of that included getting oaths of fealty from her subjects yet she expects them to watch her and try to unthrone her when they might gain an advantage. The Seanchan are no different from any other culture in Randland with regards to oaths. The only difference is that they are more upfront of their belief that they have a right to all of creation; most likely bolstered by the fact that they have a very large and very effective army. We know for a fact that in the future Aviendha saw, they did hold to the Peace. For decades at least, maybe over 100 years. I don't recall the exact timing. It wasn't broken until the Aiel tricked the Queen of Andor. I agree, I'm just saying that it's not entirely as Kivam states in that the Seanchan are somehow more culturally conditioned into obeying oaths absolutely. They aren't, they just have a far more self-centered view of the universe.
  7. But Moiraine commented on her "protection", like it was something that would work normally. I've got a good immune system, I rarely got ill. But I do sometimes. Nynaeve should also catch something, sometimes. Her "no matter what" suggests to me that she doesn't get sick even if it's something extremely contagious. Moiraine's "protection" relates to protection from unnatural sources such as the Dark One's influence and the darkness that's infected everything in Shadar Logoth. It's indicated that channellers gain benefits to resisting those influences but that channellers are also open to certain methods of subversion which only work on channellers. Moiraine's protection doesn't relate to mundane diseases or sicknesses. In the case of the quote you're referencing, Moraine is referring to a supernatural affliction, specifically to Mat and the ruby hilted dagger. But is Nynaeve aware of that protection at that point? It still feels to me that Moiraine is saying that in response to Nynaeve's comment that she never catches anything, at all. Channeling is an automatic protection, it's not something you need to consciously trigger. So long as you have the ability and power, you have that protection. Nynaeve's still blocked at this point but when she treats patients she gets angry enough to channel, without knowing that she's doing so. Moiraine's being obtuse here because Nynaeve's still not sold on the idea of being a wilder and later becoming Aes Sedai so Moiraine's trying to phrase it without sparking that particular argument.
  8. There were no ajahs then, especially considering that the Red wouldn't have been founded until during the Breaking, at the earliest.
  9. We don't know that. Perrin theorizes that Slayer's teleporting in front of Perrin because he knows that Perrin can only teleport at set distances due to the influence of the dreamspike, and then laying in wait in areas where Perrin has to go. Since Perrin's trying to move as fast as possible, it's fairly easy to predict (especially for a hunter of Slayer's caliber) where Perrin will go and then set up ambushes for him. In other words, Slayer isn't teleporting in and out of the area protected by the dreamspike, he's instead teleporting to an area where it eventually will be, waiting for Perrin to teleport in on top of him, and then attacking. When Perrin flees, that leaves Slayer outside of the dome, which then allows him to repeat the tactic. That said, it is likely that the dreamspike is protected because Perrin manages to break through the dome the first time by simply rushing and letting momentum carry him. While it drains him immensely, he still manages to get through. On top of this, it also sounds like, from the descriptions, that making it through the dome is the same trick used to dispel nightmares, so it is likely that others can get into the dome.
  10. I think it more likely that Elaida's palace will end up to be more housing quarters for novices or Accepted considering that Egwene's policy on accepting any and every woman who can channel regardless of age will mean that the White Tower's housing quarters will be strained. Alternatively, the palace could also be converted into housing quarters for Aes Sedai in the future.
  11. Moridin is Ishamael and Ishamael's MO throughout the ages has been entirely that. By-the-by, I don't think Taim is Moridin, I'm just pointing out the flaw in that statement.
  12. I wouldn't agree to that. Tuon declared herself Empress and part of that included getting oaths of fealty from her subjects yet she expects them to watch her and try to unthrone her when they might gain an advantage. The Seanchan are no different from any other culture in Randland with regards to oaths. The only difference is that they are more upfront of their belief that they have a right to all of creation; most likely bolstered by the fact that they have a very large and very effective army.
  13. They're the anchor points. It's true that we don't know much about the metaphysics involving the patch on the Bore beyond that it's a patch, that it's made of power, and that it's anchored on the seals. For all intents and purposes they are THE seals. That said, since we don't know anything about the patch itself beyond the rudimentary generalities, it's possible that the patch could be like a shield and that if you break enough of the hard points (that being analogous to the tied off points) you can rip through with the shield if you have sufficient strength to overwhelm the remaining anchors. I doubt it really matters; the actual breaking of the Seal at this point in time is secondary to Rand and Egwene confronting one another.
  14. Don't have any exact chapter number but it is near the end of the book. A Black Tower chapter from Pevara's POV. Chapter 53: Gateways. Starts on page 771. Chapter 56: Something Wrong is where the rest of that picks up and finishes. That's the second last chapter so just flip to the end and then skim back a a couple dozen pages.
  15. It should be noted that when Aviendha tries to discern the nature of the pillars she notices a... not necessarily a sentience but an intelligence before her future visions begin. As with many things in Randland, I suspect the pillars respond to need and until that point, what the Aiel needed was to be reminded of their past and their purpose. What Aviendha needed when she first came was to pass the Wise One test and so the pillars responded with the generic visions. After that though, what Aviendha needed was to sort out the future of the Aiel, triggered partly by her encountered with Nakomi, and so the pillars responded by showing her what she needed to see.
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