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  1. I hope there is a reunion between Rand and Moiraine. I hope it is as touching and full of emotion as it could/should be. When I think back to the way that Rand thought of Moiraine, and how he treated her before that scene in TFoH, at the time I thought he was totally justified. I really did feel that Moiraine was trying to push Rand in the direction the White Tower wanted him to go, not the direction the world needed him to go. Obviously, Rand (and the rest of us) since learned that he was completely wrong about Moiraine. She had been trying to help him all along, in some cases even defying the White Tower, and her Amyrlin. She really risked everything for him: she risked Lan, she risked stilling, she risked others being stilled, she risked herself, her soul, and even the entire world to keep him safe and get him ready. Her note to Rand nearly made me cry the first time I read it. So how will he react to finding that she's not only still alive, but also completely ready to kick some Shadowspawn a$$? Probably very much like Gawyn will react upon seeing that his mother is still alive. Moiraine is the closest thing to a mother that the Dragon has. Nynaeve was Rand's mother-figure when he was still "sheep-herder." But it was Moiraine who birthed the Dragon Reborn. Just imagine how you would react to reuniting with your mother after believing not only that she was murdered before your eyes, but also having blamed yourself for her death, and believing that she might have lived if only you'd believed in her more. I think we're going to see Rand fall to his knees to embrace her, and cry and ball like a little boy. Tears of Joy. That's what I hope that chapter is called. And if the Fortuona is present when he falls to said knees, well that could clear another prophecy, wouldn't it?
  2. Can I ask a question that's slightly off-topic, but also related to some secondary theories here? Regarding Birgitte being pulled out of T'A'R. I may be remembering this wrongly, but didn't she say that she was no longer bound to the wheel as a result of how she got yanked from T'A'R by Moghedien? I always took that to mean that this was the last life Birgitte would ever have, and that she would no longer be re-born. If/when she dies this time, it'll be the LAST time for her. No more rebirths. She was, as I recall, extremely upset specifically because Gaidal Cain would be forced to live out all of his future lives without ever finding her, and every future life he would ever have would feel incomplete to him, because the two of them could no longer be together. Am I remembering this wrong? My point is just that if she dies, she will not be reborn, and any theories for Rand "resurrection" based on this same line of thought would have to account for Birgitte's predicament.
  3. To pile on to Mashiara's theory, what if... the Aes Sedai can only "borrow" souls from The World of Dreams? In other words, they can only manipulate those souls that are special enough, heroic enough, timeless enough, that live in the World of Dreams after they die. Conversely what if the Dark One can only restore the souls of those that have sworn to him? As you pointed out, Trollocs have souls, but I very much doubt that Aes Sedai could put a Trolloc soul inside a Nym construct. Interesting idea for a WoT-themed horror story, but probably unlikely. As gwenifer said, I don't think it's as simple as pulling souls from just anywhere. It can't be so simple. But if there were limitation on what kinds of souls they can use, such as those that still inhabit T'A'R, then perhaps.... But it does bring up one very cool question: What about Gholams? They're constructs, too. And if I'm not mistaken they are also "pure" constructs, right? Do they have a soul? Where do THOSE souls come from?
  4. Demandred obviously wants to kill Rand, and his rage and jealousy have blinded him, as it did when he first turned to the shadow. Demandred is like an addict, and killing Rand is the only drug he wants. He's going to make an attempt to kill Rand, with or without Moridin's blessing, because he cannot help himself. At that point, one of two things will happen: 1. Either Rand will absolutely SPANK Demandred, because Rand has access to everything that Lews Therin knew about Demandred, and probably already has a plan in place for how he will defend himself when Demandred strikes... OR 2. More likely, Moridin will kill Demandred for disobeying orders. I think the timing of Rand's death is important to Moridin, and if Demandred is getting ready to muck up that timing, Moridin will have no hesitation whatsoever at ending Demandred once and for all. Demandred might have been able to beat the pre-Veins-of-Gold Rand, but I don't believe Demandred would ever have a chance against Moridin OR the post-Veins-of-Gold Rand.
  5. Oh, and don't forget the Diablo soundtracks. All of them were perfect, especially the Tristram theme. I was glad that made an appearance in Diablo 3.
