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  1. The Egwene - Elaida showdown Gawyn being faced with his crossroads decision and his future with Egwene Morgase's kids finding out that she is alive and it's repurcussions given the actions they've taken in the name of revenge. Will Galad self implode cause he made a mistake? Resolution of the whole Perrin and hawk and falcon dilemma. Perrin realising that Faile isn't perfect Lan leading his Shineirian army. Nynaeve and him bonding. Mat and Thom rescuing Moiraine Finding out what Verin's game plan was/is. Padan Fain dying Rand discovering who in his company is really a DF in disguise. There must be one shocker of a betrayal coming up. Nynaeve and Moghedian showdown The Last Battle Tuon channelling I could go on but I'll stop now.
  2. First off, Egwene is hot to trot on keeping the 3 oaths, so she's hardly going to break one to kill her childhood friend. It would be completely out of character. Secondly given that all Suldam can also learn to channel, or have some ability with the source, the Seanchan's powerbase will shocked to the core once that is discovered. Although this probably lies on Tuon accepting this. On Setalle, I agree that she doesn't hold Aes Sedai in awe anymore, like the rest of the Kin. She's also used to not being able to channel, she clearly had a passion that kept her going, that doesn't mean to say she doesn't harbour a desire to channel again and not be Aes Sedai...
  3. Hurrah my first post in years and years. Ok, that was an exaggeration, two years. Good question OP. I'm currently re-reading the series and was thinking of this very question a few days ago. Obviously the whole theme of the series is a battle of power, between good and evil. Carrying that theme through the book we see other themes about the power balance; between men and women, nations, the understanding and tolerance of cultures etc. We learnt early on that Aes Sedai assume the right to ultimate power and treat it as a 'God' given right, they can push people around like pawns to suit what their agenda. This is given even more weight by the fact that they base their own heirachy on how powerful a channeler each sister is. An intelligent sister with strength of moral conviction will have to submit before a strong yet silly sister, and of course, we also see the unfounded prejudice towards wilders. Those things alone are enough to show that there are cracks in the heirachy of the Tower to pull it down as soon as there's a shift in power in the rest of the world. What we now have is an interesting battle shaping up between Egwene and Elaida. Egwene grew up with Rand, she's lived amongst the Aiel who give weight to more than just physical power. Her best friends know the A'than Miere and the Kin. She seems determined to make the Tower whole again and have all women who can channel connected to it , however her experience shows her that there is more to power than physical strength. Elaida is of a generation where Aes Sedai keep knowledge to themselves and exert their influence in the world with no expectation that their authority will be challenged. So I guess what i'm hoping all this will build up to is the Tower hitting rock bottom, renewing itself and its place in the world. It has already been turned on its head. The Ajahs split, the Black revealed, Elayne has bonded a female warder and shares a bond with two other women, including shock, horror Min who can't channel. So I want to see male channelers being accepted as members of the 'channeling community' and heirachy being challenged. Although I love Egwene (especially Honey in the Tea in KoD), I also can't wait to see what happens when she comes face to face with Sorilea as Amyrilyn. I hope I get to see that happen.
  4. Caerlie

    Post your Pic!

    well, i promise i'll post mine when i'm back in england....either that or i could point you to .... no that's too odd....i'm giving the internet dating thing a bit of go.(so i've got my profile online...) very strange experience, although was quite chuffed to reach number 12 on the most popular profile list...
  5. sorry loki, i thought that at first as well but RJ has specifically stated that he's not and as the dark lord says the timing doens't work out.
  6. to be pedantic. the oaths only work while they can still channel. in effect it's like the oath binds them through their power. once their power is gone so are the oaths. if an AS chose to retire from being AS, she'd have to be released from the oaths. Egwene mentions that when she's talking about having all women who can channel being connected to the tower in one form or other.
  7. Oz - i can't believe you of all people have noticed the girl on girl action. Have you read KoD a certain high powered AS is going to try and use a previous relationship to best effect. pillow friends abound!
  8. haven't read the rest of the post just incase there are spoilers but given everyone here just loves this series tried to buy the first one last night and the bookshop didn't have it!
  9. yep read all those clan of the cave beat books. remember feeling quite embarrassed when i first read them cause they were a little on the saucy side for a 15 year old! love Arthur Miller, we did the crucible at school which i adored. 1984 was brutal but good. Has anyone seen the film Brazil? it's kind of a similar theme, very surrealist. right i'm off home and will be reading aCoS...time to branch out a bit.
  10. woah that's scary. glad you're both still around. i have yet didnt' realise it at the time. but nothing involving white lights and tunnels etc.
  11. We all obviously love all things fantasy/science fiction, but what else are you reading? I need some inspiration. I love louis de berniere and isabelle allende. Adored The Time Traveller's Wife have just finished The Swallows of Kabul. short yet brutal and poignant story set in Taliban times. trying to work my way through some of the classics of hemmingway etc. What other genres, authors, books have you adored in recent months/years?
  12. by the way can someone pm me and show me how to do that thing where instead of the link I'd just write Chicken salad with coriander, mint and rice noodles?
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/spicychickensaladwit_67918.shtml i love this recipe. although i've modified it a bit, i don't use quite as much oil as they suggest. i serve it warm and instead of using mixed salad leaves as suggested i throw in some baby spinach and bean sprouts.
  14. i love love love gazpacho. looks like a good recipe, might try that one tonight.
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