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  1. You're right. It was Darlin I was thinking of.
  2. I'm not 100% sure on it, but I think Dobraine is mentioned as being in command of the battle at Shayol Ghul after Ituralde realized he wasn't right in the head. Or he was in command. But I'm not entirely sure on it and don't have my book to check.
  3. The Shadow Rising. Both Perrin's storyline and the storyline in the Aiel Waste are two of my favorite plots in the whole series.
  4. I never hated Egwene. I didn't really like her a whole lot in the early books but when she became the Amyrlin I started liking her more simply because she was always scheming against the other Aes Sedai who I liked even less than her. Then in The Gathering Storm, she was awesome.
  5. Doesn't really say, other than that he and his wife died in a charge. It happens when Rand is watching the fighting and seeing a bunch of people dying.
  6. One other thing I would change is pretty much how Rand abandons the Black Tower in the last few books. It just makes no sense. It's one of the most important resources in terms of channelers for the Last Battle and he just left them to their fate. I'm still confused as to how he got Deepe and the other Asha'man to assist Ituralde at Maradon because I assumed he got them from the Black Tower but at that point, I can't imagine him either going there or sending someone to get them and not realizing that it was a bad situation there, not even mentioning how the Dream Spike might have already been
  7. I want to know what happened to all the Aes Sedai and Asha'man who got 13x13'd, basically whether or not there's a cure for it.
  8. Ha! You just made me realize that it's Tanchico and not Tanchicho. Wow, I've reread The Shadow Rising several times as well and I'm on my 4th series reread. This reminds me, for some reason when I first starting this series, I read Emond's Field as Edmond's Field and never noticed otherwise until I got to The Shadow Rising in my current reread. I've been reading these books since 2006 (don't think there's been a month since I started that I haven't at least read a few chapters of Wheel of Time) and just realized a couple of months ago that I added the extra d to Emond's Field. I still say
  9. I started Eye of the World around September of 2006, in 8th grade. Finished A Memory of Light two days after it came out. So a little less than 6 and a half years. For each individual book, it'd take me under a week or so up until Crossroads of Twilight. I got so bored with that one and ended up not finishing it until fall of 2007. For the three Sanderson novels, took me about 2 days for each. I'm in the middle of a reread now (not my first), started Eye of the World the week after this past Christmas and I'm on Winter's Heart right now. It's the reason why I'm constantly fighting myself
  10. I'm still disappointed that the reunion between Siuan and Moiraine wasn't shown in AMoL.
  11. Morgase reunites with Elayne in chapter 45 of Towers of Midnight, pretty much at the earliest possible moment that she could have since she was stuck being Faile's maid up until then.
  12. I didn't like How Aviendha became such a minor character in books 6-11. She was pretty much just one of Elayne's sidekicks. That's one thing that definitely got better in the last 3 books, even though her appearances are limited in tGS and ToM, she felt like a main character again to me. She was one of my favorite characters in tSR and tFoH and her relationship with Rand in those two books was one of my favorite plotlines.
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