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  1. Don't give me that crap; you're just after my Lucky Charms! I CAN SEE THROUGH YOU!! TEMPTRESS!! You'll not steal away part of my complete breakfast!! (PS: Wtf are you doing apologizing to me? I'm the one who made the snooty comment.) (=
  2. LOGIC BOMB!!!!)#@)(*&$#&*@# I think the effect of the whole a'dam inside T'A'R thing is more to do with the beliefs and/or intent of the one doing the leashing and the beliefs or expectations of the one being leashed. That whole place seems to be based on thought and belief and such. I hereby deem you an authority and hold you responsible for your ignorance. Seriously, though, that kind of goes along with what I said above. It has to do with what the leasher/wearer believes or expects to happen, and perhaps the strength of each one's will or their sharpness of mind if those beliefs are opposed.
  3. [PARTYPOOP]Sweet, looks like I get to be the nerd who mentions that a plethora of studies have shown that the ingestion of sugar by children (or anyone) does not induce hyperactivity.[/PARTYPOOP] So, after that buzzkill I will mention that while I don't use WoT curses by themselves, I often mix them with real-life curses, such as: "well blood and bloody <f-bomb> ashes!" or "<gd> flaming piece of <s-word>!" I also use "Light" sometimes, though. So I guess I do use one by itself, although it's more of an oath or talisman than a curse.
  4. I'm sure twenty people have already said something similar, but to me it seems that including a verification of a gay male character this late in the story by an author finishing it for its deceased creator stinks of placation and feels like a last-minute attempt to make the story more PCish. STINKS, I SAY!! And I don't like it. I'll bet my aged grandmother that RJ wasn't planning anything like that. Am I anti-gay? No. I don't care if you're a guy and you want to lubb on some other guy in the privacy of your own bedroom (or kitchen, or car, or living room, or garage, but not in the bathroom. People poo there). I'm saying that it wasn't an intended part of the story, and whether you want to call RJ man-lubbin'-phobic or not, its his freakin' story, and it should remain true to him without adding in pacification for the masses (or not so masses, whatever). Thanks!
  5. Interesting idea. And while I know we are bound to (and should) see some events and moments when the Shadow scores big victories over the Light, I really hope the Malkieri who are (finally) together and fighting under the Golden Crane don't get wiped out on us. That would be way too George R.R. Martin for me. It would be like George setting up the whole King in the North thing and making me like them so much and then completely crapping on them. I hated it. I both hate and love a Song of Ice and Fire. I just love Wheel of Time, and I'd like it to stay that way. q=
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know that the 13x13 trick is only viable against channelers because the ability makes them vulnerable. But as you yourself just eluded to, there may be other ways to turn a person against their will. These theoretical procedures may be extremely difficult, but what difficulty would be too costly when the end result is so devastating? Anyway, it is only a few thoughts. This isn't a theory I stand vehemently behind. But I think it is worth considering. I think it may be the "...his destruction will bring fear..." that is making me think more deeply into this prophecy. Because "his destruction" could mean so many things; so many interesting possibilities. It could mean the subject's death. It could mean the subject being destroyed emotionally (perhaps everyone he loved taken from him, etc.) It could mean (as I mentioned) the destruction he causes. So many interesting possibilities, but, I suppose that's what makes some of these prophecies so fun to theorize about.
  7. I had a couple of thoughts when reading this prophecy: "In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come. Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself." I think it is agreed that the One-Eyed Fool is Mat. Moreover, it seems fairly obvious to me that the halls of mourning are 'Finnland. The First Among Vermin is Rand, about to lift his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy (about to break the remaining seals). But these aren't the subjects of this line of prophecy; these only set the time-frame. The message of the first sentence is: "the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come". I (as many of you) think that this is Perrin finally accepting the wolf and accepting his role, etc, etc. The next sentence, while it may seem that it just meanders on to another topic (because it introduces another name, "the Broken Wolf") is still talking about Perrin, it only calls him by another name. We see this a lot with prophecy and the like. For instance, the Dark One may be mentioned by three or four different names in a single prophecy, or a single sentence, for that matter. Anyway, it goes on to say that: "[he] shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear..." etc, etc, etc. My thought is this, what if Perrin is somehow turned to the Shadow (perhaps against his will)? Then he could be let loose upon the world, and his destruction (that he causes) would bring fear and sorrow, etc. Perrin being turned to the Shadow and fighting for them would certainly shake the will of many men. Many important men (and women), at that. Just a thought. I'm not sure about the "the one whom Death has known" part. Moridin has known Perrin, since the beginning. But I dunno if that's enough. That specific part makes me think of the Luc/Isam theory for the "Broken Wolf", as Death has known him (both Moridin-death, and real-death). But it's the only part that fits for him. Have a good one!
