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  1. So I did mistype it.:oops: Thanks, man!
  2. What happened to this site? I've said this before, but I'm not really good at this whole computer-internet thing, so I can't seem to access the summaries and all that. I hate to think the worst and that they've been abolished somehow. Did I mistype something. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. AE - arcade version. And that's one of the things--I mean "2" of the things--I love about Taki, Candyman. :D
  4. :lol: Yeah, what's up with that? What was he expecting "Harry Potter and the Mutilated Corpse"? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  5. He is cool. His moves are completely different in SC3, though. He's become an entirely new character. Siegfried is the one who retained his moves in 2, but in a weaker way. He still my SC3 character, though. Keep on playin', dude!
  6. I don't know if it's a universal truth about women, but where I'm from this is EXACTLY the case - about women being more critical about other women, I mean. And I believe that this is the primary reason why women's feuds last longer: they spend lot of time criticizing other women, and when the other finds out, she'll do the same, and neither would confront the other. They would just act indifferently towards each other, till one or the other finally explodes. Quite contrary to us men who, most of the time, would just jump on the one that arouses our anger, whether by words or by fists. W
  7. Faile is one of those characters that makes me wonder, "What am I still reading this for?" She wasn't that bad in the early series, though.
  8. Yeah, one of the things that really started to suck with Metallica starting with Load is Hetfield's voice...Since then, it pretty much sounded like a cross between hard rock and country music gone horribly wrong. "Hey, hey, hey-AAAH!" - don't forget the "aaah!" on the end of many lines! :lol:
  9. It's all downhill for Metallica since that crap album "Load." Not that the black album is a decent metal album to begin with, but Load was the definite turning point. The only reason that this band still gets any attention is because of their name. There really is no comparing them to Maiden or Megadeth which stayed true to their music and didn't sell out after all these years. (*Whew!* and thank God that Megadeth's "Risk" was just a phase...) "King Nothing," "The Memory Remains," - "Unforgiven II!? What a joke...
  10. Well, are there? Great characters, great story - great game! Any favourite characters, by the way?
  11. Well, I would have to be living in a cave not to have heard that music, ya know! But it seems to me that contemporary classical musicians/singers are in a habit of performing classic songs that others have written a long time ago; there's very little originality anymore. Charlotte Church, Gregorian, Pavarotti, Bond - I mean, do these people even know how to write their own songs? A lot of them are like pop "musicians" who only know how to perform what others have written. And there seems to be little techniquality in the way the instruments are played, too. It seems you'd have to look fo
  12. Just finished reading chapter 35 of TEotW again, and was reacquainted with Thom's history with Morgase. So my question is this: Was it mentioned in any of the later books what EXACTLY did Thom said to her that made her so freakin' mad? Not that I can't imagine what he said, but if I can look it up, that would be cool, too.
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