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  1. They're really leaning into the whole Samurai thing for Lan, aren't they? In general, these pics keep my expectations where they were at: low. Beautiful sets, probably reasonably written pared down script, nonsense casting, and cheap looking costumes. Part of the problem that I don't know if I'll be able to get around is how descriptive RJ was. Like, he described every last aspect of his world with great specificity. Great for reading, where you can really picture it, but not great for trying to adapt onscreen for a budget.
  2. I should specify that this is no more than a gut feeling...Reading towards the end of TOM, I just remember thinking he's a goner now that he's got his stuff together :)
  3. I feel as if Galad has nearly served his narrative purpose. He brought the Whitecloaks into the fold, and he appears to have helped Perrin (mostly) resolve his Whitecloak issues. Add in the fact that someone on the good side has to die, and I feel he's a strong candidate. Post-FOM I imagine he'll end up "doing what is right" somehow involving a sacrifice for the Light-side. I don't know if this would be "Blood on the Rocks" because we all know that is its own conversation, plus I see no tangible evidence to confirm or deny this theory. I guess it's in play, but a more conventional sacrifice would be likely. Anyways, thoughts? Just realized I was in wrong forum...will repost in AMOL forum...sorry guys
  4. I confess I'm completely at a loss as the significance/meaning of: ""The Light blind you, Ba'alzamon! This has to end!" IT IS NOT HERE. It was not Rand's thought, making his skull vibrate. I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL. "Where?" He did not want to say it, but he could not stop himself. "Where?" The haze surrounding him parted, leaving a dome of clear, clean air ten spans high, walled by billowing smoke and dust. Steps rose before him, each standing alone and unsupported, stretching up into the murk that obscured the sun. NOT HERE." Anyone got any idea what's goin on here? Is that the Creator, is this going to pop up in AMOL, etc...
  5. When Mat's eye is "surgically removed" they refer him becoming the center of all (or something to that effect, I do not have a book on me to quote directly). I haven't seen a topic addressing this and it seems important. Anybody got any ideas?
  6. "No one can walk in the shadow so long they cannot come back to the light." With this in mind, and the knowledge that Jordan wraps up his themes fairly reliably, who is more likely to come back to the light? Elan Morin Tedronai or Mierin Eronaile? They both have a chance to: Meirin due to a complex mix of love for Lews Therin, shame and regret for what she's done, and perhaps the realization that the DO sucks...and Elan due primarily to his link with Rand, perhaps some regret, and maybe a huge philosophical realization brought on by conversation with Zen Rand perhaps in a dream. I think one of these two will play a huge role for the light. Thoughts?
  7. I may have neglected something, but to my knowledge Tuon is the only character specifically referenced obeying nature's call, when she heads to the restroom in that hell Mat takes her to. My question is, after pretty much the whole series, why all of a sudden take the time to mention this? Is this in any way significant? We all know Jordan didn't accidentally put things in...
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