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  1. \You can't green txt here and you have no face so mfw doesn't work. >mfw i did Haha. I almost did that too.
  2. \You can't green txt here and you have no face so mfw doesn't work.
  3. I would much rather wait another four years. would you rather be an Andoran Noble or Cairhien
  4. A couple of things: 1. As I think I've made it pretty clear, I've greatly enjoyed reading the WOT. The fact that I don't think it's a particularly insightful or challenging piece of writing doesn't mean I don't think it isn't worth reading. Star Wars is bargain-basement space opera, but it's still pretty damn cool. 2. Rather than calling us morons, and simply asserting the existence of all this complexity, why don't you actually explain what you mean and justify your opinion with an actual argument or two. Yes, the Wheel is mentioned all the time by the narrator and various characters. Yes it crops up in discussions of cosmology. The point Lummox and I are making is that it doesn't actually do anything. Heroes can be reborn without time being cyclical. A big evil demon can be trapped forever and ever without time being cyclical. History can fade to legend can fade to myth without time being cyclical. At least until TOM, the idea doesn't seem to do any real work (with the exception of the Veins of Gold issue I raised earlier). Maybe that'll change in AMOL, but that seems like pretty late in the game to start making use of what would, at this point, be the biggest gun on the mantle in history. 3. As for laying the groundwork for "speculation" about the past and future, and being "thought provoking", please. It's fantasy, not science fiction. I don't think RJ meant anyone to seriously entertain the idea that we're all trapped inside a giant wheel of chronometric energy, or that this represents a plausible future for humankind. @thedoctor: Ok, but that doesn't really refute my argument. He didn't pick those particular deities because there was some deeper meaning to the parallel between them and the three amigos. He could have picked any other figure from mythology and achieved the same goal. The point wasn't that RJ was putting deeper meaning into the books or that it is supposed to be an actual possibility. The point was that these references give the world depth and make it feel a bit more real.
  5. He did it before to prove a point to Tuon. Remember he personally killed all the assassins that he talk to previously. I think he does want to kill her now.
  6. Crazyrandisdead, I always thought the point wasn't that Mat, Perrin and Rand are based on Norse deities but that legends of their exploits exist in the current age. I believe it was a way to expound upon the "time is cyclic" thing and make the world seem more real and connected to ours.
  7. I always thought that our current age was the sixth. We still have myths about magic hammers that cause lightning to fall and were used to kill giants. Also most of mythology is referenced in one way or another. The Forsaken for instance are all ancient gods or demons. Also knowledge from the previous ages doesn't completely fade until right before that age is to come.
  8. I believe it does mention that she is doing better with channeling as the pregnancy progresses.
  9. Not necessarily, her memories are quickly fading as revealed in ToM-22. But LTT would probably remember her would he not?
  10. Interesting implication that I just thought of on the transmigration front. would it be possible that the bonds that Rand has on him stay with the body and if so what implications does it have for Rand's women when his soul moves and they are bonded to Moridin
  11. I could just see it now. Cads pov with her just remembering for the first time in 15 years what she had said, so she wraps her up with air and spanks her on the spot. Rand of course does nothing because he figures it's private business.
  12. Remember that Fortouna thinks that it will be strange to have a PoR who isn't scheming against her. It makes me think that it is likely that he would have considerable influence. He may even become Emperor if Fortouna were to die. That would explain why we hadn't heard of the PoR before. The old Empress had him killed because he was trying to do the same.
  13. I think I said this on another thread but I'll post it here anyway. We have to look at this in a way that makes sense in our own times as well. I don't think it is possible for the Aiel to avoid being forced into a position that they are left with out purpose. They have to get to the point where they are still warriors with a still warriors with a strong sense of honor but with no purpose beyond their own survival. That and the obvious parralels between the Ravens and the Romans and the conquest of Gaul.
  14. It think it is important to interpret the possible future of the Aiel in context of the current word. Keep in mind that time is cyclical. I Think that the Aiel aren't given any higher purpose and it is up to them to figure out what their next move is. There is no way they can returnto the Way of the Leaf and maintain an existence that is consistent with the Celtics that they are in our own ancient history. They almost have to continue to have a war with the Seachean if only to foreshadow their later defiance of the Roman empire as the Guals.
  15. Has anybody looked at the possibility of Demandred being an Ashaman other than Taim. It would explain a lot of the connedtions between the two.
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