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  1. That was the path taken that only happened if Rand was never successfully tied to the Aiel blood (the chief signifier of which was that he never understood what to do with the Aiel in his Dragon's Peace).
  2. When has the wind blowing sequence ever been about anything but scene setting? (Don't answer that, Terez)
  3. A lot of the Warder death reactions are either delayed in narrative or off-screen. I wouldn't have worried about it. It's the Aes Sedai death Warder's reaction that's more immediate.
  4. Well Min does say that the Dragon's Fang will turn into a celebration of victory or whatever instead of the mark of the Dark One, at some point in ToM. Though I'd guess he'd try to keep that hidden still.
  5. Well, he is risking a ban if that's a fake spoiler. Then again, that's a 1 post new account and a ban in a forum when the last book is out might well be worth it even for a long time veteran poster.
  6. The answer is definitely to think like Terez would like for everyone to think.
  7. This is in fact correct, but you could Compel them to not take action under certain circumstances. Are you suggesting Aran'gar compelled Egwene to actively oppose the fulfillment of a Dark Prophecy?
  8. No. Some suggestions are offered by the Hunters before they take her, but we don't learn how she managed it because her mind is destroyed. Any of those suggestions more detailed/plausible than the others?
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