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  1. Haven't posted in over two years. just finished TGS. Personally, I don't feel that the point of the Last Battle would be the actual physical confrontation. I mean even if Rand attacks the Blight and clears all of the Trollocs/Jumarra/whatever the heck there is/ would it really be synonymous to victory? I mean, HOW do you slay or bind the Dark One? Rand might as well reach Shayol Ghul and lose there because he wouldnt figure a way to win against DO. Armies won't help much in that matter. I anticipate a massive physical battle in the last book, but I doubt that its outcome will be significant as to whether the Light loses or wins.
  2. The greatest WoT quote: "I hope you two are not Darkfriends? I don't like killing people after I fed them" :) by Elyas Machera, speaking to Perrin and Egwene in EotW
  3. Poor Rand. He just has so many people in his head... Alanna, Min, Avi, Elayne, LTT and Moridin Did I miss somebody?
  4. I hated the tenth book (except for Shaidar's chapter). I think it's all because of Rand having no screen time. Mat's jokes and Perrin's thinking are okay, but Rand is still the main character.
  5. The question is: Who in the hell is the Lord of Chaos??? If it is the Dark One, then all the thing is plainly stupid. It is clearly not Taim, because he speaks about the Lord as of some being higher than himself. Maybe Moridin? But then, why does the sixth book bear the name 'Lord of Chaos'? Maybe Chaos is the saidin itself. Saidin was often described as storm and chaos... :?
  6. Um, Yes, I quite agree that Ishamael could have been derived from Ishmael. Ba'al is also very close to Be'lal.
  7. I'm quite tired of the Asmodean topic, but still... RJ said it should be obvious to us to know who had killed him. I may be sounding absurd, but it was Mazrim Taim. Think - we know that he's a 'bad' guy, he arrived just after Asmo died and the main thing - Asmo was plainly surprised when he met an old 'acquaintance'. :? that should sound obvious
  8. I ticked Other cause i hate only Elayne and Dyelin. They just suck. :evil:
  9. Hi guys. I've actually found out that many of the forsaken's names are derived from various religious sources. Oh yes, I've read all the wikipedia's analysis on the wot names, but still. Probably many of you know that Shai'tan plainly means 'devil' in Arabic. Sammael is plainly derived from Samael in Judaism and Kabbalah. His name means everything bad in the human's soul. Asmodean may have been derived from Kabbalah's Arch-devil Asmodeus. By the way, one of these Arch-demons is Beelzebub (so close to Ba'alzamon). Okay, if you have any more ideas just write.
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