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  1. What does REE have to gain by this? You would think they would be relieved to lose the rights to WoT, seeing how they failed in just about everything they did with it. So why do this? I seriously have no trust whatsoever that they will make this a succes. So why, then? I'm inclined to believe they are just doing it for the sake of pestering the fans, the community. Would they do such a thing? It makes me sad for the legacy of Robert Jordan.
  2. Actually, your dream will probably come true: it is confirmed that the POV in the deleted scenes from AMoL, that WILL be featured in the book UNFETTERED, is Demandred's. I imagine his quests will be exactly what we'll read about. :)
  3. OK, I missed that, is that in a signing report or something? Can you link, plainly I'm missing much goodness. This is good news, I wasn't that bothered by the abrupt appearance and scant details of Demandred's doings in AMOL but if this sequence gives more depth on the background to his Shara activities it has to be good. Agreed!
  4. I'm curious: we must nog forget that we will have the chance to read new material 2 times after AMoL - River of Souls in the book 'Unfettered' - some notes from RJ in the encyclopedia. Maybe it will answer some questions we have, although I do not have many stressing topics I want to see clarified. What do you guys think: which POV will we get to read? What is the "River of Souls", seeing as it is our only clue?
  5. The problem is communication, isn't it? Crowd-funding only works when you are in close contact with the community you're aiming at. Let's say REG has good intentions, then why didn't they even tell us this KS-campaign was planned? Now, after radio silence for such a long time, suddenly, out of the blue, came this KS. How can they expect us to be enthousiastic, when we have zero information about what the game is going to be like? I feel sad, because I WILL NOT feel happy when this KS fails (as I think it will); it will only mean there won't be WoT-games anytime soon. Still, I also will not back this project, because I have no faith in REG. Talk about lose-lose...
  6. Don't think so. Doesn't fit with Rand's epiphany about everybody getting second chances. And what's more: good and evil working together? Where's the balance in that? ;)
  7. I agree with above comments. 450k? Really? For development of the Ouya the target was only 900k! And with so little to show us: we have no idea what this game is going to be like. So we would be donating only because we love WoT, and our faith in the company developing the game. If REE ever had credit in the WoT community, the credit is now long gone. This project seems so far-fetched, I almost believe they do it on purpose, so they can blame us for not succesfully developing or releasing WoT-based games...
  8. They all look great, although the last one makes me think of Neo with a bad hair day. But that's just me.
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