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    Years ago I tried to read EoftheW... I couldn't pronounce the names, and I kept getting confused about who and what I was reading about... I'm not an idiot, but Eye of the World made me feel like a dumba$$! :? I played an Aes Sedai in a roleplaying campaign (the real dice rolling kind) with several avid fans... It was much fun, and I really enjoyed the game, the world, and the 'magic'... I bought the unabridged version of EyeoftheWorld for my husband at christmas this past year, thinking we could listen together... and now we're on to Crown of Swords! I am much better at reading them, now that I understand the world, and the politics, and the pronunciations better! :lol:
  2. I can't decide! :? I really love Perrin, and have consistantly up to this point...I'm only up to chapter 5 of the crown of swords... But I also like Suian and Lan and... I could go on all day... If you held me down, and poked me with a hot iron, I would say Perrin. (But that Loial is the tops too!) :lol:
  3. I think it works for the books. I'm not an expert on relationships in RL. I've had one true monogomous relationship...we've been together for 11 years. I am open to understanding other relationships. I also have a romantic notion of Beltane bonfires, and fairy festivals, by which your 'partner' was found by firelight to celebrate the fertility of the land. Any child born of those festivals, were the villages children, loved, and thought to bring luck. I believe that sometimes we are too rigid in our thinking, about relationships. What works for me, does not work for everyone. I love my husband enough that I could share him with another woman, as an equal. He, however, would not share me.
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    :D Hi zman! Welcome! I'm new too... I won't state anything obvious about my affection for this series of books, but I will say that I LOVE listening to the unabridged audio versions... I started listening to them in december 2005. My husband was the original RJ fan... Now he reads to me...while we wait for book 7 to be released on audio in October!
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