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  1. That was very generous of you Maj. Thank you for saving this thread.
  2. That would be a really nice thing to do. I would be up for that.
  3. Do not blame Mike for getting this post off topic. It is my fault entirely. I saw something foolish written and felt the need to address when I should have left it alone. While ignorant and blind he is not responsible for the off topic nature of this thread.
  4. The reason I did not name a nation is that it DOES NOT MATTER. European country going downhill fast after America and the West shoved capitalism down its throat should suffice. You are pulling at straws. Our noses do not need to be over there when we have problems at home that need attention before we can pretend to know it all and shove our morals and laws down any other nation's throat. America is a capitalist, democratic country. Which in theory should work just fine. however, as we can see it is eroding the support that this country stands on-our middle and lower classes. We ca
  5. I am laughing so hard right now at Thor's post. People at work are looking at me funny. LOL!
  6. To the soldiers: Only you truly know what is going on over there. I will happily consent to that. I have heard both the good and bad from dear friends that are serving. As for lack of patriotism: ABSOLUTELY. I believed in this country when I was a little girl and was not as aware as I am now. My husband is from a country where the West went over and changed the government so that his family still there can not get jobs and are barely able to scrape by. The country is collapsing. Just because something works for America does not mean it will work everywhere. I don't feel tha
  7. Religious beliefs are a very powerful thing. Just because you do not share them do not make them true to those other people. Another point on "innocents." you also seem to fail to realize that there are not innocents in the jihad aginst the West. We are all infidels and thus the enemy. They do not see it as killing innocent people, but as killing active members of the enemy. You have chosen to overlook that as the West sweeps their political hand over the world we are bound to make enemies by those who firmly believe that what we are doing is WRONG. Americans may not inten
  8. quote CrazyMike The concept of Sheathing the Sword is not necesarily a particular Sword Fighting stance , but it does, in this context, mean a self sacrificing move or action which gains the ultimate advantage over your opponent... The most dangerous opponent to face in any fight is one who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice inorder to insure the enemy's destruction... and that requires the least skill,,, as an example suicide bombers... Though killing innocent civilians and children is hardly the act of a Brave man... If you truly believe that then you don't have an
  9. Are you working later? If not you can help me out of my shift.
  10. And while Nyn did say that, it would be a different wound. Much like if I were to break my arm. If I broke my arm, had it healed and then fell off my horse and broke it, even if it was the exact same break, it would be a new injury and thus open to be Healed again. That's my thought on this. It's not trying to heal the same thing again and again. It a new wound, being stilled (again) and then Healing the new wound.
  11. So what would happen is Siuan and Leane were stilled again and then healed by a man? Would they return to their original strength or to the post-initial stilling strength?
  12. After reading that thread I am going to agree with Mr. Ares that both sides of the debate are far too opionated to ever come to any kind of agreement. The characters are so fleshed out that they are like real people. With traits, personalities, characteristics that some people like and some don't. Much like, for example, President George W. Bush, there are people that admire and respect him and people that find him a bumbling idiot. Opinions that are this strong are just that, opinions. Different actions and personalities resonate differently depending on the person which those actions/per
  13. rd brings up a very good point. We've not met Demandred's alterego and yet we know that wherever he is hiding he is causing all kinds of havoc. We can logically deduce that just because we have not been formally introduced, that does not mean that strings are not being pulled right under their noses.
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