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  1. It is the Patterns fault. It needed for this to happen. Verin thought his ta'veren nature would make sure Caemlyn would be safe, but the pattern made sure that Mat wouldn't open it. This event will unite every single mercenary band outside caemlyn with the Band of the Red Hand and probably have other significant effects as well.
  2. CoonDawg, you should stop buying the books and just read the chapter summaries at encyclopaedia-wot.
  3. Mindtraps would not explain what is going on IMO. ACoS ch 30 Moghedien POV: "Moridin's instructions had been explicit, the price of disobedience made excruciantingly clear. But a slight delay would not hurt. Not if he never learned of it, anyway." The description of people at the BT seems to fit the 13x13 theory a lot better. Some say logistics etc is a problem, well thats why Taim only raised his "real" friends from the start and it has taken them until recently to get things really rolling.
  4. Never really thought about it but the matrix parallell is cool. Every age the One goes into the core to reset the program, cue next Age.
  5. Can you imagine the pain of filing down your deeth to points? Creepy doesn't begin to describe them. Dark eyes has me wondering and guessing, which I assume is the point, but they do have spears and red veil. But they take the veil off when they kill. My first thought was 13x13'ed aiel who had wondered into the blight, but now I really doubt the explanation is that simple.
  6. Q: How does Nynaeve compare with Semirhage in One Power strength? A: I’m pretty sure she’s stronger, but they are very close. RJ has a list of all the channelers' strengths. On that list, only six people are stronger than Nynaeve. It’s such a rare event that pretty much any time we meet someone stronger than her, it’s explicitly said. There are two One Power strength scales – an ‘old’ and a ‘new’. Nynaeve was the top of the female list for the ‘old’ list. Six are stronger on the ‘new’ list.
  7. GusE


    Those are both assumptions, and unfounded ones. ToM ch 5 Graendal PoV: "Had that been a communication directly from the Great Lord? As far as she knwe, all Chosen in this Age had to go to him in Shayol Ghul tor recieve their orders. [...] It meant the end was very near" So speaking to the DO certainly seems to have been limited to Shayol Ghul until recently with the weakening of the bore.
  8. Before and during most of TGS I thought Moiraine returning and breaking Rand's reading list would be what would "turn him back from the dark side", but now I really like having her meet Rand 2.0 at FoM instead, thats probably what I'm looking forward to most in the next book (apart from that last chapter...).
  9. GusE


    With the wierd things happening it has to be the Creator stepping in or happening in TAR. If TAR then either the wise ones (which would be wierd since they've got time to prep her for this train of thought before actually leaving for Rhuidean), a forsaken or someone with a dream Ter'angreal. The BA stole most dream Ter'angreals. I don't get the feeling Nakomi is a darkfriend and thus I am left with only 2 possibilities. The Creator or Verin.
  10. No, the real question is wether he can do it again at will or not. ("The Guardian blocks the One Power [...] The One Power only." does not answer the question.) When she dreams it there are still 6 forsaken at large, the one who has fallen (died) but risen highest is Moridin.
  11. Cheers, been looking for a better 23 than the sul'dam captured at the battle in TPoD. Now off to free the damane?! Or will he as I first theorised free the AS from one (or more?) of the oaths?
  12. The only way to have made the forsaken "better" would be to have them kill Rand in Tear, Caemlyn or Shadar'logoth etc. That was just not gonna happen in this series, what would be the point? Some complain about Mesaana for example, well she did succeed in splitting the tower and puppeteering the Amyrlin, capturing Rand by remote and setting all Ajahs against one another, not a small feat.
  13. Ive seen the three to be the ta'veren, the channelers with callandor, Rand/LTT/Moridin, Rand/Moridin/Fain, Rand/Fain/DO, Saidin/Saidar/TP. It just goes to show how even though we get tons and tons of hints/prophecies/fortellings Jordan (and Sanderson) is a master at Aes Sedai word bending and always has another suprise around the corner. Love it.
  14. Lol, if the three becoming one means the ta'veren folk, then they are gonna have some real women trouble real soon.
  15. My main problem with her actions there is trying to shield and preserve the blacks when things were going out of control. If a cop faces 3 armed enemies he doesn't go up to the first one to disarm him and put him in cuffs while the others shoots him down, he shoots to kill. Elayne has fought with BA before, she should just take them out. (BTW, That really impressed me about Egwene in the last book, she should spread the word: no dealing with blacks, just kill on sight)
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