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  1. @Peter Something that would help this discussion for all is confirmation that RJ did indeed write the scene of Rand exiting the mountain and encountering the old woman that talks to him. His answer on twitter seems to indicate that but there seems to be more and more information about the epilogue coming out every couple days and some of it seems to contradict previous statements.
  2. According to yesterday's twitter chat, the scene that includes Nakomi in AMOL was written by RJ: http://twitter.com/BrandSanderson/status/294203184098967552 So that seems to say that RJ did "plot" her for this book.
  3. Wow, been wondering if that was a possibility. Going to wait on some confirmation, though, before getting too excited.
  4. I decided to ask BS the Nakomi question in a slightly different way on twitter. Me: BS: So that sounds like BS basically invented the character based on the notes. Obviously this raises the follow-up question of what part of the notes, but I know he won't answer that one. Still... it frames the Nakomi question a little better. FWIW I don't subscribe to the Verin theory. It definitely pays to ask about stuff from different angles, though.
  5. Lending some credence to the idea that the cities in Fourth Age Histories are clues planted by RJ long ago: From The Shadow Rising. As we see in Avi's visions, The Court of the Sun is the real in the Fourth Age.
  6. Whatever criticisms there can be made about the series as whole, even the detractors have to admit that at the end of ToM, we are in a good place for the finale. A lot hinges the resolution, obviously, but I think all of the stories in a good place for that resolution.
  7. I used to agree with this sentiment, but ToM turned me around somehow. The scale of this struggle really impressed me. Sometimes in stories there is a tendency to keep the scope fairly small and involve on the same characters which makes the coincidences somewhat hard to believe. "Oh, this important character's mother is secretly the villian!?" or "Chewbacca helped Yoda!?". I have to admire that RJ was willing to show a World War from every angle and treat this story as a conflict that truly touches everyone in the world. It makes everything a bit more believable and absorbing to me, and is ju
  8. RJ said that Demandred's alter ego had not been seen on screen as of COT, and Brandon extended it to KOD. Roedran is the only eligible monarch aside from Alsalam (unlikely), or the new Panarch or King of Tarabon (also unlikely). I've always found this statement to be a clue that we are perhaps overthinking Demandred. Perhaps Demandred doesn't have an alter-ego in the books so the question of "who is Demandred?" becomes moot in figuring out what he's doing. The Roedran theory seems kind of...weak for Demandred's ambitions. Murandy has never been portrayed as an especially big deal a
  9. I can really see Sharamen showing up at the Last Battle in a "Oh crap. Demandred has mobilized Shara against us. WTF do we do?" big reveal kind of way. It's kind of a balance to Super Saiyan Rand. Gotta have the big despair before ultimate victory.
  10. So, I desperately want this to be true because I've been intrigued by how Shara fits into all this ever since they were mentioned. However... I've just checked back through all mentions of Shara in The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time and did not find any mention of sharpened teeth. (For good measure I also checked the Land of Madmen entries with no luck either). Either there's been an update of this book since I bought it or you might be remembering their entry incorrectly. There is, though, a mention that Sharamen always wear cloaks and veils when doing business in ports with
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