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  1. Writing wise, I'd get rid of the arbitrary prophecies, dreams and visions that move the plot along in the some way. It's just cheap storytelling, to be honest, Jordan just about manages to get away with it. For example, The Rand narrative in the Dragon Reborn, or Moraines death and the Tower of Ghengji stuff with Mat. Characters - The Forsaken, I'd make them cooler, more effective and eviller. Living up to their mythical and hysterical reputation at least. They're supposed to be the most viciously cruel mass murderers and torturers ever, as well as having extreme power in the One Power, yet they were a bit of damp squib in these books. I would have liked to have seen them say, destroy an army by themselves - actually win a field battle - or comprehensively besting, humiliating and maybe even killing one or two of the good guys in a one power duel (Jesus, the deaths of Aginor, Balthamel, Be'lal, Lanfear etc were pretttttty lame) or commit an act of genocide comparable to one their acts in the War of Power. Just take Aginor, he had pretty interesting backstory, one of world's greatest scientists at the peak of known human history, one of the world's greatest channellers as well, completely amoral, creator of the Shadowspawn. He should have featured in books as a main antagonist! Instead he gets vaporised within five minutes of his appearance, then is reincarnated and made to spy on Rand, then gets vaporised again in a battle against a bunch of children. Asmodean was decent character though, who was moderately well developed, but had no balls for some reason, I wouldn't have expected him to be such a wimp, strength of character wise. The Women - It's all been said a thousand times before, they are too nasty, prejudiced, stubborn, arrogant, sexless, vindictive, unsympathetic, abusive, uncooperative etc etc etc Robert Jordan must have been through some trauma in his personal life for sure.
  2. I have to say that I do think that Rand's dealings with Taim and the Black Tower are pretty stupid, and annoying. The Forsaken have taken hold of many of the power centres in Randland through subterfuge, and you've dealt with a few already, and you don't even suspect that there may be something fishy going on with Taim? The age of Taim, his knowledge, his skill in the one power, his lack of madness, his attitude and his mannerisms don't even pique his curiosity! He's usually paranoid and suspicious about every one else's motivitations, but lax when it comes to this super powerful channeller and his destructive weapons? He just uncritically hands over so much power and responsibility to Taim and leaves him to his own devices! Either the character of Rand is incredibly naive in this regard, or is just a plot convenience by Jordan.
  3. Elayne, for various reasons. For one, her obsession with hierarchy and dominating other human beings is pathological - even the Forsaken aren't that concerned about power. Secondly, her conduct and attitude towards Mat, for example, laughing at him and mocking him after he was raped by Tylin, and her general ungratefulness and lack of human decency. Thirdly her general recklessness and irresponsibility, as well as lack of remorse for her stupid actions, actions that she was told again and again that were bad ideas before she did them.
  4. Not even a character like Elaida deserved such cruelty and destruction of her humanity. The Seanchan are just repulsive, period. At least when the Shadow get a hold of you, you die. You don't even have to scream out for mercy.
  5. I was very depressed by this chapter. Domination by a viciously warped and a disgusting, tyrannical slave society was a far worse outcome for Randland than I ever would have anticipated. Depressing, depressing. Not to mention that Rand's children grow in a 'frustrating' world of endless turmoil and conflict, I imagined TG to be battle of all battles than a new age, not a continunaiton of TG era conflicts. There was also a feeling that I'd been reading extreme spoilers, as if I'd had access to RJ's private notes. No doubt that this was long intended by RJ, so I can't really complain.
  6. The 'Aiel' with the red veils. Very creepy and tense. I guess they were the unknown channelers during the Murandy siege? I think think that that was the '______ in the Blight' thing that's been going around, but a mere clue or allusion.
  7. But, didn't Verin have other letters with the Red Seal as well? There wasn't even a hint of them in the novel...
  8. As good a topic as any for my first post here... Everyone in this thread appears to be overlooking a detail in Verin's letter. She writes that she 'had planned to return and you of your oath in a single day' and that 'there are many potential complications to my next task...and a large chance that I will not survive'. Now, this has given me a headache. What was her 'next task' exactly? It can't be her dealings with Egwene, because she knows her imminent death is absolutely necessary for it to occur - which assumes that Verin really was a really certain and meticulous planner - or, quite improbably, that she hadn't figured out how she could reveal the information to Egwene but knew that her death might be necessary. I don't think we have all the details quite yet, I feel as though we are missing something and are being too hasty in condemning Verin's 'stupidity'. Our theories about Verin are 'incomplete'. Perhaps she had a 'next task' that wasn't her chat with Egwene, and then in that task something went out of her control or learnt something new that meant she had to hurry to meet Egwene than return to Mat Cauthon?
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