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  1. Why would he apologize to any of those people? More specifically why would he apologize to Egwene and Gawyn?
  2. You're reading it wrong. It's directly implied that the black cord is the link that gives the male Forsaken protection from the taint. It has absolutely nothing to do with the True Power and the two aren't ever mentioned in connection with each other so I'm curious where and how you drew that conclusion. Moreover as I've said it a few times that it's mentioned by several different Forsaken that only Moridin has access to the True Power, and Graendal is granted it for a short time as well before she messed up with Perrin. Also it's not the only indication that something is bad about it.
  3. Indeed. In The Shadow Rising Rand says after his battle with Asmo that he cut him off from the Dark One so his teacher would not be connected to him. Lanfear responds with an "I did not think that was possible." comment. I doubt from other comments though that most Darkfriends are so far gone down that path that the Dark One has a link to them. He can do strange things to channelers that don't work on regular people. I found something interesting in Perrin's vision of Rand in the world of dreams. In TGS when Rand has his epiphany moment he was wearing his brown cloak, yet Perrin sees hi
  4. Maybe he's not exactly a dark friend detector so much as he is a dark friend ward. So his new light power is obviously coming into play here and perhaps he can just tell by their reactions? It's hard to say if it's just their reaction to his presence or if he actually sees something different in them. I get the impression he was about to explain what exactly happened in that scene to Min when Tam appeared and stopped him mid sentence.
  5. True enough, Rand could be intending to weed out some more Dark Friends from his armies. He doesn't know that Egwene has cleansed the White Tower with Verin's help of the Black Ajah so he could be intended to hunt down some of those as well. The only problem with that was that he was already in Tar Valon, so he should have seen there weren't any, or any present at the time at any rate.
  6. To be clear, I agree with you for the most part. I think Rand is somehow vastly more powerful than he was before. That's made pretty clear by "A Storm of Light". I'm really just trying to reason how this happened through debate. And I like playing the other side from time to time. Where we begin to differ is the "maximum threshold" thing. The fact that the other Forsaken were always so close to him in power even in the AoL is a bit of a hole in my theory. But I was just thinking. Maybe its something akin to the whole "humans only use 10% of their brain" thing. Is it possible the potential
  7. Well, who is to say that Rand isn't still gaining strength? I don't recall ever reading how long it takes a male to reach their full strength, but we know it takes women at least 5 years or so. And Rand has only been channeling about 2 years give or take a few months. I could be wrong about that but I don't think it's entirely implausible. Besides that I think the number of weaves we saw him create had to do with the efficiency he learned from gaining Lews Therin's abilities.
  8. It's always been my thought that the second breaking that Rand would be causing would be more figurative than literal. Similar to the aiel prophecy "he'll take them back and break them". It doesn't mean that there will be mass earthquakes and wide scale destruction. It's more along the lines of how men and women will deal with each other and it will change massively after TG. The Aes Sedai who support Rand going against the Aes Sedai who support Egwene and things like that.
  9. The black umbilical cords that Rand sees attached to the male Forsaken was their protection against the taint in Saidin. Consider it a new talent that Rand has, or had as there is no more need for it. As for the rest, only Moridin has access to the True Power, and later Graendal, for a short time. While yes, there is good and bad sides as you point out, that has nothing to do with Saidin/Saidar and the True Power. One is clearly evil while the other is neutral only, it's "goodness" is merely determined by the person who wields it. Rand does have some sort of light power in play, as we see
  10. Where has that been established? And again the Ashaman could see his weaves so there was no True Power at work there. And for the record: True Source: Saidar/Saidin True Power: The Dark One's own power. And the True Power has characteristics more akin to chaos and a drug than anything else so why would you think it's connected to anything good and the light?
  11. He says it in the past tense though. So it's still unclear if he can use the True Power or not. To clarify what f3llyn is saying, he says that had they done that a week ago he would have used balefire on them, implying that he had access to and was willing to use the TP pre-VoG (aka epiphany on Dragonmount). I agree though that he still has access to it. We have to assume he does until there is some kind of evidence to the contrary. @f3llyn: I fixed your quote fail. You're welcome. Yep, that's what I meant. Thanks. Not sure why that quote broke, must have posted when I was rea
  12. That's why all the mercenaries are outside the walls of Caemlyn? And no amount of preparation would have helped if the Black Tower decided to attack the city itself. Besides that, why would Elayne think they would attack the city? For all that she knows the Black Tower is an ally of Rand, she couldn't possibly know about the corruption going on there. You're basically saying she should be all knowing and prepare for scenarios that would be impossible to predict. And another thing, we don't know what she took with her to the Field of Merrilor and what she left behind in Caemlyn. All
  13. You're right, I can't really come up with an argument against Gawyn's awesomeness in ToM. I'm not sure I still trust Brandon's "Gawyn is luckier than he thinks he is" comment, he fought three of the world's greatest assassins and won... Anyways, the Egwene part has already been addressed- Well, as a rule of thumb the all Seanchan are arrogant as can be. So it wouldn't be any surprise that they think their assassins are super awesome. No doubt the blood knives were good but they aren't as good as the Seanchan made them out to be.
  14. He says it in the past tense though. So it's still unclear if he can use the True Power or not.
  15. We've got no reason to think she knows it even exists. Though that seems odd because you would think Rand or Egwene or Nynaeve would tell her about their adventures through the waygates. And even if she is aware of it.. As Verin's letter says, it's being guarded and thought to be safe so there's no reason they would suspect an attack would appear right in the middle of Caemlyn. And with gateways they could have reinforcements to any location on the borders easily enough so that doesn't matter to much. While yes it does still take a bit of time to move people through gateways en mass it's s
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