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  1. Maybe you havent finshed the books or maybe your not thinking clearly. let me explain. Egwene already explained her idea for that. When aes sedai are ready to retire they reuse the oath rod to remove them of there oaths and they go to the kin. There for they will not die for awhile longerand they are still connected to the tower to help them. Now on to red ajah purpose. I don't know and know else knows for certain of course but...I think Egwene will do somthing...diferent...since they all talk about a united tower I think she will remove ajahs and make one ajah of all purposes of the current ajahs,except maybe red, therefore they can stand united to help rand defeat the DO.
  2. Maybe so but doesn't having one hand pose problems? I mean i believe that questioning is all well and good but what really do they need to know. Nothing derastic I can see anyways. Also do you think he will get his hand back some how? I think he will somehow I don't know how but he will.
  3. Hello every one I just finished KoD so i finally decided to come to a forum and chat with some people on the series. Im going to have to have a reread though I can never catch everything on the first read through. So basically hey and hope to talk with everyoine on the books soon.
  4. DONT READ IF NOT FINISHED KoD Ok so at the end of the book Rand bloody al'Thor gets his hand blown off by Semirhage. And then healed so he know has a stump. I was wondering if anyone else thought of balefire? What if he just got up and blasted her with balefire and got his hand back would that not be easier? Now since that time is passed im wondering will he get his hand back? I mean won't everything get complicated if he has no hand? I believe he will get his hand back some how I just can't think of how. Any ideas?
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