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  1. Hi Leanne, Unfortunately I wasn't able to contact Harriet. A shame really as I know some of the best miniature sculptors in the world and the miniatures would have been amazing. I've sinced moved on and are busy producing my own commercial miniatures however I may revisit the idea in the future as it's such a good story with lots of great characters.
  2. Here is a quick update on this project. First of all my plan is to send Harriet some concept sketches along with my proposal. I'm currently trying to talk with the artist who completed this I think it's a great adaption of Mat, but I would be interested to hear other's thoughts. What's missing, what's not quite right etc. One thing I thought of would be the foxhead medallion but where could you show it given it would be under his shirt. Cheers and thanks for your input
  3. Hi All Mods I'm not sure if this is in the right section, please move to the appropriate one. Like all of us on this board, I'm a huge fan of the series. I am also a massive fan of painting fantasy miniatures from companies such as reaper miniatures and dark sword miniatures. After acquiring some of the GRRM Martin miniatures produced by Dark Sword, I searched everywhere for some miniatures based on The Wheel of Time books. Unfortunately none exist so I was sore out of luck. I have since been in contact with a professional sculptor and I am hoping to get him to sculpt some miniatures based on the characters in the books which I could then produce and hopefully sell. I was hoping someone here would be able to put me in touch with the owner of the copyright. Do I need to contact Tor Publishing or Harriet herself? On a related note, what characters would you like to be made into miniature form. I'm thinking of doing different versions of the main characters as they progress through the story. For example, Egwene as the innkeepers daughter, as a novice, as an accepted, and as the Amyrlin Seat. Thanks all and I'm looking forward to your responses.
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