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  1. Okay.... All through the book... we have not lost one of the major GOOD characters. There are several of them, and all of them have survived. I believe that...: Cam will be saved but desimated. Rand, Mat, Perrin will survive, as will their spouces. The Dragon will bind the 9 moons to him. So That profacy has not played out yet. The broken crown has not come up. There is actually ALOT that has not come up that Min has "seen". Rand touched the TP once, I think he might do it again. Ny will cure Rand's madness. The Ogier will come to the last battle. More "wolfbrothers" will appear.. probably only one or two new ones.. Several of the other minor characters from the previous books *the ones who only lasted a page or two* may show at the last battle.
  2. I have to agree. I have noticed that there really has not been a Major (light side) character death in the entire story arc. Verin maybe.. I almost think that Hopper was more of a major char than Verin... Most of the chars that died that are on the side of light have been either very minor chars (only in one or two books) or they barely lived long enough for us to learn their names.
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