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  1. So Perrin and Failie were almost killed by an axe... alright, I'll buy that. I really, really dislike this romance though.
  2. And I'm back. I know, I know, how could I disappear for so long? Well, it's a long story, but my leg is much, much better and therapy has been -- suffice to say -- exhaustive, but worth every minute to finally just be able to walk around a store again. In the meantime, I'm starting up The Shadow Rises again... hope everyone joins along..
  3. And so I finish The Dragon Reborn. I'm still taking time to process my thoughts, but basically: I loved the last few chapters. Rand facing Ba'alzamon was basically the same as before, with each character thinking The Dark One is dead. Obviously, he's not. The women still annoy me with their constant disapproval of essentially every male in the story (example: Mat, in his best of the novels, risks his life for them, yet they scold him for bad language. Talk about an awkward moment). And speaking of awkward moments, it seems that Jordan is still trying his best to reel them in -- each no
  4. Darkhounds. Balefire. Zarine becomes more annoying...
  5. Second time? Should I have noticed that or not? Hurm...
  6. More time with Mat. Aludra has been introduced. And now back with Perrin in Illian...
  7. I'm just surprised more people haven't made threads like this. By the way, Balefire has finally been introduced, as have the Aiel and Rhuarc.
  8. I'm at Daughter of the Night. And yes, the book has definitely picked up after moving away from The White Tower.
  9. Is Selene one of the Forsaken? She's been one of the weaker elements of the plot so far.
  10. Zarine. Faile. Interesting to see how Jordan is getting everyone to the Tear...
  11. Oh, I won't. I think it's the best book so far and aside from the lull with the Aes Sedai and a some unbelievable moments, I'm starting to liken myself to Jordan's writing. Also: Mat survived a fall, Thom's back. And on we go...
  12. Mat is taking the letter to Morgase. The Girls are about to make a move from the Tower. Coz is trying to finish The Dragon Reborn, so he can start the one-thousand page behemoth known only as the Shadow...
  13. Yes, but how does that immediately make Mat skilled enough to beat two very well trained swordsman?
  14. So Mat thumped Gawyn and Galad. Unexpected and a little unbelievable, seeing as Mat has never shown any particular prowess with a weapon. However, I'm assuming this chapter is a set-up for something down the road (as is Mat's obsession with dice). Sidenote: Balefire was mentioned again in the previous chapter. Is this what Rand was able to do when he made the hounds vanish? Questions abound...
  15. Just to make it clear: I actually like Nynaeve, but her constant braid pulling and manner of speaking down to everyone -- along with an unbelievable sense of confidence -- is pretty annoying. However, I do see where she is coming from as a character. Now that it's settled... I'm now at The Price of the Ring. Before I talk about Egwene, I'll talk about Mat. Great opening chapter. I love that Jordan waited until the third book to actually open up Mat as a character, and I can't wait to start reading more and more about a character that could possibly equal Perrin as a favorite. And Selene's
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