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  1. Another reason for getting a Kindle. I preordered The Hero of Ages: Book Three of Mistborn on Amazon a few months ago and I just went online to check when it would be delivered October 17-20. It has a release date of October 14. I clicked on the books link and noticed a link at the top of the page "The Hero of Ages: Book Three of Mistborn and over 180,000 other books are available for Amazon Kindle". Now I get it right on October 14 and for quite a bit cheaper $9.99 instead of $18.45 plus shipping.
  2. I have a Kindle. My wife surprised me with one on my birthday a couple weeks ago. My wife got me it because she was getting tired of the boxes of books in our bedroom. Its light and many times while reading it I will forget its a e book and reach up to the top right corner to flip the page. I like the built in Dictionary and the ability to connect to Wiki for free. Thanks to Tors free book give away I already had a few book when my wife gave it to me. One thing I dislike is that many of the book I would like to read on it I am having a hard time finding Wheel of time series(though I did find a file of 1-10 on the Bay). If Tor would sell E books of all there book I would be broke. I have gone though half there free book in the last 3 weeks now. If you don't connect to the internet your battery will last about a week and that is with quite of bit of reading. If you surf the web a lot then it will only last two maybe three days. I showed it to my boss and he though it was pretty cool...until I showed him I could surf porn at work(though in grey scale) if I wanted it.
  3. I was going to say I thought it was like GO...but a seach on Wiki shows that baduk is GO just a different name for it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(board_game) Though...I like the name Stones better.
  4. They are just saying he would had to have lied to say no to the first 32 questions to get that far down the list.
  5. Search google for 9780765350381.pdf for mistborn.pdf. I signed up thursday/friday last week and didn't get my ebook link till today. And by then I got the old mans war.pdf.
  6. I finally found my Oblivion Disc..It was in my Halo case :-\ . I have it installed on my laptop 1.8 ghz 1 gigs ram. I ran around Tar Valon for a bit just choping at the bit to install it on my desktop 3 ghz 2 gig rams and start scripting. Nice World lay out btw.
  7. Here is a link that I found on your forums for more pics http://scbundy.spaces.live.com/ Thre are 6 albums there.
  8. http://www.tdcgames.com/MYO.htm I am tempted to get this and try it out. It only has 8 spaces per side not 10 like the regular game.
  9. Why is Lugard 2386 marks? Just seems like a werid number
  10. Also would be useful against any wilders/male channlers that decieded to cause trouble.
  11. I tend to think of Shrek looking. Just different coloring and more facial hair.
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