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  1. Y'know, I have to wonder why in the world Mat chose Noal as the third person. I understand that if he hadn't then everything probably wouldn't have turned out, but if I was Mat, I would've tried to get someone other than a gnarled old man. Like maybe an Asha'man to destroy the CRAP out of those damn snakes and foxes.
  2. I wonder why Lanfear had to be re-incarnated into her new body while Moiraine remained the same. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? At first, I thought that Moridin (if he is indeed the one that went to retrieve Lanfear) just killed her so he didn't have to bargain with the Finn for her release, and then the DO brought her back to life in another body.
  3. I posted this in another thread, but This Aviendha thread is where all the hot Seanchan talk is so: One wonders how much actual good it would do to prove Tuon can channel. I would think that Fortuona May She Live Forever, would be quickly and quietly removed as Empress by every and any of the High Blood if it is discovered she's actually marath'damane, an animal, less than a slave. They sure have a lot of rules for how you interact with those higher than yourself, but one thing is true of Seanchan's Machiavellian society, it's that if you're going to strike at someone higher than yourself, the worst thing you can do is lose. So, Fortuona, May She Live Forever, is not immune to her own society's customs and laws, she's just more protected than most from her enemies. Let us not forget the intrinsic significance the damane are to the Seanchan Empire. They are all property of the throne, and are only lent out based on imperial favor. They are the crux of the Crystal Throne's domination over their entire continent. They are the reason why Seanchan is so stable now and forever. Any civil war is quickly ended by lightning and explosions. Indeed any potential civil unrest would be quickly crushed by the presence of damane. Randland could ask the Seanchan to release the damane, but the damane themselves believe they are unbelievably dangerous property, tactical nukes ready to blow. Do you think now that Traveling has been discovered that the Crystal Throne will EVER let go of their pets? I don't know how RJ/BS intends to write this, because it is clear that the revelation that sul'dam can channel is where we are going. Can the revelation that the Empress herself can channel sway the Seanchan people away from a deeply ingrained cultural belief that has its roots in a time BEFORE Luthair even sailed west? I will have to rafo. I wonder if Tuon doesn't jump off the highest tower in Ebou Dar the same day she learns she is actually one of the very creatures she views as her prized trained pets. Can Tuon's status as Empress, May She Live Forever, protect her from all the hungry Blood if it is revealed she's a dangerous animal? We shall see. If I'm not mistaken, Tuon already knows she can channel, or at least that she has the potential to learn. I think it was in CoT or KoD that Mat tells her that she can learn to channel, and her response is something like "Ok, but that doesn't mean I have to". As if that makes a difference haha.
  4. I don't know if that's 100% true. For example, we have the firefly v. darkness viewing which isn't really about the future but is more of sign of the war against the Shadow. I think that the seven towers are the towers of Malkier, and the babe in the cradle with the sword is Lan himself, not his child with Nyn.
  5. Didn't mention Perrin. Connection to wolves (Wolfbrother), has know death (family murdered by Fain), if the Midnight Towers refer to the Forsaken then he could def die via them, death would certainly cause fear and sorrow. 4 of 4 criteria met. Also Graendal and Moridin believed this. And I think Lan has a connection to wolves. As a warder, the most often attribute they are associated with is their "wolfish" grace. 3 of 4 met. Which really just shows that in a series as large as the WoT, it's hard to pin down the meaning of these dang prophecies :(
  6. I've noticed a lot of people discounting Perrin from being the "Broken Wolf" due to the fact that "death" has not technically known him yet, as stated in the Prophecy (Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known). Lan, Ituralde, and Hopper are among the other candidates for this title. However, no one has brought up the fact that Perrin's entire familywas murdered by Fain and his corrupted Children of the Light. If that's not "one whom Death has known", I dunno who is. In addition to this we have the fact that Perrin has the most ties to the "wolf" imagery in the series and that both Moridin and Graendal interpreted the Prophecy to mean that Perrin would die.
  7. Hello. I'm brand new to dragonmount and just wanted to see what I had to do in order to be able to view member profiles and use the messenger system. Every time I try to do either (and I'm sure other things that I haven't tried yet) I get taken to a screen that says I don't have permission to use it. Any way you can help?
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