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  1. are you for serious? what did i miss in those twelve minutes?! ANYTHING could have happened! it was prolly a short POV chapter from Bella about how all her plans were finaly coming to fruition... if only her Chosen would stop failing so hard and getting themselves killed. If i missed out on Kate Reading doing Bella's evil horsie "MWAHAHAHAHAHA" laugh, theres gonna be hell to pay!
  2. just wanted to comment on this, I haven't gotten my print copy yet, so i guess i can't really judge how it the letter to Elayne is presented there, but i have listened to the audiobook, and Kate Reading's delivery is nothing short of brilliant. She really has Mat's voice down. After hearing it I hopped onto this site and was genuinely shocked to see people saying they didn't like it. Take a listen if you get the chance, Sanderson's humor really shines with Kramer/Reading reading it.
  3. It was out of character, honestly. As was her being freaked out by Nynaeve and feeling like the animal was licking her ankle. Before TGS she was the most open-minded of the Seanchan except perhaps Egeanin, and definitely the most open-minded considering her raising and position. Now she's just like Suroth was. RJ always made a distinction between the two. She went from "The a'dam can be used to punish, though that is seldom done." to "I get off on seeing them suffer." you have to remember, before TGS, she was always around Mat, her open mindedness could very well have had alot to with with his Ta'veren-ness. Now that she is away from Mat, maybe she is back to her old self? either way, it makes perfect sense to me that she is a different person without Mat around.
  4. i was surprised at how funny this book was. not just Mat, there were alot of little character moments that made me chuckle. more than any previous WoT book anyways. I listened to the audiobook, so maybe it was just brilliant delivery/timing by Kramer/Reading, but i was laughing a lot in this book. here are the three that have stuck with me so far: Rodel Ituralde: In Maradon when the walls come down and he starts to tell some men not to run around like its Tarmon Gai'don, then realizes where he is. Grady and Neald: during the bubble of evil that hit Perrin's camp when everyone's weapon came to life and attacked them, it says the two Asha'man just looked at their weapons, casually waved their hand and stopped them. this is just such a funny mental image to me, I giggle every time i think about it! Mat (of course!): His letter to Elayne had me rolling on the floor. hands down, one of the funniest things i have ever read in a book ever.
  5. 5. Rand dreams of Cyndane. I found this very interesting, I don't think she can be redeemed, not fully. I do, however think that if she is reaching out to Rand, she may be angry enough with the DO/desperate to escape enough that she would help Rand. I have no evidence to support this, and its probably just a wild guess, but what if she gives Rand the last hint he needs to seal up the bore for permanents? she was the one who made the bore in the first place, after all. maybe she knows something about it that LTT never learned. It is very likely still a trap, but she made the bore surely she will have some small role in closing it, intentional or otherwise?
  6. I don't know if you have read any of BS's other works, but pacing with lots of POVs is something he does very well. i love how everything just slowly builds to a breaking point then BOOM! BRANDANVALANCHE! I can see how some people are put off by it, but for me, its one of my favorite things about his writing. Elantris is probably the best example of this phenomenon, though the Way of Kings does it very well as well. ToM is great because there are lots of little slow builds and Brandanvalanches, it really keeps the story moving along.
  7. that sounds like it was a ton of fun! I really wish they would route one of these tours near me. Until then i shall live vicariously through awesome people who post great reports! thank you for posting!
  8. this. i don't know if we're thinking of the same scene, but I suspect we are. there is some damn fine writing in this book, it really runs the emotional gamut from outright joy to utter despair. I've seen some reviews bagging on it because the writing style and pacing is much more Brandon's this time around, but to me, that's a very good thing. Jordan wrote Jordan's style extremely well, and Sanderson writes Sanderson's style extremely well, I think TGS suffered at times from Sanderson trying to conform too much to Jordan's style. He cut loose a bit more this time and the book is better for it. ANYWAYS, the OP wanted a 2-3 word summation of whether the book lived up to my expectations? here you go "Expectations Vastly Exceeded."
  9. yarr, I never really got Lan's reluctance to accept the help of his people. Why does he have the right to ride to his death, but none of the other Malkier have that right? Unless Rand shows up with help, they are pretty likely to find their death at the gap regardless of how many people ride under the golden crane. omg i didn't even think about Birgitte dieing in that chapter! oh man, im so relieved in retrospect. Although, I have been on edge the entire book! every little victory or happy moment or good thing that happens just increases this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, All thanks to that damned prologue chapter from Grendal's POV! something bad is going to happen, and every little victory just makes the inevitable fall harder! putting that Grendal POV in the prologue was a stroke of genius by Jordan/Sanderson, this is one of the lightest books in the series so far, th Light is fighting back and seems to be gaining some ground but thanks to one scene in the prologue, i am filled with dread through it all. I am really impressed.
  10. i have the audiobook, so no pagenumbers, which scene are you refering to? can you give a quick hint in spoiler tags? If its what i think it is, then I agree, definately one of the best in the series!
  11. I have never laughed so hard at a piece of literature in my life. i literally fell out of my chair reading that bit.
  12. wow, I think I'de be dissapointed if i read it that fast. one does not wolf down a finely prepaired gourmet meal at a five star restaurant as quickly as possible! take some time to savor it!
  13. Q.Q It wasn't up before i had to leave for work, so I bought it on Itunes, only to discover that It cannot be transfered to a non-ipod mp3 player even with 3rd party software specificaly designed to do just that. Something about the copy protection I've never run into before. I am truly sadface. Oh wells, I'll use my audible credit on it after work and be happy that the money went to a deserving product. still, 9 hours of mindless data entry without a book to make the time pass quicker is going to be torture!
  14. there are 3 pages worth of new releases posted today, but still no ToM :( I'm really hoping they get it out before i have to go to work, its going to be a terrible awful day if i have to go without a good book to listen to!
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