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  1. Why would it? Being a hedonist doesn't mean that you magically start liking absolutely everything. We have plenty of information about Graendal's tastes—she likes to be served, and she likes to crush free will out of people's minds. She might be fairly described as a domme, and definitely a mind control fetishist. It's certainly not impossible for her to be a masochist in addition to that, but it's definitely never been supported by anything in the text. If she was, don't you think we would have gotten some Semirhage/Graendal fanservice by now? And again, none of this has a frigging t
  2. Masochists have specific fantasies, and scripted ways they like to be punished. Sadists find the fantasies boring, and enjoy coming up with new and inventive forms of pain, which masochists don't enjoy anymore than anyone else would. That's not really the way it works either. The masochists I've known generally seem to savor the idea of their owner/top/dom(me)/partner coming up with new and inventive ways of hurting them. And, in a healthy relationship between the two, the sadist looks for ways of inflicting pain that achieve that, while also respecting the masochist's hard limits and a
  3. It might work, if the Gap was really really narrow?
  4. The thing is, weren't the odds against the Borderlanders in the battle at Tarwin's Gap in TEotW pretty terrible too, until Rand showed up and zapped all the Trollocs? It seems like fighting at Tarwin's Gap against incredible odds is just what the Borderlanders have been doing for centuries. Presumably, the Gap is also pretty favorable terrain for defenders, which may negate a lot of the advantage the Trollocs gain from numbers anyway. It may not be as ridiculous a stand as it sounds just based on the size of the forces.
  5. No. Masochism doesn't work like that.
  6. Oh, Goddess, I hope not. Leaving aside the creepiness of this, I'll be really annoyed if WoT goes to such lengths to negate one of the rare prominent examples of non-monogamy in popular fiction and force all the characters into perfect little pairs.
  7. Don't have my books on hand to look up the quote now, but it's in TGS. There was discussion about it on here a while back, I think. Basically, Rand has a new Power-forged blade that he found somewhere off-screen in one scene in TGS, and it's a) something that has been hidden for a long time, b) something that he remembers seeing at Falme, and c) not something out of LTT's memories. That pretty much points at it being Justice. (I was confused by this when I first read TGS, and was trying to figure out how that could possibly have described Laman's sword, which is what Rand had been using up unt
  8. I don't think there's any need for a giant confrontation between Rand and the Seanchan where they get humbled. Since Rand seems to have found Artur Hawkwing's sword somewhere, he has the perfect "I'm sorry" gift for Fortuona the next time he meets her.
  9. At least it's better than charging at 150,000 Trollocs all by his lonesome?
  10. Yeah, it confuses me. So many of the posts on this thread seem to be insisting that everyone should be expected to just fall in line behind Rand and do what he says without question. But then they accuse Egwene of being arrogant and needing to be taken down when she expects the same thing of people. No leader's decisions should be beyond question. Not Egwene's, not Rand's. Rand does have a responsibility to persuade the assembled armies of the world that a) he really is completely sane and knows what he's doing, and b) it makes sense to break the seals. Neither Rand nor Egwene may be thin
  11. Conversely, you expect Verin to have known the SUPER SECRET MAGIC INCANTATION that would insure that Mat opened the letter. All she could do is give him the letter in a timely fashion ( which she did ) impress upon him that she'd gone to considerable pains to do so ( she did ), tell him that it was vital he do what the letter instructed if she did not return within 10 days ( she did that, too ), and trust him to understand that she didn't do things like that for giggles ( which sadly he was not mature enough to do ). Mat had the vital information in his hands. He and he alone refused to
  12. Opening the letter precludes none of those scenarios. In fact, it enhances all of them. With the Waygate destroyed, there is no invasion, no threat to Aludra's dragons, and no immediate threat to the people of Caemlyn from fire or Trolloc. Opening the letter wouldn't even tke any time away from rescuing Moiraine. He already has contact with Birgitte and Elayne, he simply needs to tell them and make Talmanes and his half of the Band available to do the heavy lifting while he, Thom, and Noal gate to the Tower of Ghenjei. Yeah, if only Mat could have magically known beforehand that
  13. If by "fly back to Never-Never-Land," you mean "fulfill his promise to Thom to help him go rescue Moiraine, fulfill his obligation to Aludra and all the people whose lives will be saved by having the Dragons made, and do it all while keeping the soldiers under his command relatively safe," then I guess you could say that that's all Mat wants.
  14. That seems to me like a reason why it was probably Slayer rather than Moridin.
  15. There's also the fact that the Aiel probably have the best historical record of any culture in the Rhuidean pillars. The various offshoots of the original Da'shain (the Tinkers, the Jenn, and the modern Aiel) are pretty clearly documented in the pillars, and are key events in Aiel history. If the Sharans had a cultural connection of some sort to the Aiel, wouldn't that be mentioned in the pillars' account as well?
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