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  1. Hello everyone, haven't been around in a long time and was searching the board for a thread about unanswered questions or unknown fates about the series. Does anyone know if Brandon Sanderson has mentioned this anywhere? In a Q and A or something? If you know, please direct me to it. Thanks
  2. Kudo´s! If you actually look Amel up on ´www.encyclopaedia-wot.org and search for Amel; all you'd come up with is 1 sentence. While when you search for the master of swords, you'll find a lot more. So that could be evidence for 'apearing on screen'. I like this theory a lot; it fits for a shadow's general, would be a perfect coupe. Let's find out at aMoL!
  3. Come on guys, this isn't freaking Harry Potter, screw godparents, the children will be granted position for others to benefit, or simply be done with.
  4. So in what point (as you specified FIGHTERS with OP/TP) would Egwene actually beat Logain? Logain would literally roast her alive and eat her with close to no effort. Could you please, please specify why you would think Egwene could handle Logain?
  5. Too bad he died before his time, I think Be'lal was pretty scary dude from what we've read about him.
  6. So this is probably a stupid question: What's the deal with Mordeth? In the early books I didn't give much thought to it and now it is just a guy that mixed with Fain to become super villain. But now I read in WH from Mat (fighting the Golam) that the only thing beside the golam he ever saw going through the tiniest opening was Mordeth. Does this mean Mordeth was a Golam? Was it an early bookanism? Is it just one of Mordeths superpowers? Are these powers explained by RJ or BS in an interview? Just a senseless power by a normal guy consumed by evil or an early bookanism? I'd like some answers please xD Cheers
  7. I think Pre-TG Mat would definitly win, simply because the pattern needs him xD Whenever Lan's sword would hit home, a bird or stone or airplane would come from the sky to block it, simply because Mat is needed at the last battle. (lame)
  8. I think they were made because RJ wanted to have the option to do something with it in later books, but then scratched the idea. If you want more information about things like this, I would advice reading the book: "A world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time". It has great background info about everything in the world.
  9. Nah, you would probably be picked up by ta´verenness and be that one merchant that gets food to all the people in need of a full belly and when the time comes you will eat some trollocs at TG!
  10. Haha, that would be epic! Personally I would be either a gaidin or a whitecloack I think. I´m studying to become a sportteacher (as in for highschool) and take excersize about 15 hours per week, If I can't be a gaidin I would be a whitecloack because I would hate some invisible force able to control me xD
  11. Meh, the ´shadar logoth vs Dark One´ has already been used with healing Rands side wounds. I would be disapointed if that same method returns.
  12. If you are blonde you could be Birgitte! If I was in Randland, I would probably be a broke inkeeper.
  13. By the way, is it stated clearly that it's Narishma being 'the one who follows after' or could it be Demandred? Always being number 2 etc. He does always seem to follow after xD
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