  6. My musical tastes tend more towards guitar-driven stuff. I have this one album that I always use as my alternate soundtrack when playing World of Warcraft. Their in-game music is already pretty good, but I like mine better, so I turn down the in-game music volume, and let iTunes run in the background playing Dream Theater's "Systematic Chaos," which has very cool power metal themes like possession, demons, ghosts, vampires, and secret societies. It's the only album they made like that, just works of supernatural fiction with dark themes. Turns out it's nearly a perfect match for a good WoW instance run, or for those grind periods where you're just trying to level up. Dream Theater also has an instrumental song on the last God of War game, called "Raw Dog." As for existing game soundtracks, all the FF games have stellar music. Brilliantly composed, same as all the Zelda games. Original music is certainly the better choice, but sometimes just selecting really good existing tracks can have an impact too. I wasn't really a fan of the game Brutal Legend. They had a great idea that was pretty poorly executed, but it did have some extremely well-placed hard rock and metal tunes.
  7. I must (very) respectfully disagree with the idea of Lan or any other Warder as the Broken Wolf, and I also have a minor issue with the phrase "whom death has known" referring to Moiraine's death. Seems a bit of a stretch for me, and here's why: While it's true that warders are often referred to as wolves, there's nothing in the simile to single out Lan as being the "Broken Wolf" mentioned in that prophecy OTHER THAN Moiraine's death possibly being the way that Lan has "known death." The part that loses me is that Lan isn't the only warder who has lost his Aes Sedai. By this rationale, ANY warder that has lost his Aes Sedai could be the "Broken Wolf that death has known." I think "knowing death" in the Shadow's Prophecies means something much more personal. The only ones that could say they have "known death" personally in this series (out of the major characters) on the side of the LIght are Rand, Mat, & Aviendha. Rand knows Moridin, whose name means literally "Death" and Mat & Aviendha both died were brought back by Rand at the end of TFoH. Mat also died (or nearly so) in TSR in Rhuidean. Is there any possibility that the "Broken Wolf" is currently someone working for the Dark One? That expands the list of those who have "known death" to include all of the surviving Forsaken, or possibly just the ones the DO has brought back at some point and are still alive. We should make a list. A "Broken Wolf" list of possible contenders.
  8. I'm too lazy to re-read the entire comment thread, but has anyone else noticed that in the phrase "whom Death has known..." death is capitalized? Moridin's name means "death" in the old tongue, which I recall from book 6 when he's first introduced to the other Forsaken, either Moghedian or Demandred makes that observation. Something about "any fool can call themselves 'Death.'" Easy to remember for us Californians, since the Spanish word "morir" means "to die." The Broken Wolf... whom Death has known. So assuming that "Death" in this case refers to Moridin, Rand is the only broken thing that Moridin could be said to have "known." Their mysterious link has resulted in them being able to influence one another, sometimes without even realizing it. More credence to the theory that Rand is the Broken Wolf. As for first among vermin, has anyone suggested that might be referring to Taim or Egwene? This really could mean anything since I don't believe there's a context for "first among vermin" or "him who will destroy." So I'm assuming that "him who will destroy" would be the Dark One. "First among vermin" could be a reference to either the Aes Sedai (first among servants) or the Asha'man (universally reviled by almost everyone including Aes Sedai, hence vermin). Taim, as a darkfriend would have an obvious reason to set the Dark One free, even if he doesn't realize that breaking the remaining seals would help Rand to "clear away the rubble." Or it could mean that Rand is able to convince Egwene that not only do the seals need to be broken, but perhaps he also convinces her that she has to be the one to do it. There's just so many cool ways this could play out! Another thought about the Broken Wolf. Assuming it's Rand, Rand was obviously broken (he said as much, as jack pointed out), and now has found his sense of purpose and reclaimed his compassion. If he was broken before, he certainly isn't broken now. My point is that the dark prophecies might only hint at how the shadow COULD win, and not how they WILL win. In order for the shadow to win, Rand would have to be considered "broken" in some way at the start of the Last Battle, but that doesn't look like it's going to be the case. We've already seen that since Veins of Gold, Rand is a lean mean shadow-stompin' machine. Remember Maradon? Good theories, folks!
  9. Jason Denzel must be laughing at us all right now, being the only person who has read the final book. He already knows the answers to all these questions. Somebody put him to the question. We'll get the truth out of him.
  10. Just wanted to say that I wish AMoL would have been published in 2012. Because then, the final volume of the WoT would have been published in the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar. As it is, it will be published in the Year of the Snake. More's the pity.