  8. Don't you see? It wouldn't come around again. Take this quote from balefired-ed2: This view that the numbering is arbitrary and doesn't matter simply doesn't fit with cyclic time. If time cycles through seven Ages, then something must happen at the end of the seventh Age for everything to start over again from scratch (or whatever). Yes, there is always a "bar" to the left and to the right of any current "bar". But in order to have a cycle, in order for the Ages to 'repeat' themselves, there must be a first Age and a last Age in a full cycle. Therefore, the numbering is not arbitrary. It is not equally valid to say it is the fifth Age when in fact it is the seventh. Because if it is the seventh, the cycle is going to start over at one in the next Age, while if it is the fifth, there will be two more Ages before the cycle restarts. If the numbers ARE arbitrary and have no significance, then it is linear time. In order for it to be cyclic time, then there has to, in fact, be a "correct" Age number for any given Age at any given Turning. Am I making sense yet? I can break out the math and the Boolean logic if you force me into it, but it could get real ugly real fast in here after that. (= Have a good one, guys! (And thanks for the convos)
  9. Actually, it is so. If there is no significance to any particular Age, then more than the numbering becomes arbitrary. The seven-spoked Wheel itself becomes arbitrary. It's just a continuous turning representation where you could have seven spokes (seven Ages), seventeen spokes, or indeed seventeen-billion spokes. It would make no difference as none of the ages is significant in any way. It's just a continuous turning where there is no beginning or end, nothing to mark when a new 'cycle' begins. Linear time. And when I say "mark" I don't mean labelled by people. If this is the mistake you are making then you aren't following my line of thought. Not your fault, I'm sure, as it's probably easier for me to imagine than it is to explain as I'm somewhat of a physics/math nerd. Someone drop a line here if they think they are getting what I'm poking at. Have a good one!
  10. If there is no particular significance to any of the Ages, then there is no cycle. It becomes linear time. Simple logic.
  11. Thanks for your support. [JOKE]Too bad you're only a girl, though.[/JOKE] (=
  12. Gah. Not even gonna bother with quotes, you people know who you are: RJ's decision to make male channelers stronger than women channelers is sexist? Things that are the product of male heterosexuals are inherently sexist? I'm not even going to list any more... Do you people ever stop looking for things to be offended about? What if I'm offended by people who are constantly looking for reasons to cry and be offended? It's RJ's story. He made male channelers generally stronger than women. Why be offended by that? Why criticize? Just don't read it. Here in the real world men are more physically powerful than women. Are you going to tell me this isn't true? Am I sexist for saying it? Look guys, there were only three ways it could have gone: women stronger, men stronger, equal strength. RJ chose one and he explained it in the books in a way that made sense (as much as any explanation of magical powers makes sense). He incorporated things that, taken together, evened it out a bit. If he had made women stronger, I'll bet you wouldn't be on these boards talking about the poor men and how the author was sexist in his approach. I know this is essentially a rant that will make no difference, but the whole super-touchy PC thing really annoys me, and I feel better for giving my opinion, whether you feel better for reading it or not. (=
  13. A huge theme in the books has been people assuming things to be true when they aren't. This happens with everyone from farmers to High Lords to Aes Sedai. It seems that all the theories and predictions and questions concerning the books hinge on the fact that there are seven Ages to the turning of the Wheel and the assumption that this is the third Age. What if it isn't? At the beginning of every book, RJ tells us: (Emphasis mine) Called the third Age by some? Wouldn't it be just like RJ to sneak this one in on us in the first paragraph of every single book? Much of the speculation I see revolves around this being the third age, particularly when it comes to resealing the bore. Consider that this is not the third Age. Thus, the Age of Legends was not the second Age, and the Age before that not the first. What repercussions does this bring? What possibilities does it open up? Well, a lot and many, that's what. I started to list them here but then I thought I'd let you guys run with it instead. You can probably come up with plenty of stuff I didn't think of, anyway. Have a good one!
  14. I thought that was the letter informing Rand of the White Tower's taking of the King of Arad Doman, or something to that tune.
  15. I must concur with most of my peers. It must be a city or civilization of some sort; possibly a hold, as some have mentioned. Little else makes sense, given the context, but it must be sizable indeed to make an impact now. Although, if it is some sort of large colonized area, I find it hard to believe that in 3000 years no one in the south has caught wind of it. They know little of Shara, but they do KNOW of it.
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