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  1. Hey all. The name's Kelso (and yes that is my real name). An Aussie, currently re-reading the WoT series in preparation for AMoL next year. I look forward to discussing facts and theories with other fans
  2. Ever have one of those moments that you have read about in 'The Wheel of Time'. I have. Before i went off to University i was Head of Quality Control and Packing. But then i went away and when i came back for holidays, my section had been dissolved and i was just an odinary worker. It was exactly as i imagined Siuan and Leane felt after being stilled and then healed by Nynaeve. They were so use to being where they were, it felt weird to not be how you were before hand.
  3. Their Shara-men/women surely. The possibility of Dark-Side Aiel seems slim. Admittingly if a male got to epicentre of evilness, they could be turned by the 13x13 but they would have to beat the Blight.
  4. Hey everyone, the names Kelso. Ive been a massive fan of WoT for ages, and once uni exams are finished ill be going and getting 'The Towers of Midnight'. Cant wait.
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