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  1. If you don't already know that I am correct, there really is no reason for me to point out why you are wrong. That wasn't my quote!
  2. Its not the questions that Robert Jordan wrote a great prose, he wrote a good story and he wrote in conservative language - none of modern acronysms or ways of speaking. Most writers in 80s and 90s wrote that way nothing special. Brandon seems in love in modern turn of phrase that sometimes is not even grammatically correct, at very least he might have attempted to just write conservatively without use of modern words or 2000s style of speaking. I wonder why editors didn't point that out. In fact, those phrases seem an effort to go out of the way and be modern 20-year-old speak. "Saidared" still kills me, and institution, surgeons, homocide (instead of simple murder) just seem so jarring to me (Especially after re-reading original 11 books before going on further). I just feel Sanderson for some reason did it on purpose and editors just let him. I don't know why but it seems very purposeful instead of just his own way of speaking. (He doesn't seem to write his blog that way)
  3. I can answer some of these questions if you are interested. In aMoL one of the Heroes actually tells Mat that he is NOT a Hero of the Horn. Gaidal is reincarned as a baby so by now he is at most 1-2 yrs old baby. Definately not Olver or anyone we know or be interested in since both Gaidal and Bridgitte are always described as regular soldiers/rebels/etc not children of someone spectacular. So most likely he is a baby of regular Randland citizen maybe even Seanchan. I am still reading but was Rand aware of ANY of connections through his bonds during his battle in Shoyol Gul? I doubt that he was especially when he was doing his Shadow and Light world's versions argument with DO. So he might have been even aware of Alanna being wounded till the actual moment that she died (and then bad reaction). (Also frankly I would assume it was likely an oversight of Brandon's) I would assume Shadow wanted to use Rand because as you saw it was pretty easy for him to decide on whether to destroy the world, the pattern or remake the world. If Rand died, Pattern would have span out someone else instead either at same time or postponed the last battle to another time. Eye of the World was untainted Saidin to be used by just awakened Dragon Reborn in the first opening battle heralding the start of march toward Tarmon Gai'don. And 2nd purpose was to protect the Horn of Valere and 1st seal. Verin's letter to Rand revealed where Alsalam - King of Amad Domain was or at least what would have happened to him (kidnapped by Aes Sedai). In CoT Egwene wasn't really betrayed by Beonin who deserted rebels only after Egwene's capture. Tower sisters were always patrolling the giant harbor chain. Katerina and others comment how lucky they were that it was them (Reds)patrolling at this time and they decided to do it pairs and at that particular spot at that particular time. So it was just a coincidence and bad luck on Egwene's and Leane's part.
  4. I keep thinking of Aviendha's vision of her children's future. Now that it was changed here are things about Rand's and her children that shouldn't happen. 1) Because Avienda returned at least a night before Last Battle she insisted on sleeping with Rand before the body swap, so chances are her children were conceived then and there, so that "weird" thing about them being twins and two looking like Aiel (based on their mother's genes) and two looking dark (based on Moridin's body genes that Rand has after Last Battle) should not happen. All 4 of them should look like Aiel since Rand's original body before Last Battle had looks of an Aiel. 2) Because their conception happened before Last Battle and before Rand attained that weird reality warp ability their channeling powers should develop normally, they might be very strong since both of their parents are extremely powerful channelers but they shouldn't be able to channel till they reach 18 (or whatever Randland age for starting to channel is)
  5. I did like that Brandon sort of dispense with those except maybe once a twice just to pay RJ a homage in these. But i do feel that Brandon is cannot change his writing style in order to fit the storyline. As compared to say Daniel Abraham, who is one of the newer authors I am reading and has good way of fitting language style to the settings of the story. (ie asian style storyline, and more medieval one and others).
  6. Yesterday got hold of book and started reading (1st time) and so far storywise its good, I didn't pay attention to small details on how new weaves and such came about (thats for 2nd read) but I did notice that Brandon continues to use his what you would call them "sandersonchisms" or "brandoisms" - ie "saidared" in tGS. Type of phrases that came about within last couple of years made popular mostly due to currently running TV shows. I can't help but noticed that while he stopped doing that overly much and too obvious "saidared" but he still uses very modern style and populized with young (under 30) audience. I wonder whether its 1) He doesn't notice it because he sort-of speaks/writes it usually (I am planning to check out his other books when I finish this one and see if he does it on regular basis in his own books) and if so I wonder why the editor (and Harriet) don't correct him on that, unless 2) he does it on purpose and as part of his "style" as his part of influence on these 3 books since his input was over 50% to show his imprint and editors are not allowed to corret it.
