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  1. I was really beginning to think that Elayne was going to be a person to admire about half way through this book, her character development was great but this was RUBBISH Elayne! How could you get a report from a member of the Black Ajah saying your city was going to be invaded and not done anything about it. Blood and ashes, you'd need to make sure the city you rule was safe before running off to get another crown. After her fiasco in the dungeons nothing is said about trying to capture/fool other darkfriends into giving more specific information. We know that there is a large ring of them in Caemlyn and they have been attacking Mat left right and centre so it shouldn't have been to hard to find some. And not saying anything to Mat and Birgitte straight away was imbecillic, that may have prompted Mat into opening Verin's letter. Even after the event she should have talked to Mat (at the dragon demonstration) as she knows his miltary capacity! Another thing that annoyed me was that when Egwene, Elyane and Nyneave met in TAR Egwene told them about the Black Ajah, now if I was Elayne I definatly would have asked if Duhara was Black, but no! Elayne 'Queen of bleeding everywhere' Trakand doesn't have enough sense to ask. Dyelin was right to be annoyed when Elayne bogged off to Cairhein, even though she's the one who doesn't have any intelligence information. But it looks as though she is the one left behind to look after Caemlyn, so she should do a reasonable job at defending the city, but I have a feeling she will probobly die. I hope Elayne shows some remorse this time unlike when Carean and friends did everyone in.
  2. Regarding the number of troops at Dumai's Wells, I think we can trust that RJ got his numbers right! The man was a soldier with real life experience and probobly an immense knowledge of military history. I think that arguing about an 8:1 ratio being undefeatable in historic warfare is pointless. As in previous posts you would have to compare people with melee weapons against, sub machine guns (Aes Sedai) anti tank missiles (Ashaman) and Atom Bombs (Rand 'I'm gonna whoop your ass' Sedai), which of course is a little unrealistic and impractical. Jordan knew what he was doing in regards to this matter, so I'm inclined to think that he did his sums right.
  3. I don't think that the LoMM inhabitants would have had to build great ships, these could have been previously or newely captured vessels, which they have been trained to use by sea-faring DF's, there must be some among the Sea Folk and sea-faring Seanchan. The Sea Folk have tried to sail out West but their ships do not return, because the Seanchan blasted them out of the water. Also if my memory serves me correctly a coloured map of the whole of the world of WoT, the LoMM and the Waste are both a browny deserty colour, hinting at a similarity in climate. Maybe due to this the cultures wear similar attire? Anyone who lives in a desert will be wearing a viel or shoufa type 'hat'. Can't explain the spears too well but hey ho it's only a theory! It would also sow more fear of real Aiel if they were disguised as them. And any addition fear and Chaos during the LB is a good thing for the DF's and FS. They may be Aiel creatures controlled by Moridin and come from the Blight, but I find cross breeding with other peoples a bit far fetched, as who would be overseeing this breeding process? Ishy/Moridin could have done it on his periodic releases from the Bore, but he seemed a bit busy with setting up the BA and Trolloc Wars. And after his permanent realse this would not give enough time to be breeding anything useful for the LB. Also Aiel DF's are about, there was Mat's bit of stuff from Rhuidean and I think that Thereva is probobly a DF, and possibly Sorilea, with the Sad Bracelet/Semi thing and Rand not seeing her since becoming Jesus Rand being good arguments for her. Also you would think that a DF Aiel would probobly join with the Shaido to try and defeat Rand, and most of those are dead Perrin/Seanchan style, so Rand won't be Jesus lasering them now either. So I don't think they're a clan of DF Aiel, as there are spatterings of them about and possibly already mushed. Just thought I'd expound on why I came to my original conclusion.
  4. ~I did a post about this shortly after I had finished the book and have been mulling this over for a while now. I've read everybody elses comments, and don't think any of the arguments stand out as being 'the most WoT acceptable'. So I'll add my theory for your perusal. It may contribute to someone else's. Demandred has been missing for a rather long time. A couple of books ago at the Moridin, Semi, Mesaana and Gren meeting he says that he has marshalled his armies and is ready for his assault. Now we could argue for a very long time where this is but I'm inclined to think it's probobly LoMM. We know that Grendal has her finger in the Shara pie and is probobly controlling the Ayyad over there. Semi was in control of the Seanchan, so no Demandred there. But the LoMM has been ignored, much the same as RJ's treatment of Demandred. Sort of makes me think this is where he is most likely to be. My thoughts on them being from an alternate reality, well it doesn't feel right. We can assume that any world where the Forsaken were imprisoned they were released. So they are fighting TG in that reality. More than one of the same forsaken in a reality might be a bit of a problem, it hasn't happened in this one (yet) so I'm inclined to think that it isn't happening anywhere else. So that leaves us with the Land of Mad Men. Good base for Demandred, out of the way, primitive culture that already murders anyone who turns up there. Avoided by all other people and seems to have no ruling government so easy for Demandred to take over and mobilise. Also at the very start of the book, in chapter one we see ships with red sails attacking the Seanchan mainland, could be other Seanchan, but you all know how important colour is in WoT, so it ties in with the 'Red Aiel' clothing. And no red sails were mentioned anywhere in the chapters about the return or Lielwin's PoV's and you would have thought that a special navy force with red sails would be known about by either Tuon or Leilwin and mentioned at some point. So we have great ships with red sails finishing off the Seanchan mainland. Bye Bye threat from there. It would make sence as a battle commander to wipe out what remains on Seanchan, stopping Tuon from retrieving extra forces through gateways. We have pretend mental Aiel, wearing red tearing up the Borderlands. Not sure if the force attacking Seanchan would have had time to sail to the Eastern Blight but a month passes from the first scene of the book to the end so it might be possible. But Demandred could be attacking with two separate forces. Remember Demandred was ready to mobilise months ago and may have been transporting LoMM warrioirs all over the place under the direction of Moridin. They are wearing his colours. Hope that makes sense guys!
  5. Not sure whether this is te right place to post this but hey ho. I've seen a few people commenting about the red veiled people in the epilogue. I think we all need to look at what Barriga actually thinks as one kills him "These weren't Aiel. They were something else." that combined with the dark eyes part leads me towards thinking they are not Aiel, especially not male channelers as 1. They have spears and kill with a knife. 2. Heeth Tower is smoking but still standing, and from the prologue we know that it would have been easier to knock the thing down rather than assault it. Another point about these people is that they are wearing red,(and we all know how important colour is in the WoT series). If we refer back to chapter one and the burning of ships at Takisrom, the attacking vessels have red painted sails. I think this ties the two invading / attacking forces together (hence why they are mentioned at the beginning and end of the book). And also, to me, this is screaming Demandred. We know he has martialed his armies from the last meeting of the Forsaken, whether they are Mirror World or Sharan I'm not sure. After the reveltions about the strenght of the DO's forces and Fain's zombie trollocs I am sooo excited about aMoL!
  6. Greetings Everyone! I finally got around to joining Dragonmount's forum, after reading TOM thought tht I really needed to start talking to other people who are as WoT crazy as I am. So hello all you WoT maniacs. Hopefully now my boyfriend will realise I'm not quite as strange as he thinks I am after he sees the amount of people on these forums. Cenire
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