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  1. What do you mean about Bashere? I think some people had suggested he was a Darkfriend, but he's not, right? At least I assume that none of the captains is a Darkfriend, merely suffering from whatever Compulsion Graendal is applying. Also, chapter 30 was pretty badass. I posted in one of these earlier threads that I was annoyed at the Aes Sedai for not using Gateways strategically enough. Guess it took Androl to show them something. What I'd really love to see is a huge Gateway in the ground and walls of Air surrounding the opposing army that then push inward (think Star Wars compactor
  2. I think this refers to Rand discovering Weiramon as a Darkfriend in TOM. I guess Rand gave him a One Power polygraph.
  3. So, we've so far seen Sharans, what I assume was the Song (Rand in the Ebou Dar palace), the 13x13 trick, and a kind of sly refutation of the Demandred-as-Roedran theory. Good stuff. Quick question about the creatures working the forges at Thakandar: did anyone else think they were robots? Probably not, but they were described as neither alive nor dead, and then there was some metaphor that they performed like clockwork. That may have just been an unfortunate metaphor, but it gave me a little steampunk-y feel. Also, did it really bug anyone else that the Aes Sedai can't figure out
  4. One tiny thing: when Rand was in his "dreamshard" and talked about someone placing a cave there, was anyone else thinking "Dagobah Dark Side cave"?
  5. Yeah, the Lanfear thing is weird. She has that whole scene with Rand and then tries to convince Perrin that she's just a victim of circumstance? What path to the kind of power Lanfear wants could Perrin provide? I found the whole thing odd. I don't like Mat "running away" either. I choose to think that he's exactly where he needs to be and that his reconnection with Tuon will smooth Seanchan buy-in with the Dragon's Peace.
  6. One small thing I found interesting in these chapters: Perrin's vision of Mat riding along a road, fiddling with something in his hands. Based on the fact he didn't come with Moiraine and his final message to the Aes Sedai he saved from Ebou Dar about coming for the Horn, I assumed he had somehow already gotten the Horn. But then Elayne told Perrin that she was going to give him the Horn as part of his pseudo-quartermaster duties. So, anyone have any guess as to what Mat is doing at this point? Through the prologue and first 10 chapters, we haven't seen him at all. He wasn't at the big p
  7. Edited to remove any accidental post-ch. 5 spoilers.
  8. Edited to remove any accidental post-ch. 5 spoilers.
  9. Yeah, it's obviously staged for her to come in and save the day, but I don't really mind it. I mean, as fans we've waited for Moiraine's return for more than a decade. In Randland, she's achieved a sort of legendary status for finding the Dragon, discovering the new Amyrlin and a trove of talent-rich channelers, and for taking out multiple Forsaken. And everyone thought she was dead. A little mysticism and mystery surrounding her return is warranted. The one thing that bugs me is that she left after foolishly treating everyone like children and now comes in to save the day (presumab
  10. I didn't read any of the pre-release stuff either, and I'm now only through the first 3 chapters. Egwene's seeming change of heart was the big thing that stuck out to me. Maybe she's being Taverened now that she's in the same camp as Rand? I'm strongly in the hate Egwene camp, so it was weird to me to see her being relatively reasonable.
  11. It's a first printing. I don't know how to post pics or, not to be rude, how helpful it would be. Just (1) take a look at your color map in the front, (2) turn it upside down, and (3) voilà! The misprint doesn't bother me at all. Either this is the first time I've noticed, or I've noticed before and never really cared enough to find out about it. I just wondered if it might be worth something, I guess. Frankly, I doubt that, no matter the mistake, the ninth book in a series would ever be worth that much.
  12. I'm rereading before AMoL and realized that the inside cover map in my copy of Winter's Heart is printed upside down. I googled it and can't any information regarding misprints in WH. Are others' copies like this, or is it just mine?
  13. Where does Moiraine rank now? She's significantly stronger now that she's back, right? Is she up to, say, Egwene's power level now?
  14. Is the "complete audio version" done and available somewhere yet?
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