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  1. I seems obvious to me that she was abducted. I'm a little fuzzy but didn't it say that Cadsuane and the others thought Alanna left immediately but they didn't feel anything (like a gateway). Seems pretty plausible that Moridin or one of his male channeler lackeys could have scooped her up pretty easily. It was a cliffhanger and it did pay off for me. She was abducted by Moridin to be used against Rand at the very end.... re: Lanfear -- looks like she wanted to be the one to step in at the last second and save the day for the Shadow. I think those thoughts are Perrin's but they seem
  2. On the contrary, it harkens back to their relationship as it was shown pre-TEotW (sans references to the others superior ability with women). The amount of growing up they've done notwithstanding, they're still young and haven't been spending time together. I agree with you. I don't feel it was out of character. It may have felt a little out of place due to the gravity of the situation around them, but it served its purpose in their friendship, and I think they needed the distraction of levity for a moment to remember when they were just young and friends together. It felt natural to me.
  3. "Fighting on the front lines of a war" and "dueling someone one-on-one" aren't the same thing.
  4. So I'm going to take a shot in the dark here. Male channelers should not be able to link in a circle of thirteen to wield the one power. They would need a woman. It is implied that a 13x13 of men and myddraal turns woman quicker still not possible though UNLESS they are using the true power to turn channelers! Maybe this is it. You're right that men should not be able to link without a woman present, but as I recall, the turnings were originally done with only men. In fact, they mentioned that it would go faster with women added to the process. The answer is that they aren't linkin
  5. I saw that last night. Pretty weird.
  6. Elayne put a claim to the Throne immediately after she came back. More relevant to my point - she ruled Caemlyn from this point until the Trollocs came (we see in WH she was in total control of the city), which was a lot longer than 100 days. She put in a claim, but she didn't secure her rule of the city until much later. Based on the preliminary timelines for ToM, the 100 days remark would be correct if measured from the date that Elayne was crowned Queen of Andor.
  7. 1. Aside from his ranting at Lews Therin on the battlefield, he seemed to be a pretty level-headed guy. Even his ranting might have served a strategic purpose. Demandred knew that Lews Therin hated to see others fight for him, and that he might be able to goad him into a direct confrontation. He also knew that he would have an advantage over Rand in a head-to-head fight, particularly if Sakarnen is the sa'angreal that was allegedly stronger than Callandor. The rantings would further potentially boost the morale of his own troops ("Our leader is bold enough to face the Dragon Reborn!") and
  8. We see them together on the battlefield. I would assume that the two groups simply came together at some point and wordlessly opted to work alongside each other (Ogier seem to be of few words when in battle).
  9. The problem with Demandred was that he didn't seem to be doing any general work. Sure we were told that he was their general and he was considering all the movements of troops, etc. Yet at the same time, we saw Mat in a command outpost doing hard work the entire time. Demandred was running around on the battlefield shoot lasers all over the place while screaming for Lews Therin. How was he commanding the army while fighting at the same time? I seem to recall people bringing him reports from the field, and using a falcon to do reconnaissance as well. We didn't see as much of it as we did
  10. Didn't Graendal take her "pets" from Shara around the time of Lord of Chaos? I could see her having done so soley to sow chaos abroad and prevent Shara from being any sort of threat. Both she and Sammael seemed to think that Shara was too far from the center to be relevant to events in the west, and she may have paid little heed to the country once it was thrown into chaos. Graendal might have assumed that the prophecies regarding the Wyld were related to the Dragon Reborn, and that the country would not be relevant to the Last Battle so long as Rand made no move toward it.
  11. While I would have liked a bit more development of the Sharan prophecies surrounding Demandred in earlier books, I thought his arc was handled well overall. Demandred has always been a mysterious figure in the series, and it makes sense to have him building his power base in Shara, an equally mysterious nation to the rest of the world. I thought Brandon handled the character fairly well. He wasn't just a giant robot shooting lasers at the army; we had plenty of POV moments with him directing the movements of his army and considering Mat's tactics. I could see some strategy behind his c
  12. I still don't think that Moridin's explanation for Rand's ability to find Darkfriends is true. Moridin gave his explanation for it because he didn't believe that Rand actaully had the ability, but Rand demonstrated that he had some sort of extra abilities in the very next paragraph. Moridin's explanation also fails to address why the two Darkfriends in Maradon freaked out when Rand attacked the Trolloc army. Setting aside Brandon's comment, the use of the angreal at Maradon doesn't really affect the story at all.
  13. Well, if Verin is Nakomi and a Hero of the Horn, she would be an ancient figure, since one would assume that the "Nakomi" identity would be from a far previous age. I don't buy the theory myself, but I can't dismiss it on that basis.
  14. Well, we already knew we weren't going to see more of Seanchan than we already had, so I wasn't expecting to see the actual Towers of Midnight. Per one of Egwene's early dreams, I think the "Towers" were a metaphor for the Forsaken.
  15. The problem with your logic is that you are equating the Creator and the Dark One. We know nothing about the Creator beyond his creating of the Pattern. We do know however that the Dark One is the Shadow in every man's mind from Lanfear's words and from the future where Rand destroyed him. So the Dark One isn't a "God" figure, merely a facet of humanity which is able to touch the fraying Pattern. +1 to Verin=Nakomi Except for the fact that the Dark One is the Creator's anti-thesis, as has been stated multiple times in the book and by the author. They are equal and opposing forces.
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