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  1. I found this kinda funny but you my not. The Aiel disdain swords and the like and i don't know their stances on halberds but a ji is a kind of chinease halberd and to is a chinease reading of katana.
  2. So how would he be able to remake the world if the bore is only being reopened. Won't his level of contact be the same as it was in AoL?
  3. If the DO was freed during the age of legends why didn't he remake the world then? Was his influence not strong enough?
  4. When a man and a woman link I am assuming that, lets say a man is controlling the circle, the man can see the flows of saidar. So can he see what other women are channeling while he is linked? See them weaving saidar?
  5. This has probably been stated many times but I really need to get it off my chest. Rand is similer to Tyr, losing a hand and God of war buisiness. Perrin is Thor , Hammer and Perrins belt, Always wears it kinda like Thors belt of might. Mat and Odin, spear , hanging on the tree of wisdom by his spear. Mat in the first book also resembles Lokis descending to evil. Gjallahorn sounding the last battle and calling the heroes of Vallhalla to fight.
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