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  1. Wow, you're really similar to me. I was twelve when I started the series as well, and I remember that whenever I got to one of the girls' chapters I would flip ahead to see how many pages I had to endure before getting back to the boys. I'm female, and I've always sympathized with the males more. Rand and Mat have always been my favorite characters, and I love Lan, although I've definitely lost interest in him over the past two books. Honestly, I can only think of two or three male characters that I really hate, while my hate list for the girls is much, much longer. The only female chara
  2. When I first read about TAR, I immediately thought, "Hey! Lucid dreaming!" I'm really interested in dreams as well, although I haven't managed to control my dreams for nearly a year. I've been too busy and stressed out to think about dreaming all that much. In one of my lucid dreams I did actually end up meeting Rand. I woke up before I could talk to him or anything, though.
  3. - Ingtar - Moiraine's death (Okay, maybe that was more tears of rage at Rand for not saving her. ) - A Cup of Sleep - Verin's death - The whole Tower of Ghenjei thing (I was actually full-out crying during this. I don't even know why, it didn't even seem that sad to me.) Good books always end up making me emotional, and now that I think of it I really had a lot of moments that at least made me tear up a little. I'm going to have to make sure not to read aMoL in public places because I'm almost certain something or other is going to make me cry in it.
  4. Oh goodness, I can't even bring LoC out in public because I'm afraid I'll get too many weird looks. TSR comes in close second for worst for me, since I've still never been able to figure out who those people are. I've got to say, though, I liked the cover for PoD. And tEotW had a fairly decent cover if you ignore the fact that Lan looks absolutely enormous and Moiraine appears to be a midget on a pony.
  5. Definitely Talmanes. And Asmodean--he was my favorite Forsaken by far. Some of the others I'd like to see more of would be Birgitte, Logain, and Ingtar.
  6. When you think (or say) "Dovie'andi se tovya sagain" when you think you need a little luck. When you do novice exercises to try to channel. When you spend way too much time daydreaming about what it would be like to live in the WoT world.
  7. After a long time spent trying to get my dad to read it, he's finally started and is absolutely hooked. Now I get to annoy him with all of my strange theories! None of my friends will read it, but they tolerate it when I don't want to do anything but read the new book, and they actually do know a little about WOT 'cause I'm always obsessing over it.
  8. Books. Yep, that's the first thing I thought of. And sanitation, and most definitely soda. ...wow, that ended up being a really weird list of stuff.
  9. I've never met anyone with a Wheel of Time name, but when we got my dog two years ago I begged my parents to name him Hopper. xD Sadly, he ended up with the name Marvin, which I think is much weirder.
  10. The first thing I thought when I saw this was that Rand looked adorable. xDDD I really like this!
  11. I've always imagined the White Tower to look like a gigantic white rook in chess. A square White Tower just seems really weird to me.
  12. Around a year ago, when I was 12, I was wandering around my library and found the first half of EotW on a shelf and picked it up. There was that whole 'Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time' thing on the back, so I actually thought it was about some sort of time-traveling dragon. I started reading, and actually hated it for the first ten or so chapters, but didn't have anything to read, so I slowly made my way through. By the end, I was absolutely hooked on WoT and spent the whole day begging my mom to drive me to the bookstore to get the second half of the book. I actually stop
  13. I am almost certain that I'm going to burst into tears at the last page. I started reading Wheel of Time the summer of last year, and was always looking forward to the end, but now that it's almost here I'm both really sad and happy because I get to know how it ends. I'm really scared that one of my favorite characters will die, though. I can't really describe why, but it feels like if someone dies in the last book, it'll be final, and I'll always be thinking about the end during my latest re-read. I did a bad job explaining that, but oh well.
  14. 1. Mat- Awesome, hilarious, and awesome (Yes, it needed to be said twice). 2. Moiraine- She's just so incredibly brave and selfless. Also, in my opinion, Moiraine is one of the few Aes Sedai that aren't idiots. 3. Lan- "Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain." Although, he did get a bit less awesome after marrying Nynaeve. D= 4. Birgitte- It's really nice to have one women that isn't all uppity and boring. 5. Verin- Most epic Brown ever. 6. Galad- I really have no idea why, but he's grown on me in the last few books. I'm so happy that someone is finally leading the
  15. I'm 13 and female. I feel really young now! Favorite characters: Mat, Moiraine, Lan, and Birgitte Least favorite characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Taim, and Tuon
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