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  1. I believe that those came because of his choice in his epiphany. the Creator didn't intervene, per se - Rand made a choice that allowed the powers of light to dead with the madness.
  2. Quick question that may have been asked 100 times before: A Domani razor (the horse that Matt gave Tuon) is described in a way that sounds a lot like a zebra. Is it, in fact, a zebra? Are zebras very fast?
  3. Funny - the only thing about this book I didn't much like was a lot of the Perrin stuff - I thought it advanced too slowly. Everything else was great.
  4. He'll wake up and he'll be married to Roseanne!! They'll win the lottery!!! Or maybe he'll wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette... It's a not uncommon theme in tv shows - Buffy did it, kind of, and apparently St Elsewhere kind of did it. The Matrix, of course, made it into a major plot point. I am sure there are fantasy/sci fi books like that - I know that there some where the main character has to figure out what is real and what isn't, but I don't know of any that just have a big "haha, fooled you" in the last chapter.
  5. I honestly have no idea how anyone can say that the Two Rivers is not part of Andor. It clearly is - that's established in TEotW. In TSR, Faile talks about how parts of Saldea hadn't seen a tax collector in generations, but were still part of Saldea. Heck, Perrin tries to get Faile out by sending word to Morgase - Faile TELLS him (in case he didn't know) that Morgase would consider the Wolf Head Banner an act of rebellion. You can make a good argument that the TR deserves to be a separate country... but that doesn't mean it IS one.
  6. I dunno - Morgase gave up her right to the throne forever, didn't she? Besides - Elayne's kids are going to survive - assuming 1 is a girl, she would become the queen, no? Morgase (should she survive) would be the obvious choice for regent, though.
  7. Why isn't Galad's last name Mantear, though? His mom was the Daughter-heir, no? Or why isn't Gawyn's Damodred?
  8. I think that none of Mat, Rand, Perrin, Elayne, Egwene or Nynaeve will die, nor will their sweeties (Tuon, Min/Aviendha, Faile, Gawyn, Lan) I think killing one of these people would have to have a narrative purpose, and other than Rand, I don't see one. I'd guess anyone else is fair game - in particular, I think the older generation is gonna get creamed. Tam, Thom, Moiraine, Cadsuane, Suian, Gareth Byrne, Rhuarc, Morgase - these guys are gonna get wiped out. I don't know about Galad and Berelaine - they might make it, they might get killed. I suppose Lan AND Nynaeve could d
  9. Why is Galad's last name Damodred, but Gawyn's is Trakand? I get why Elayne is Trakand - why is Gawyn?
  10. It's in one of the middle books - Elayne's taking a bath and a couple of the Sea People come in. I'm not honestly sure what the big deal is - people take bath's all the time in the books, but maybe Elayne is mentioned more often than others, I don't remember. Or, maybe it's just a way for those who dislike Elayne to make of her.
  11. Egwene isn't a queen. She doesn't even control the army, and it's almost certain that, in the extremely unlikely event that she says "I'm going on and taking my White Tower with me", the rest of the Aes Sedai will say "oh well. Guess we'll find another Amyrlin to LEAD US IN THE LAST BATTLE - or just go without"
  12. I was re-reading the Potter series recently, and I was struck by how many characters Rowling killed off, especially in comparison to Jordan. I can only think of 3 important-ish Lightside characters Jordan has killed off - Ingtar, Noal and Arram - and that gives a lot of credit to Ingtar for his redemption - I'm sure there are more. So, my question is: how many even slightly important lightside characters have been killed in this series?
  13. well, he's 3rd best in the land. So he's not the best - 3rd is pretty good, though. Rand might be super awesome... except he only has one hand and hasn't been practicing. I still like Egwene. She's flawed, but I root for her.
  14. I like Elayne, but I still think it was a dumb move.
  15. All we know is that at no point do we hear Elayne telling Mat that she lost one of the copies. We don't know that she didn't tell him, we don't know that she did. It's not reasonable to condemn Elayne for something that we don't know anything about. As for the Two Rivers - I think it's a fine solution and I thought the process was fine. Not comfortable for everyone, I'm sure... but when the fate of a nation is at stake, I'm not sure how comfortable people should be. I also think there is a large difference between making mistakes and being incapable. All of them make mist
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