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  1. Okay, so I have a little (VERY little) bit of information to add. This is unofficial, and maybe it is already known by many, as it's been a while since I've followed "what is known and not known" about the Wheel of Time TV series. What I can confirm comes from a personal connection that I cannot divulge, which I know makes this post reek of tinfoil-hat smell. I have a VERY tenuous and indirect connection to... someone at Sony Pictures Television Studios (more of a "I know someone who knows someone"), and that person is bringing this monster of a show to television. Acknowledging that, y
  2. Though I know it won't ever happen, there's a part of me that would love to find out how each of the major characters lived out the rest of their lives, what they accomplished, how they interacted with one another, etc. Even if it's only a few paragraphs. Did Rand get his normal life? Or did the Wheel tap him again to be a hero? Did Perrin end up King of Saldea? What was his reign like? How did history remember him? Who was the Lord of the Two Rivers while he was in Saldea, and was Caemlyn ever rebuilt? Was Mat able to get the Seanchan to cool their jets a little? Did he and
  3. Is there some reason that I cannot see the complete pic on this posting? Nor can I click on it to open it in a new window. All the pics posted on this article (and at least some of the others) are so big that they're getting cut off right down the middle, and I can see only the left side of it.
  4. I was more of the impression that Elan Morin died, but not the way that he wanted. He wanted a FINAL death, one where he would never come back. He considered his current life as Moridin a punishment from the DO for coming to believe that he WAS the DO back when he was Ishamael. The way I understood it, Rand's body was bleeding out from the wound in his side, and after the body swap, Moridin was then trapped in Rand's fading body, and died from loss of blood, assuring that he would indeed be reborn again at some point. His punishment is that he'll NEVER get a final death. That's more about
  5. I am proud to say that I did okay with my predictions. Got some WAY wrong, but got a few right. I refer you to my comments from the previous Theory Blog from Jan 1: "Body swap ftw Mat will kill Padan Fain. Fair to say he has unfinished business with Mordeth. All Forsaken will die, none of them willingly. Perrin will not be the one to kill Slayer. Wolves are pack hunters, and Perrin is done fighting with his inner wolf. Perrin will serve as bait because he knows Slayer won't expect that. Faile will kill Luc, or Elyas will kill Isam, or both. which Slayer will not see coming. I'm droppi
  6. First of all, JACK!! Thank you, dude! Tai'shar [insert your home city here]! Metal Head's Final Predictions (and you know that's important because I capitalized every word AND referred to myself in the third person): Body swap ftw Mat will kill Padan Fain. Fair to say he has unfinished business with Mordeth. All Forsaken will die, none of them willingly. Perrin will not be the one to kill Slayer. Wolves are pack hunters, and Perrin is done fighting with his inner wolf. Perrin will serve as bait because he knows Slayer won't expect that. Faile will kill Luc, or Elyas will kill Isa
  7. Totally unrelated to the original post, but I'm saying it here because the Theory Blog Comment Regulars (and btw, we TOTALLY need a new name) are sort-of "my people" on DM. I got chosen as a Memory Keeper (SF). I'm so completely excited I could flip, but I will find a way to keep it together! I don't know if any of our usual regulars is going to be at the Frisco signing other than me, but if so, say hi to the late 30-something male Keeper with the pony tail. Hope to see some of you there!
  8. Then again, Alivia's role in "helping Rand die" still ties in nicely with the Moridin/Rand Body-Swap theory. What if it's only Rand's BODY that she kills, while Rand's mind lives on in Moridin's body? What if, what if...! There is a point to be made about Alivia not really having run into Rand since his epiphany. But one would assume that she'll be at the fields of Merrilor with the rest of the Light Armies. I get this feeling that there is some shared secret between her and Rand, something we haven't been privy to, that even Min hasn't puzzled out yet. It might explain why Rand is th
  9. I've had a similar thought about Callandor. Recall the first place Callandor is seen CHRONOLOGICALLY. In the history of Randlad, the first place Callandor appears is shortly after the Bore, right at the beginning of the Breaking. Rand sees this scene in the glass columns in TSR. He sees that Aes Sedai preparing to create the Eye of the World, and Callandor is sitting on the table as that meeting commences. Meaning it was made BEFORE the Eye was. And it appears to have been made for a specific purpose: To fight the Last Battle. Remember, there were two competing plans about the Strike
  10. Has anyone at all gotten a notification yet? I'm hopeful, but if I haven't gotten an email by now, I'm thinking I did not get chosen, right? No pressure. Just curious.
  11. That's an interesting thought. Has Rand figured out some way to actually slay the Dark One? He's mentioned it before. Moridin think's it impossible. They thought healing stilling/gentling and cleansing the taint was impossible as well. Gwen makes me realize that's the only way Moridin could possibly turn: If Rand is able to convince Moridin that it's not only possible, but that the world would be better off with the Dark One gone. That last part is problematic. Moridin WANTS the world to end. He sees the endless repetition of the Wheel as something worthy only of destruction. Unles
  12. Oh, man. The 3 previous posts from Mashiara and Tsukibana are EXACTLY why I love this blog. Mashiara, that's actually an incredibly astute observation (which just means that I have never thought of it, but I wish I had). I like the idea that Moridin has become aware that everything he's done to try to obstruct or damage the Light has only made them stronger by forcing them to overcome. I'm not sure if I agree that Moridin is now attacking the light because he's intentionally trying to make them stronger in the hopes that they'll win, though that would be satisfying to me if it turned ou
  13. @Tsukibana - Regarding where Moridin is drawing his belief about past lives and eternal battles... and this is ALL opinion. We're theorists here right? Facts are for wussies. :) I would argue that Elan Morin reasoned it out for himself, much in the same way (I think) Harid Fel did, and eventually Rand. If time is a wheel, and there are only 7 unique ages, then all of this MUST have happened before in some capacity. Including the imprisonment of the Dark One, the Bore, the War of Power, the imperfect sealing of the DO's prison, the DO breaking free, and even Tarmon Gaidon. If the D
  14. I doubt that Moridin is a double-agent because he has been chosen as Nae'blis. I don't believe that ANY Forsaken, especially not the one chosen as Nae'blis, could hide anything from the Dark One. If you swear your soul to him, he OWNS you. When you stand in the Pit of Doom, you cannot hide anything from him. If Moridin were secretly planning to help Rand win, the Dark One would know. At least, I THINK he would. There was a very telling moment in Towers of Midnight where Rand and Moridin met in a dream and just chatted. I don't recall the chapter specifically, but Moridin was clearly
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