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  1. People are overthinking this one. He's obviously in Shara. No point in talking about the place unless it plays a part, which it won't do unless Demandred is ruling there. The rulers have been removed. DO likes people who gather armies for him. Question is how he gets the nation to side with DO. A silly guess is that Demandred, who was always jealous of LTT, has set himself up as the Dragon there and will trick the rallied armies into fighting Rand. I am also willing to accept that he is using Taim as a proxy BT ruler. One theory that doesn't work at all is Seandar. There's just no
  2. That's not a new theory. I said that same thing earlier in this very topic. Well, I guess I should be honored that Luckers is taking my ideas ;-)
  3. Like others have said, the reason the Forsaken aren't that great is because RJ refuses to let any characters get killed. I'm not saying this series should be like George RR Martin books or anything, but come on, it's the LAST BATTLE! The Dark One is escaping, Trollocs, Myddraal, Forsaken, etc. are everywhere and not one single character dies as the result of this? Does that make any sense? It would have been perfect for Gawyn to die defending Egwene: he'd have a heroic and emotional death and we'd get a lot of very interesting character development from Egwene about it. The whole sequen
  4. In this series, stupid behavior can often be explained by being the will of the Pattern. Perhaps Mat will feel guilty about not opening the letter and thus allowing the destruction of Caemlyn to happen. His guilt leads to some sort of character growth. Or maybe the attack had to happen to set certain events in motion, but events happened as they did so the Band would be present at the time to defend the city. Verin couldn't help being dumb, her method was exactly what was required to lead to the proper result. It's a bit lame, but that's how this series works, in a way.
  5. I was under the impression that her dream was about what CURRENTLY was going on, which was Moridin rising highest, and this is further proven because the amount of towers that were still standing was equivalent to the amount of Forsaken still alive. Actually, your logic favors my interpretation more, I think. If you read that section, the towers all crumble, and the one that rises the tallest crumbles LAST in order. Moridin obviously hasn't had a near death experience, or made the DO angry, since the deaths of the other Forsaken, but Graendal seemingly has, due to her near escape from
  6. Regarding Egwene's dream about the 13 towers (obviously the Forsaken): I have seen most people say that the fallen tower that rises highest is Moridin, but I think it is going to be Graendal. She's pretty obviously bottomed out at this point. She is also getting much more attention (in terms of page count) than any other forsaken at this point, Moridin included. There doesn't seem to be much of a payoff. Don't know what she would do to rise, but I think it's possible. Anybody else have this interpretation?
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