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  1. Elaida-nobody likes you. You are the most enfuriating character ever. there is no other person, in books or real life, that is more infuriating. if i was in the WoT, my sole purpose would be to torture, and/or kill Elaida. there are not words strong enough to express my hate for her. nothing would make me happier than to see Rand bring her to heel, humiliate her, and then cut her off from saidar. i HATE her.
  2. exactly, thats why perrin, lan, mat, and loial could get the horn of Valere, banner of the dragon, and broken seal of the dark ones prison out: it was empty of saidin. therefore, it can no longer be used. oh and i understand it now, thank yall for helping me, it was really bugging me. also, i knew of all those examples of rand channeling, i just meant the first time he channeled Consciously. Of course, its my fault for not specifying.
  3. I was just wondering, in the end of the Eye of The World, when Rand is being chased by Aginor, he notices a glowing cord coming from Aginor, and when he does, part of the cord breaks off to join him, and i could never understand this. i mean its obvious that this is saidin, but i dont understand how he can see it when it isnt being woven, and why only then. I always just thought that this is like how Aes Sedia see other Aes Sedia glow when they're channeling, but the cord is never mentioned when Login or any of the other Asha'man channel in front of Rand. Could it have to do with the fact that theyre using the Eye of The World?
  4. i agree that the WoT series is getting a bit too long: when i got to the ninth book, i had to start over because i couldnt remeber enough about the previous books to understand it,but then again, that just proves that all the info in them had been necessary. another example quote: He has many main characters that he spent time growing that could not have been done in say 6 or 7 books. all the characters had to change so much for them to fulfill their destinies as rj saw them when he began writing, and, i for one, am glad to see that rj is taking the time to show us how they changed, and to make us understand why. it would be horrible if you came back to one of Rands chapters, that left off with him chasing one of the forsaken, and it started by saying that he had killed the forsaken, and lost an eye, and then just continued. some books are like that, and, i for one, hate them. so instead of clomplaining about the lenght of the WoT, be happy that rj is doing this wonderful series justice[/b]
  5. really, i think that this would be up to rj. speaking in terms of our laws of physics, excluding the fact that you can make a gateway, it should be possible, yet i think rj just never thought about it. i mean however important gateways are to the books, im sure rj never made up "the 3 laws of gateways" so i guess what im saying is that it could go either way...maybe wind and rain cant get through a gateway, but i think rj just never considered it. plus, nobody knows that space is a vacuum in WOT, so this could only ever happen by a really misplaced gateway.
  6. i choose moiraine because she was the best person i have known throughout the series, true she was slightly manipulative at times, but she saved Rand, thereby saving the world, countless times,and all she ever did was guide people to their destinies. it just seemed to me that when she died, it couldnt be true, because withouth moiraine to guide all the Emond fielders, they would all eventually fail. i am on the ninth book now, yet i still refuse to believe that moiraine is dead. to me, she was the most important character, aside from Rand and the dark one, and i like her the most. she was just so pure and strong.
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