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  1. Why sheath the sword instead of, in rage, trying to go for Ishy one last time(even tho it would be in vain)? Does it matter? And how come Ishy was angry and thought of it as "escaping", and knowing it was not done yet? Does he know, or think, that LT must do something more for the Dark to make the finishing move? At this point, It seems to me that it should, for Ishy, eem like a major victory?
  2. Hmm. That implies that the TAR is not necessarily something unique to Randland, but TAR might possibly be in all the Parallel Worlds too. After all, the parallel worlds are a part of the Great Pattern, are they not? So when WinespringBrother asked if the Finns were "related" to TAR, what does that mean? And if you could enter TAR in one world, would it not be possible to use the same portals as the waking world has?
  3. There's still the question of what Moiraine is going to do tho? Probably something orgasmic, so I'll read the chapter in the bathroom.
  4. Ah, sorry, to rephrase my question: Whether or not Mat and Perrin is bound to the Dragon too. But yoniy0 got my question right. Thanks for answering :) About the balance tho, I don't have the impression that there has to be a balance between good and evil in the weave itself? I always thought of it as a balance in the universe, with the DO himself as one of the extremes? In other words, the DO touching the Wheel is in itself, is unbalanced. A 'dark' ta'veren would not be possible?
  5. I've always wondered about the three ta'veren from the Two Rivers. As BS said at some point (or was it RJ?), the "Ishamael soul" is often spun out as a twin soul to the Dragon. Is there any information if it is the same thing with Mat and Perrin?
  6. Nearly-invisible darkhounds? What ?
  7. Indeed what I was thinking. But I must admit that I agree with the guys mentioning Verin. Speaking of which, is there any possibility that Verin got bounded to the horn? After all, the sacrifice she made was kind of... heroic?
  8. As the title says, which of the "important" characters in WoT do you feel most sorry for, and why? I'll start. Alanna Mosvani. Poor girl didn't know what she was up to, when she bonded Rand. Not only does she have to live in fair because she don't know if Rand will kill her, as she can feel his anger. But she also have to live with knowing the feelings Rand has for the three other girls, and other interests. As Rand is a powerful and handsome guy, I would think it to be rather natural that Alanna would be fascinated by him. As her feelings grow, she will have to live with not only being denied the feelings in return, but she will know the golden veins Rand has for the three others. Poor woman. What do you think?
  9. Hahaha, rinse and repeat. But isn't he already tied to the Horn? How could the True Source be removed from the world? And why would he want that to happen? And why would RJ want this series to end without channeling?
  10. Ah, thanks both. Exactly what I was asking. I just could not add up the times ishy had been fighting ltt, with the years from the Bore was made until Rand was born.
  11. Thanks, yes, with 'living' days I meant the days before the sealing, I should have rephrased that. But as to the other part of my question about Moridin. I should have rephrased that too I guess, but in the Eye of the World, in the prologue, Moridin is saying all that stuff about blabla "I've beaten you X times" etc. Where does this put him? Is he some kind of a champion for the dark side? And if he is, which he must be??, how come he had to logically find his way to the shadow in this life? In tEotW prologue Elan Morin says something like "This war has not lasted 10 years, but since the beginning of time. You and I have fought a thousand battles with the turning of the Wheel. A thousand times a thousand." To make my question clearer, I'm not talking about the time since the sealing, but the time before it.
  12. Just wondering about the nature of the Forsaken/Moridin. My first question is, how many "living" days does the forsaken actually have? Has there been any estimation on that? And second, as Elan Morin Tedronai joined the DO out of logic, does this mean that his particular soul is bound to the shadow? (as he's been fighting the Dragon since, well, since ever..)
  13. The spartans fought men, the malkieri fights trollocs, fades and channelers. You saw what happened to Ituralde in Saldaea. Tbh, I doubt the fight will be anything like Thermopylae, except for the "goodguys" being outnumbered part of it.
  14. Thanks, but why would the Blight be a no-go? I'm just wondering about the importance of T'A'R, is it more to it than what meets the eye? As Perrin is training and all, might this imply that T'A'R is somehow important in the LB?
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