  7. I believe I can answer that without even reading the book. Did anyone other than Rand (and perhaps Nynaeve and Moraine), Forsaken and other DF's actually saw Moridin and knew he was one of the Forsaken other than one of multiple young men running around at the time?
  8. JK Rowling beat him in that sense. I think she is the one who started the trend of killing fan-favorite pets/animals in order to make an impact in the story to make it "real" to show the consequences of the battle. I just got the book and will start speed-reading it once I get off work in 2.5 hrs but I am guessing that Bela's death occured in midst of first major encounter in the battle as precursor to things to come. (ala Deathly Hallows owl) I really wish that so many things were left unresolved - especially love stories and some finished storylines. For example: Egwene bonding/marrying Gawin, Siuan taking Bryne as her Warder, same for Baldeine and her Asha'man Warder in 2 books before this one. I personally feel it would have been far more major impact if for example Egwene and Gawin got together and died as they did during the battle at the same time not 2 books apart (except that Sanderson/Jordan team needed a parallel with Manetheren's Eldrene and Aemon so 2 book difference was made), it would have been better if Siuan for example confessed to Bryne as he lay dying or as she kills him trying to stop him because he is Compulsed or even took him as Warder right before the main battle not like a book or two in advance and when impact is lessened As is most of minor storylines in tGS and ToM were resolved to "happy ending" and then in aMoL those "Happy ending" just got killed. It gives some sort of impact but books were left disjoined as if tGS and ToM were one trilogy and happy end see new trilogy and new trilogy just kills off the established characters in aMoL. Either "Happy End" and kill immediately, or do happy end after /during aMoL or do "die in love" sad ending without Happy ending. I really didn't like what they did with 2 books different, what was a point of tying off those ending in previous books?
  9. What happened to Rand's two wounds other than breaking open and bleeding while in Shoyul Gul? Did one disappear when Mat killed Fain or did it still remain? Did in the end it was the main reason his body (original one) died as he had assumed in previous books?
  10. So what happened when Alanna disappeared in ToM? Was she captured by DF or left for her own reason and if so why. If she was captured was it in order to kill her (in order to make Rand go into rage at the exact moment) or to compel or convert her? Also, what about Perrin's Asha'man - Grady and Neald? Did they make it out OK or get killed and/or converted? What about Grady's family?
  11. So what happened to minor characters - Talmanes - did he survive? Darlin - survive and still king of Tear? Most of rulers of Borderlands? I assume Tenobia died since Faele and Perrin are ending up rulers of Saldaea? What about others Arafel's Paitar, Kandor's Ethenielle, Shienar's Easar? Were they killed in battle or thru actions of compromised Bashere and Agelmar? Anything on Two Rivers? If Perrin leaves for Salaea then Two Rivers back to small village (town) in Andor?
  12. So, at the end, Rand basically rides into sunset promising "visits" to Min, Aviendha and Elayne and quite probably eventually getting both Aviendha and Min with kids and taking responsibility for none of his kids. (As based by Aviendha experience both her kids and Elayne kids knew they were Dragon Reborn children but they didn't relate to each other as siblings nor they had any relationships with Rand. As Aviendha experienced being in head of her daughter, she thought of talking with her and with Rhuarc and with other Wise One and Chiefs but nothing about talking or having been taught by Rand anything). Thats pretty sweet deal for him.
  13. Aiel prophecies. "yet the remnant of a remnant he shall save, and they shall live" And "if they ever fail the Aes Sedai again, the Aes Sedai will destroy them" On first one, were remnents of Aiel who followed Rand "Saved" or only those who remained (or returned - ie Shaido) to Aiel Waste survive? And did second prophecy come true - or was it implied in Aviendha's visision that when her daughter betrayed the peace that Rand (channeler) created, the Aiel were destroyed by Seanchan damane/sal'dam (channelers) and channelers = Aes Sedai?
  14. Also question on Shaido, was there anything mentioned about Shaido 1) Captured Shaido Wise Ones. Did Aiel and Aviendha came to agreement with Seanchan regarding them? in ToM their continued captivity was the major trigger for Aiel ongoing war with Seanchan that led directly to Aviendha's daughter trying to involve the other nations in their war. Was that little thing swept under rug in aMoL? 2) Did remains of Shaido who fled back to Waste survive the last battle? I remember the prophecy stated that Rand specifically would save "yet the remnant of a remnant he shall save, and they shall live". So if Shaido, who didn't follow Rand and he didn't bother saving survive while those who followed him were decimated in Final Battle then the prophecy was misinterpreted, right?
  15. Wait, was Alviarin turned? I thought she DF from beginning who rose through ranks
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