  11. OMG!! JASON!!! You simply MUST tell us this one thing: Was the final word of the series "time" as previously hinted?
  12. We are stronger together than we are apart, and by working together, we accomplish great things. I've always felt that's one of the central themes to this series, and it echoes here on this site, and in Team Jordan. This is RJ's vision, but bless everyone who helped to bring his idea to fruition. I'm sad to see the story finally end, but I'm also happy to see RJ's vision fulfilled. Thanks to Harriet, Maria, Alan, Jason, Team Jordan, Team Dragonmount, and most especially, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, for completing this turn of the wheel. Light shine upon you all!
  13. Oh, ye of little faith. There shall be an epic throwdown between Moiraine & Lanfear. There is unfinished business between those two... I'm in the camp that says Lanfear is NOT going to help Rand, and that her begging Rand to rescue her is a ploy. Moridin has her mindtrap, so she cannot do anything without him knowing about it. Her reaching out to Rand the way she did, I don't think Moridin would allow that unless he's using her as bait. That's what I think is going on. And I think if Moiraine were to find out about Lanfear's attempt to get Rand to help her, she'd say: "Don't EVER trust Lanfear. She is still the same person she was" And now she has the Dark One's champion pulling her strings directly. No way is she going to turn away from the Shadow. I'd believe that Moridin would turn to the Light before Lanfear does.
  14. I can't wait to see Moiraine beat up some shadowspawn. You KNOW she's going to deal with Cyndane, and it will be awesome.
  15. Is there a whistleblower reward for this? Nah, just kidding.
  16. Then I'm unliking this clown. Anyone know a LEGIT WoT FB page? Nevermind, found one. Thanks, guys!
  17. Thanks, Mashiara! Great theories. Even if Fain doesn't end up getting locked in with the DO, I still think there must be some kind of direct confrontation between Fain and the DO. It may be brief, but it's got to be there somewhere. There's just too much foreshadowing for that not to happen. I like the idea that the DO may attempt to re-taint saidin (or saidar, or both), but the flow of the taint gets redirected to Fain. That could be it. But I also have a feeling that whatever dooms Fain will also ultimately be the same thing that dooms the DO. This book will be epic. EPIC, I tell you!
  18. As a huge supporter of Team Jordan, and a firm believer in intellectual property rights, I thought I'd ask my fellow DMers if the WoT AMoL prologue offer I've on FB is actually illegal, or if it's much ado about nothing. A poster on FB has claimed that they will email out copies of the AMoL prologue to people outside the US and Canada who send their email address. Since, on the surface, this would appear to be stealing, I thought I'd ask around. Now, I can appreciate wanting to share the love of WoT, but I try to do so legally. I play by the rules on this stuff. I don't steal music, I don't steal stuff from stores, and I don't steal books, electronic or otherwise. Even so, I probably wouldn't care, but I know that RJ felt strongly about this kind of thing, and I care about this series and I have some inkling of the amount of work and effort that went into getting it this far. However, I am no expert, so it could be that somehow this is perfectly legal. I cannot judge, so maybe someone else can. Here's the link to the poster's website. The date/time stamp on the wall posts indicates they were posted on Sept 20, at about 6:30 am (Pacific time). http://www.facebook.com/wotfull Illegal? Or okay?
  19. Gwenifer, I think you may have touched on something important. "When the bore is unmade." We know that the DO, if he wins, plans to un-make the world, and he would presumably use the True Power to do this. So the True Power can be used to "unmake" things. And we know that Rand can access the True Power. Conclusion: Rand could use the True Power to unmake the Bore, restoring the Dark One's prison to the same condition it was in before the Bore was made. This also could tie in nicely with an earlier theory about there being a "Dark Callandor" or some other kind of sa'angreal for the True Power, and the body-swap theory. So here's how this would work, briefly: 1. Rand, along with Callandor, Nynaeve, and Alivia, faces Moridin at Shayol Ghul. Moridin reveals his own sa'angreal. 2. They fight, it looks like Moridin might win. Then, somehow, the body swap happens. Moridin is now in Rand's damaged body, bleeding all over "the rocks of Shayol Ghul." He's now firmly under the control of Nynaeve and Alivia. Nynaeve and Alivia notice that something is wrong, but Nynaeve won't act to finish off Moridin because he looks like Rand. Alivia, however, sees what has happened, and finishes Moridin off when Nynaeve will not. 3. Rand, in Moridin's body, has unrestricted access to the TP, and a dark sa'angreal. He uses both to channel the TP, and un-make the bore itself, trapping Padan Fain inside, along with any remaining surviving Forsaken (though I doubt that any of them will survive). 4. Rand survives the Last Battle and lives out the rest of his life in Moridin's body. Maybe. Or not.
