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  1. That doesn't work. As far as the rest of the world knows, Jain Farstrider has been dead for decades. Nobody but Mat and Thom know it was him who died in Finnland. um that's not how prophecies work. like when the stone of tear fell, nobody knew the aiel were the people of the dragon doesn't matter if nobody knows if jain is alive, but he's the broken wolf and he died in the towers of midnight
  2. It always seemed to me that the Ways and Waygates are Skimming made permanent and given defined routes. Also, the gholam looks more like an android/robot to me than other Shadowspawn, who are twisted, but still living creatures. On the Q&A thread is a report of someone asking about this at a book signing. Apparently the gholam isn't actually shadowspawn, so is thus not harmed by gateways. I presume that means the gholam is a construct of some sort. This actually makes sense because Warders can sense shadowspawn, yet, from all indications, Lan didn't detect the gholam during the fight over the Bowl of the Winds at the end of ACoS. -- dwn All living constructs of power die if they are put through gates. Nyms can't use Gates even though they aren't darkside. The gholaqm isn't shadowspawn in the sense that it isn't "born" - it's a first generation construct. Trollocs, draghkar etc are SS because while the original DNA was melded using TP/OP, subsequent generations were reproduced by natural birth. (BTW, Lan may also have failed to sense it because he was ko-ed by the linked BA in the opening moments of the scrap in the Rahad. ) Construct or not, the gholam apparently isn't shadowspawn, and therefore wasn't killed by going through a gateway. Since I brought up the question above, I just wanted to point out the answer given in the Q&A thread. -- dwn uh don't have the book, not sure what the problem with the gholam is...but i do remember mat asking the AS if the place the gholam fell goes on forever....the gholam doesn't have to die, he'll just keep falling forever
  3. omg i said this already the broken wolf is jain farstrider
  4. Yeah, I do hope that Murandy is shadow-held. I am not sure about Roedean actually being Demandred. Brandon has said that Demandred is the biggest player as far as the Shadow is concerned, and that his locations will pay off big time. I cant see how ruling Murandy, which is pretty small and not really important, would have that effect. I think that Demandred has a hand in it, but I woudl say that he has his hand in other places aswell. Yeah, Tenobia is wild. Note that the ruler in Maradon, the one that was a DF, was Tenobia's favorite. Could mean something? But I agree, I find it hard that she can dodge Rand's superpowers. She is hardly good at keeping her emotions in the first place. Yep to the last point. I think that, as Rand said, the time has come for the final battle to begin. No more spies and traitors, just Light v Shadow in an epic showdown. Er.. You all know what I'm like for crazy theories.. So here's a beaut.. ....what if Tenobia (courtesy of MoM etc) was Demandred? not possible, rand is no longer blind to people who serve the DO
  5. well i think that's it. mat really seemed resigned to the fact, cuz he knew by giving up his eye, one of the answers he got would be fulfilled anyways, still no moraine thread... but it's obvious she'll be in the circle with rand while using callandor (remember min had a viewing relating to her helping rand but dismissed it) and that angreal she has...i can just see elayne making copies of it...super powered aes sedai coming up
  6. Perrin is not stated to die in the Shadow Prophecies (at least, not the ones at the end of the book). Assuming the prophecy at the end is the same that Graendal and Moridin look at, then the Broken Wolf will die, while the Fallen Blacksmith will only lose his pride... whatever that is. "One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning" -- Mat, but mourning what? He's still close to Caemlyn, so maybe it has something to do with that. The gateway opens and they come through and find the city sacked? "First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy" -- when Rand breaks the seals... but the problem with this is that Rand is later named the Broken Champion.... isn't he? Unless that could be Moridin? Or maybe one of them is Fain? "the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come." -- Perrin. Faile dying? What would his "pride" be? Literally his pride, or...? "Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall being fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself." -- This has to be Lan. I can't think of anyone else who would "know" death and whose death would bring fear and sorrow to people. thoughts? i already said, the broken wolf is jain farstrider, and he died in the midnight towers already
  7. 1. When approximately 80% of dedicated fans who have weighed in on this thread so far all have the same opinion, and you're the one disagreeing, the 80% probably aren't the crazy ones. 2. You have a crazy definition of out-of-character if you think Thom laughing at stupidity would be out of character for him. 3. Neither the spelling errors nor the crossed-out words would make anyone more likely to bring the letter to Elayne's attention. The tone, certainly, and I can believe the tone is something of what RJ intended. The grammatical mistakes, absolutely not. If anything, the mistakes would make him seem more like a typical mercenary captain with no connection to Elayne. 4. Since intentionally including grammatical mistakes would in no way serve Mat's purpose in writing the letter (unlike your writing for comic effect), there is no reason for them to have been included other than Sanderson botching the character. 5. In the postscript mentioning Thom, Mat says he was going to rewrite the letter because of the "scratched out words and bad spellings," and the only reason he didn't was because Thom was "laffing" at him. (Laughing at him, not with him.) That's clear-cut evidence they weren't intentional. Sanderson screwed up. It happens sometimes. He's a good enough writer that his fanboys don't have to defend every word he ever writes. nope sanderson didn't screw up. you clearly don't understand mat at all. #5 is just dumb, i'm not a sanderson fanboy, mat's awesome, and the letter fits perfectly IN character for mat
  8. i'd have to agree, especially egwene....way too unreasonable still many people in the book who are unreasonable
  9. wow you can post spoilers in here? [Removed]
  10. they did in fact imply that it was also melted on this side because it was melted on the other side
  11. I beg to differ. I agree, Mat is not stupid. However, he says what he thinks, things that he knows could be taken offensively, so of course he's rude on purpose sometimes, especially when the situation calls for it. And being smart really does not necessarily have to translate into excellent written communication skills. And being literate, in the sense of knowing how to read, does also not translate into good written communucation skills. And maybe before he had several drafts of a letter, whereas this one was first draft, one he didn't bother to rewrite, as he said. Or maybe he was in a hurry, which he was, and was really irritated with Elayne, which he was, which could have affected things. Or maybe he's a class A author in the old tongue, that wouldn't transfer to current words/sentence structure. Bottom line, I think it was in character for Mat, it made me laugh, and I thought it fit in the story. I also think people arguing over the letter are thinking too much :) Most of us have read ACoS and some of us remember Mat writing a letter (just one draft) to Elayne & Nynaeve where he was equally blunt but far more literate. No spelling errors, no crossing out. That was while he was fielding Tylin's cleavage. So the unorthodox orthography in this seems stretched to the point where you'd expect Elayne to wonder what was wrong, assuming she remembered the earlier document. Of course, maybe he found Thom more distracting than Tylin? it was not "blunt" he specifically says that they could not ask for "pleasanter"
  12. <3d Lan's scenes Nynaeve's disagreeing with Egwene after testing Mat's letter (made me lol) Mat and the badger (made me lol too) the Kandor bit in the prologue + more
  13. maybe over that 3000 years anyone who got even close to figuring out anything about the seals got killed....like fel... plus, the AS are just lame, they think something means something and just take it at face value(referring to prophecies here). once they believe something, they just stick with it no matter how flawed it may be. but the few people who think there's more to it, haven't been able to solve it (ie callandor prophecy/use, and you saw how min got treated for bringing up something new)
  14. i thought it was pretty clear from rand when he said he didn't want to meet the DO on his terms. he said that if they kept fighting bubbles of evils and trying to save everything (something to that degree) they'd be too spread out and weakened by the time the DO comes out. so while they are still in relatively good shape, he wants to fight the DO
  15. or maybe, like moraine, she had answers and knew that it had to be done this way
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