  20. Mashiara, I just want to say that I was a big fan of Despothera's blogs. I was disappointed when he couldn't continue, and so I was also determined not to like your blog as much. "What?!?! Who is this Mashy-chick, and what the heck does she think she's doing to Despothera's blog?!" You totally won me over, and you did it very quickly. You blog is every bit as good. You come up with extremely cool theories that are completely plausible, and that's not so easy to do this close to the end of the series. I am sorry that I ever doubted you. You ROCK! \m/
  21. Yes, on occasion, I manage to come up with the odd good idea here and there. Don't tell anybody, though. Wouldn't want people thinking that I know what I'm doing, then it's nothing but work, work, work all the time :) As far as what would have happened if Perrin had gone to the Waste with Rand, there are only a handful of changes that would have been certain. Aram would never have re-encountered Perrin, and might never have given up the Way of the Leaf (or he might have been killed). Without Perrin becoming Lord of the Two Rivers, Perrin's army would now be smaller, and have much fewer great archers. His efforts to rescue Faile might have failed (heh), which might have either resulted in her death, or else he being taken back to the Waste as gai'shain, along with Morgase. Which means that Morgase would not have been able to serve as judge at Perrin's trial, which means he probably would have fought and probably killed Galad (or the other way around), unless Berelain had stepped in (which she might have done anyway). Very interesting line of thought. I wonder what else might have been different. I have won again, Lews Therin.
  22. @snowball - Well of COURSE you like where I'm at. You look like a bonafide metal-head yourself! I'm really going to miss the Theory-blog comment-ers when there's no more theories to share. *SIGH*
  23. Ha ha! I am immortalized in WoT Fandom! My moniker has appeared in the Dragonmount Theory blog! It's like James Hetfield calling out my name at a Metallica concert while they're recording a live album. Woot x2! Thank you, Mashiara! I'm wondering if the intense pull that Perrin and Mat both felt while in Tear was a function of their proximity to Rand, amplified by how desperately Rand needed at least one of them, and but then lessened by their own internal willpower. Here's what I mean: Both felt Rand's pull while in Tear, and clearly, Rand needed at least one of them for his trip to Rhuidean. The pattern might not have cared which of the two accompanied Rand, so it tugs at both of them. Between the two, Perrin has the willpower to do what he must, mainly because he feels that the mess in the Two Rivers is his doing (Whitecloaks), so he has an extra incentive to resist Rand's pull. Mat would LIKE to leave, but he has no incentive like Perrin does, and at this point in the series, he still was probably the least mature of the three, and didn't have the will to resist Rand's pull. Mat might have gone with Perrin out of a sense of loyalty to his home, but not out of any sense of guilt or obligation like Perrin had going on. As for the other occasions where one or the other was able to resist Rand's ta'veren pull, and at other times could NOT resist it, my previous "formula" still applies: their proximity to Rand, amplified by the degree of Rand's need at that time, then reduced by their own willpower (or their personal need to resist). In LoC, when Perrin feels Rand tugging at him, Rand's need is extremely great. But Perrin is also very far away from Rand, so the pull isn't so strong. Add in the fact that Perrin had already calmed down events in the Two Rivers, and Perrin has no reason to stay. The need of the ta'veren is, I believe, the largest factor. In some way, Mat needed Verin in TGS, or really, he needed the note that Verin left for him. As usual, none of my stuff has references, and is therefore probably wrong, but it's still fun to speculate.
  24. Hmm... all this time, and it never occurred to me that the balefire streams that Rand and Moridin crossed in ACoS weren't both made of saidin. Moridin's balefire stream was made from TP. Which is also why Rand never felt him channel. I feel pretty stupid about it now... considering that somewhere in the series it stated that Moridin only ever channels the TP, and never saidin. The link between Rand and Moridin was caused by the inadvertent crossing of TP and saidin, and not simply an effect of crossing random saidin-made balefire streams. It was what MADE those balefire streams that caused the link... "I see" said the blind man! So it appears the TP will have SOME role to play in the Last Battle, more than just a weapon for Moridin to use. Or Rand. I wonder what would happen if Moridin tried to use the TP on Padan Fain? This is totally likely, considering everyone is now heading to the blight, and Fain is already there. I'm assuming TP balefire would still kill Fain, but what about something else? Do you think Fain has any kind of defense against the TP? I know the DO's power sure doesn't agree with Mordeth's power.
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